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Care for your favorite winter thing: dry your down jacket at home

Warm and lightweight down jacket has become one of the most common types of winter clothing. The first to experience jackets, overalls and coats with downy stuffing were members of polar expeditions. Today, so call any winter clothes with different heaters inside. They can be feather, wadding, wool, synthetics and, of course, traditional down. But no matter how convenient and practical the thing is, sooner or later it needs cleaning.

Often labels manufacturers of clothing contain a warning about the inadmissibility of washing. But our thrifty housewives learned how to cope with any problems. Even such as dry down jacket.

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Care for your favorite winter thing: dry your down jacket at home

The most difficult and painstaking task in the care of a warm three-dimensional product – drying. How to dry a ? It is very important not to hurry, but not to delay the process – otherwise the down will begin to rot.

It is advisable to get the final result in 2 days. And for this you should take care of good ventilation and the flow of warm air in the room for drying.

In the summer it is easier – there is an opportunity to take the thing to the balcony or to the street. At the same time, it is necessary to arrange it in such a way as to avoid direct sunlight, otherwise it is possible to obtain a shed rag after drying. Fabrics, especially natural, quickly fade under the bright sun. It is preferable to choose shaded places, blown by a light breeze.

The drying process must be accompanied by vigorous shaking. You can not leave the thing in the morning and folded in the closet in the evening.

Beat the product periodically until it is completely dry. It will be much more difficult to cope with fallen down in a dry coat or jacket. Do not rush and shake up and shake the wet fluff. So you can break the special bags in which it is sewn, and the fluff will come out after drying.

In winter, the procedure is complicated. In a cold and humid room is better to use a heater with a fan. In no case can not lay down jacket on a hot battery. Over dried filler will become brittle and lose its properties.

It is preferable to dry all things with downy stuffing horizontally. The most suitable device for this is a grating dryer. It is necessary to carefully straighten the coat spread out to prevent the filler from dropping down.

When drying, it is impossible to put a towel or something like that under the down jacket. Nothing should prevent air circulation. In order for the down to not stick together and dry out evenly, from time to time the coat or jacket must be patted, shaken and turned over.

If there are no contraindications on the product tag, use a tumble dryer. This will greatly simplify the process.

As a rule, down jackets do not need to be ironed. Properly washed and dried product regains its shape. But if the jacket is not straightened out enough, or was stored incorrectly and cramped, you can smooth it. It is better to apply steam treatment without iron. With this method, the fluff is not crushed.

Beforehand, it is imperative to read on the label what ironing recommendations are given by the manufacturer of the product.

An important clarification may contain the following information:

  • the ability to iron the product in a wet form;
  • whether it is necessary to wait until it dries completely;
  • how much power to put the thermostat: minimum or maximum.

The temperature is allowed to increase, if the fabric is otglazhivaetsya bad, there are creases. To the fabric no glossy traces left, you can put a gauze or a thin cloth. Spray is not worth using, it may form stains. If the iron with steamer – the process goes better. The vertical steaming mode is the most suitable for ironing upper volumetric things.

You can use the steam generator. The jacket should be hung on a hanger and with a distance of 15-20 cm to steam. First, sleeves, then back and shelves. In this way, it is convenient to iron “exaggerated” products. Small folds can be smoothed without iron. It is necessary to type a bath with hot water and hang a down jacket over the steam.

Down jacket, filler which is 100% fluff. If lumps are formed, they must be dried and broken.

To return the old form down jacket in several ways:

Care for your favorite winter thing: dry your down jacket at home
  • Periodically shaking the jacket each lump of hand straighten;
  • Beating for carpets poke thing, spreading it on the couch. From blows lumps will break, fluff will be finished;
  • You can dry out a down jacket and get rid of lumps using a washing machine. The jacket is loaded with tennis balls and spin mode is activated. If in a filler a feather with down, 2 balls are enough, if only down – you need more balls. It is desirable to scroll at the highest speed possible;
  • Apply a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle for blowing air. The product is hung on the hanger and blown. The air from the vacuum cleaner will crush the felled down. ». In such a way, boutiques sellers often use, giving the surviving out of stock item for the “ latest fashion trend ”.

Is it possible to dry a down jacket with an electric hair dryer so that it dries faster and no lumps form? . This is a great way. The hairdryer should be kept at a distance of 12–15 cm from the surface, slowly injected parallel to the product and at the same time beat the floor of the jacket with your hands, directing the not very hot air from the back side.

How to get rid of stains on the fabric

Rinse down jacket should be especially careful to avoid the appearance of possible streaks on the fabric. The rinsing process complicates the fact that water-repellent materials are used for sewing. The remaining powder in the filler can leave marks on the surface when it dries. If there are not so many divorces, they can be wiped off with a damp sponge. Repeated rinsing may be necessary if there are a lot of divorces.

Feathers can also be divorced. This is due to the fatty layer on feathers. If the drying of the down jacket is delayed, the appearing fat leaves yellowish traces, especially noticeable on white jackets. In this case, help dry cleaning.

But you can try to cope on your own while the thing has not dried. Stains should be applied stain remover or a tool that wash the dishes, and leave for 6-8 minutes. Then again wash in the washing machine.

Poor quality filler – a dirty feather or down – can also . Solve the problem of repeated washing and knowledge of how to properly dry your down jacket after washing.

Inexpensive models can be of poor quality, poorly quilted, contain little fluff. ». When washing the filler can crawl out, and, if washed in too hot water, ” boil “. This will result in the down jacket becoming thin after cleaning and drying. ” Revive ” it will not be possible.

But in the case of vertical drying, the down can simply crumble down. A similar picture is observed when the pen in the filler is larger than the fluff. Then it will be possible to correct the situation at home by gently beating the quilted product.

If the down jacket dries out for a long time and is not ventilated, an unpleasant smell may occur. It doesn’t have fluffy feathery fluffs. Smell can cause raw and low-grade filler. The jacket should be cleaned in the washing machine, putting the balls inside, and dried, following the recommendations on how to properly dry the jacket.

Care for your favorite winter thing: dry your down jacket at home

To serve as a down jacket for a long time, did not lose its original appearance and heat-shielding properties, you must follow the rules of storage:

  • Keep it at home in a closet on a hanger in cotton covers;
  • Button zippers and buttons to keep the shape;
  • Do not hang near batteries;
  • Avoid proximity to sharp-smelling objects;
  • Do not twist or fold;

Care for your favorite winter thing: dry your down jacket at home

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