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Combined dresses: what is fashionable?

Any girl wants to look amazing. But what if you decide to start losing weight on Monday, and you need to look light and elegant already tonight? For such cases it is worth having at least one combo dress in the closet.

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Combined dresses: what is fashionable?

The essence of this outfit is quite simple: using a combination of different textures of fabric and colors, you can correctly place accents on your figure and slightly correct your appearance. The disadvantage of such dresses is that the effect of ennobling the figure, unfortunately, is temporary.

And as soon as you remove your magic outfit, hidden extra centimeters will become visible again. But the second disadvantage is that you need to choose a suitable combination for your figure, because if you make a mistake, instead of correcting the figure, you can highlight all your flaws.

It is also worth noting that some of these outfits are much more comfortable than casual wear. Speech in this case is about a dress that visually combines a blouse and a skirt. Such models have become quite popular lately, and for good reason!

After all, every woman knows that when wearing such a business style, you need to constantly make sure that the blouse does not bully and climbs out of the skirt. But the combined dress, resembling such an outfit in appearance, will make your life much easier, and it will perfectly fit into business style.

And before we learn to choose the combined dresses for your figure, let’s take a look at the most popular combinations of combinations in clothing on the fashion runways this year:

  • The combination of contrasting colors. Today you can see quite a few variations of both black and white dresses, and interesting variations of bright colors. The main thing is to make sure that your chosen colors are combined and do not overwhelm each other, making your outfit flashy and vulgar. Most of these models this year were represented in the collections of Michael Kors and Georges Chakra;
  • Combinations of textures. Among these outfits you can see the most interesting models combining lace and leather, smooth fabric and plisse, tweed and chiffon. To see similar models of the combined dresses from two fabrics it is possible in the collections of Emilio Pucci and Christian Dior;
  • The combination of bright prints and monophonic fabric. Such models, as well as models with a combination of several colors, can visually improve your figure, making it more elegant. In addition, these styles are great not only for gala evenings, but also for wearing in everyday life. And if you choose the right options, then you will have the opportunity to look great every day.

Of course, the creative vision of some designers can sometimes put you in a dead end, but believe me, if you look carefully, you will definitely find the style that suits you best and can highlight all the advantages of your figure.

And one more thing: if you see a nice combination dress, but you are confused a little by the combination of colors or fabrics, then do not rush to pass by. Just try on the model you like, or maybe this is exactly what you were looking for?

If you decide to experiment with color, then keep in mind that if you choose the wrong pattern and shade of fabric, you can disastrously ruin your entire look. Therefore, to facilitate the task itself, it is better to choose combinations of two or three tones. In this case, you will not look like a traffic light, and you will be able to hide a few extra centimeters at the waist and hips.

The classic solution in this case is the use of longitudinal strips. You can buy or make your own hands a wonderful black or dark blue dress with vertical white stripes. So your figure will look much slimmer.

In this case, you can use not only black and white colors, but also other shades. Most importantly, remember that the greater the contrast between the shades you use, the more effective you will look.

It is also worth noting that a similar effect is obtained when using diagonal stripes, since the movement creates an illusion of dynamics and all attention is riveted not on your figure, but on the overflow on the fabric. Accordingly, you look much thinner!

Attention! In no case should not buy things with horizontal stripes. In this case, you extend your shoulders, hips and waist. As a result, your whole figure looks pretty powerful. But even horizontal stripes have one advantage: if you combine them correctly with vertical ones, then you can get the perfect figure.

For example, you can make horizontal stripes on the chest, than visually increase it, but you can decorate the vertical bottom of the dress. ». Thus, you get a beautiful feminine figure of the type “ hourglass ”.

Combined dresses: what is fashionable?

It is worth every girl to have at least one combined dress with guipure in her wardrobe. The fact is that by trying on a dress with guipure inserts, you can favorably emphasize all the smooth lines of your figure, making it more feminine and graceful.

Today, of the guipure often make the sleeves or bottom. Also quite popular today is the decoration with this material of all or part of the dress by stitching it on fabric. Here, by the way, you can also play on the contrast of colors.

To do this, you can combine, for example, a white dress and black guipure. As a result, you will have an amazing black and white dress that can make you irresistible.

Quite often today you can find outfits with leather inserts. Putting on a similar dress, your image becomes more sexual, so, you feel more confidently.

The only thing worth remembering in this case is not to wear clothes with leather for work or for ordinary gatherings in a cafe with your friends. This outfit is evening, which means you can easily put it on the disco.

Inserts of leather can be located on the sides, then you will seem elegant. You can also safely have such inserts in the middle. But remember that the location of the bands should not be horizontal, otherwise your figure will seem much wider than it actually is.

Knitted dresses – this is the best that designers could give us, women. The advantages of this fabric is that it stretches, lying clearly on the figure, almost does not wrinkle and is very pleasant to the body.

Combined dresses: what is fashionable?

For this reason, knitwear is one of the most popular materials from which create a dress. Also an undoubted advantage of products made from such fabric can be considered the fact that you can easily combine in one product pieces of fabric with a different print.

For example, today monochrome dresses with multi-colored inserts have become quite popular. And to sew such an outfit from knitwear is quite simple, since this material fits well and very easily stitches. So if you are just starting to sew, then knitwear is exactly what you need!

By the way, knitted fabric can be combined with knitwear. An example of such knitted combined dresses can be an ordinary sarafan with a knitted top and a free flying bottom.

In this case, you need to carefully monitor the combination of color. You should also pay attention to the thickness of the thread, because in the summer wool will not work for you, it is better to take an acrylic thread.

As you can see, the combined dress is a great way to adjust your own appearance. In addition, if you want to look no worse than models on fashion catwalks, you can not only buy, but also sew a combined dress with your own hands. And for this you will need fabric, thread with a needle, a lot of time and patience!

Combined dresses: what is fashionable?

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