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Dress with floral print: at the peak of popularity

From season to season, a dress with a colorful floral print remains at the peak of popularity in fashionable tops. This element of the wardrobe itself has charm and delicate femininity, but with such a pattern it is possible to achieve a stunning effect. In addition, you can create almost any image.

A discreet knitted dress with a concise floral print will be suitable for work, a long one with rhinestone inserts for the evening, and a light flirty sundress for a walk with friends.

Which model is better to choose?

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Dress with floral print: at the peak of popularity

Floral ornaments and drawings are not without reason so fashionable and they have been on the catwalks for a year already. This print looks very feminine and is able to give a special charm to even the simplest dress. In addition, there are practically no restrictions regarding its scope.

Much depends on the style of the clothing itself and the type of pattern, but the flower as such will be appropriate in the wardrobe of any woman, regardless of age or figure. Strict black dress with laconic ornament or fluffy and bright – does not matter, each option is good in its own way.

For sewing such products are used a variety of materials. It can be a dense knitted fabric or light translucent chiffon. It is from the latter that summer models are most often made. Natural and artificial silk, cotton, satin, satin, batiste, etc. are also widely used for them.

For warmer and denser patterns, knitwear and woolen cloth, velvet, and gabardine are used. But for ceremonial models they use more expensive and unusual materials, including the same silk and satin, silk-chiffon, brocade, muslin, panne, lace, taffeta, etc.

Thanks to the pattern on the fabric, it is possible not only to create a charming image, but also to bring more colors into it. The color combinations in one bow largely depend on the print itself. Thanks to him, you can give along the lightness and carelessness or rigor and sophistication. Quite a popular option is a black dress with a large floral print with the image of poppies.

Red and black are a classic combination. It makes the outfit more expressive and stricter. If you want to smooth out the rudeness of black, you can find a model with a pink pattern. The feelings of depth will give blue, but the brightness will add yellow and orange. Achromatic black and white combinations are ideal for work.

Do not leave the runways and fashionable pastel shades. The print is notable for its special tenderness and femininity. Lush models are suitable for young girls, and skinny and concise – elegant ladies.

It is worth noting that the colors depend largely on the type of fabric. Knitted fabric is not able to convey the full saturation of shades. But the atlas gives a glossy shine and play.

Summer models of dresses are often made of fabric with a solid pattern. That is, as such, there is no background, but because the selection of things and accessories is carried out under one of the central tones that prevail in this case.

Mainly used fresh and rich colors:

  • yellow;
  • purple;
  • green;
  • blue;
  • blue;
  • white;
  • red;
  • pink;
  • peach;
  • purple.

But for the demi-season, in particular for the cold pore, warm and rich combinations of the autumn range are more suitable:

  • olive;
  • mustard;
  • scarlet;
  • burgundy;
  • eggplant;
  • Navy blue;
  • dark green.

The combination of a gray background and a bright pattern looks impressive. This option is even suitable for evening wear. A perfect white maxi dress with a large local print.

To choose the best option for a particular case, as well as not to be mistaken with the seasonality of the model, it is necessary to highlight a few fundamental differences. For a start, it is worth referring to the length of the product.

A long dress with a floral print will be most appropriate in the summer. Such products are distinguished by a variety of colors and design. Summer sundresses are most often executed in a free cut from light fabrics. The most popular are models on narrow straps attached to the back of the head and without them. Thicker fabrics and closed cuts are used for demi-season variations.

Midi – the choice of business women and stylish girls. A variety of models allows you to roam the imagination when forming a wardrobe. Very often, such products are made with long sleeves, and therefore it is ideal for the cold season.

» или платочный вариант. For the summer, you can find a ” razdelyka ” or shawl option. The knitted dress of medium length looks very impressive, especially if the flowers adorn its bottom. The styles of such a plan are great for visiting cafes or corporate workers.

The most playful and feminine are mini-models. Especially fashionable dresses with a high waist, creating the effect of long legs. Large images are unlikely to be relevant here, but a small print is exactly what you need.

Dress with floral print: at the peak of popularity

The next criterion is the type of sleeves and the collar. In most products, with the exception of warm demi-season, the collar is missing. In general, it can be monophonic or repeat the main print. Knitted dress is most often characterized by long sleeves.

In summer and cocktail models, they may be absent or be performed in the minimum version: flashlights, ¾, tulip, wedge, safari, etc. Fashionable evening dresses with a floral print are usually performed on elegant straps or corset.

A huge role is played not only by the color and style of the dress, but also by the size of the pattern. Fashion podiums annually please connoisseurs of clothing with a variety of forms and design solutions. This allows you to find the perfect model for any girl. Consider all the options in order.

Dresses with a large floral print look more voluminous and are able to focus on the attention of others. In order not to become one big spot one should choose such a model in which one large pattern will be located locally. In long models, the image is usually located at the bottom. You can beat the idea and put a pattern on the top and bottom of the clothes, and leave the central part monotonous.

Knitted dress is best to choose with a medium or small print. This size is ideal for those who want to look bright, but not vulgar. Youth models dazzle with a rich palette, and romantic – made in delicate pastel shades and often complemented by lace and ruffles.

A very small print would be appropriate as an unobtrusive addition to the main background. In general, this option is great for light dresses. Due to the overflow of colors and the use of similar shades, an effect of an abstract image is created, which not only doesn’t unduly overlook the eyes, but also hides the problem areas.

The main question: what is to wear such clothes? So, a maxi dress with a floral print is unsurpassed in itself, but if you have access to a cool street, you should think about adding it. Conventional models look good with leather jackets. But evening dresses can be combined with a bolero or graceful monochromatic shoulder capes and scarves.

Summer dresses with a bright floral print can be trimmed with a denim jacket. This option is ideal for everyday wardrobe. Models of classic length, for example, narrow knit knee, can be combined with a coat.

But for the mini there is an extraordinary solution – leggings or tight tights. Particularly impressive is black with bright. Fashionable romantic images are complemented by cardigans and light jackets, parks and stoles. For the top is often used all the same knitted fabric.

Dress with floral print: at the peak of popularity

But as for accessories, everything is both simple and confusing. First you need to pay attention to color. Black dress is combined with achromatic products or made in tone print. And a handbag, and a strap, and shoes can be selected to match the background or one of the shades used in the drawing.

What sways accessories, here the print size plays a much bigger role. Inappropriate will be the combination of large and small, since in addition to the apparent contrast, the elements will be lost against each other. The ideal solution is a thin chain or pendant. The color of the stones can be selected under the picture palette. A knitted dress with a large flower at the bottom will look great with a massive necklace.

Fashionable styles and a variety of ornaments can decorate any woman. Consider several options in order to find your perfect one.

Dress with floral print: at the peak of popularity

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