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Frozen Beauty: Pink Sapphire

Sapphire is one of the most beautiful varieties of gemstones, widely used in the manufacture of luxury jewelry. Our ancestors considered sapphires to be celestial stars, the gift of gods to people, and endowed these amazingly beautiful minerals with mystical qualities and magical properties. Let’s talk about sapphires and their varieties in more detail.

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Frozen Beauty: Pink Sapphire

Precious sapphire is a type of corundum, as is the more common jewelery ruby. Translated from Latin, the word ” sapphire ” means blue and the minerals are so named because most of them have a different blue hue.

Natural stones may have other colors: green, pink, orange, colorless and dark blue sapphire corundum.

In the jewelry industry, yachonts painted in cornflower blue are most valued, such species are mined in Kashmir, followed by purple and blue minerals in second place, which are being developed in Sri Lanka and in Ceylon.

Rare is considered saturated pink sapphire, which in nature is not very common. The fashion for pink corundum came to the world jewelry art thanks to the wedding gift of Prince Charles to Princess Diana – his highness handed a pink sapphire ring to his darling .

The natural azure yacht has high strength and is practically not inferior in its characteristics to the hardest mineral of the planet – diamond. It is through a test of strength that genuine gems can be distinguished from less valuable tourmaline and cordierite.

A separate and the most expensive variety of sapphire corundum is represented by star-shaped stones – it seems as if a bright star about six ends shimmers inside the yacht.

Star-shaped sapphires are a subspecies of blue stones, they are extremely rare and therefore valued by jewelers all over the world. The most luxurious and expensive jewelry is made of star-shaped species.

Frozen Beauty: Pink Sapphire

The star inside the jewel is explained by the play of light or asterism – the refraction of light in the natural edges of the ship creates the effect of the star inside it. The ends of a precious star may not be six, but twelve and such corundums are valued even more.

Azure yakhonty with a star must be specially cut, which allows you to enhance the effect of stellar glow. And the brightness and clarity of the star itself depends on how many foreign inclusions are contained in the internal mineral structure, because it is due to minor inclusions of “non-native” particles in the crystal lattice that a similar pattern is created inside it.

We have already said that the colors of sapphire can be different, but a very special kind of corundum is pink natural yachonts.

When developing sapphire deposits, blue minerals of varying degrees of saturation are most often found – pink corundum is a rarity and especially large specimens.

Natural stones of a similar shade have the most fantastical tone coloring – from pale pinkish color to a mixture of roses with violet. The mineral gets a delicate pink color due to the content of chromium in the microparticles. The more chromium in the crystal lattice, the brighter will be its tone.

The value of pink corundum depends again on the color: the brighter it is, the more expensive the stone is. Exclusion of a variety of pastel-pink tones – in this case, jewelers appreciate the transparency and purity of the mineral. For transparent corundum, its own cutting system has also been developed, the task of which is to make the light refract and play in stone.

This color variety of the mineral is supplied to the world jewelry market from Sri Lanka deposits, less often from the mines of Burma and Vietnam. There are also Madagascar specimens.

The treatment of pink corundum has its own characteristics: it can be subjected to heat treatment in order to enhance the brightness of the color characteristics of the mineral. Stones in the natural state of the market almost never occurs.

Pink-colored yakhonts are difficult to cut and therefore jewelers prefer to work with large stones – it is difficult to find a faceted light specimen smaller than one carat.

Now light pinkish stones are again at the peak of fashion: just recently, an elite world-renowned jewelry concern released a collection of wedding jewelry with these stones. колье и диадемы. The brides are offered luxury earrings with pink sapphires , necklaces and tiaras.

Frozen Beauty: Pink Sapphire

The rarest pink yachonts should not be bought at online auctions, since it is not possible to verify the authenticity of the stone by external signs. To make an assessment of the cost and naturalness of pink sapphire corundum only a professional gemologist can do under laboratory conditions.

Since ancient times, light pink corundums were considered symbols of love and well-being, mystical and even healing properties were attributed to the stone. We will talk about similar properties of pink sapphire in the final section of this article.

Pale pink and bright pink types of yahontov are considered stones belonging to the goddess of love – Venus. Therefore, astrologers advise them to wear jewelry with those who want to achieve happiness in love, brides, young wives. Jewelry with sapphire corundum is traditionally considered the best gift for a wedding.

It is also believed that the ring of this mineral will be a reliable talisman from lies, slander, slander and envy. Earrings with mineral for young women and mothers will serve as a powerful protection against the evil eye and damage. Sometimes the jewel with bright corundum was even placed in the infant’s cradle so that he would sleep and not be capricious.

By the way, it is sapphire corundum that has another unique magical property: even if the jewelry with it is redrawn or simply stolen, the mineral will still continue to protect and protect its first and true owner. For this reason, jewels with sapphires most often fall into the category of heirlooms.

As for compatibility with the signs of the zodiac, then the safet will be the ideal talisman for everyone born under the constellation Sagittarius. Women are especially recommended to wear brooches and pendants that can increase their attractiveness and sexuality.

Mystics also believe that the transparent multi-colored mineral has a calming effect on the psyche, helps to heal mental wounds, get rid of painful and unpleasant memories.

Frozen Beauty: Pink Sapphire

Sapphire jewelry is recommended for wearing and representatives of creative professions: they activate creative potential, contribute to the development of talent.

In alternative medicine, yacht is used for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, the treatment of female infertility and other diseases of the female reproductive system. The mineral is used to cure inflammations of the bladder and as a catalyst, accelerating the beneficial effects of drugs.

For medical purposes, it is crushed into powder or natural stone is applied to the area of ​​the disease or the affected organ. For severe skin inflammations, traditional healers recommend using a mineral to massage the skin over the skin.

We wish you to get this amazing and unique stone in your collection. Shine together!

Frozen Beauty: Pink Sapphire

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