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Famous fashion designers of the world and Russia

At first glance, it is difficult to estimate how limitless the fashion world is. Each season, sketches are transformed into hundreds of models of clothing, and all this thanks to the leading designers of fashion houses. Famous fashion designers present their masterpieces at the annual fashion weeks. We all know such names as Jean-Paul Gauthier, Vera Wong, John Galliano and others. Who remains at the peak of popularity among these people of art?

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First of all, you should contact the modern masters of their craft. They create sketches of fashionable clothes both alone and with a whole team of assistants and the result is worth the effort. Some biographies of famous modern designers are only being written, and some have already become a legend and retired.

Famous fashion designers of the world and Russia

France can be called the country with the largest accumulation of the most famous fashion designers of the modern world. It is there that the future geniuses of the fashion world begin their careers, where they create the first sketches and organize the first modest shows.

Speaking about the French geniuses, it is impossible not to mention such masters as Pierre Cardin, Jean-Paul Gautier, Christian Lacroix, Paco Rabanne, Hubert de Givenchy.

Pierre Cardin is a true inventor and inventor. He began his career in Paris and charmed a demanding audience with originality of solutions and new developments in various fields. His outfits are elegant and chic.

Jean-Paul Gauthier began his career thanks to Pierre Cardin. He had a special influence on high fashion in the 80-90s. It is worth noting the outrageous costumes for pop stars, created by the hand of the master.

The countdown of the fashionable career in the biography of Christian Lacroix can be started with simple sketches of costumes with elements of national folklore. It was in this style that the first collection of the master was released. The emphasis on ethnic motifs can be traced in his further works.

Paco Rabanne distinguished himself from the first days of his career. To create outfits he used unusual materials: from paper to metal. Each collection is literally permeated with the spirit of the great experimenter.

Hubert de Givenchy today is included in the list of fashion classics, and in recent years he has little interest in creating clothes. However, at one time Hubert managed to create dozens and hundreds of real masterpieces. He puts emphasis on the fabric, and the clothing itself is distinguished by severity and elegance, femininity and simple luxury.

No less influential and famous Italian fashion designers. Valentino Garavani can be considered the king of fashion. His dresses are the most popular among ladies of all ages. Jacqueline Kennedy was his regular client. Today, Valentino, though retired, still has a huge impact on global fashion trends.

Fashion house Prada is a whole dynasty of talented designers. Today he is headed by the younger granddaughter of Mario Prada Miuccia. She embodies the most incredible ideas, creating a truly luxurious outfits that become a symbol of magnificence and chic.

Giorgio Armani became famous for creating sketches of clothing for a male audience. The designer managed to subtly catch the changes taking place in society and translate them into the segment of women’s dresses. He became the founder of a whole fashionable empire.

Roberto Cavalli became the creator of a new approach to tailoring and developed a special technique of drawing on leather products. His models are distinguished by the brilliance and attention to animal themes. He became the creator of a special patchwork technique, which became one of his highlights.

The most scandalous fashion designers of the last years, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, have added not very pleasant moments to their biography.However, despite this, the fashion house “ Dolce & Gabbana ” remains one of the most popular Italian brands. Designers orient their creativity both to the elite of society and to ordinary residents, releasing collections in the urban style.

A real legend, the emperor of the fashion world is the German-born fashion designer Karl Otto Lagerfeld. There are many interesting moments in his biography. Today it has an impact on many famous fashion houses around the world. Karl Lagerfeld is known not only for his creations, but also as a person. It has become a kind of style icon, even people far from fashion will recognize it.

». English shocking fashion designer John Galliano repeatedly won the award ” Best Designer of the Year .” His sketches of clothing are distinguished by their avant-garde. He reached the peak of his career in Paris thanks to his collaboration with famous personalities of the fashion world.

In the US, there are legends. For example, Calvin Klein, who is considered the founder of the unisex style. He was the first to present jeans on the catwalks and introduced the so-called logomania to fashion. The scandalous designer has become a symbol of the whole trend in fashion.

Ralph Lauren is today one of the richest people. He began his career in the United States. His chips were simple and at the same time elegant lines of cut for men’s suits, notes of the “wild west” in the collections of clothes, a wide silk tie created by him. For the Beijing Olympics, Ralph Lauren became the official form designer for athletes.

But Vera Wong creates the most beautiful wedding dresses. Wedding and evening fashion – this is her trick. It all started with the fact that she sewed a dress for her own wedding. After that, she began to receive numerous orders, and Vera decided to devote herself entirely to the creation of ceremonial attire.

Takun Paninchgul – is perhaps the youngest of all the listed designers. His career began thanks to the patronage of Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue. Sketches of clothes of this famous fashion designer unite in themselves modern motives and notes of vintage fashion. No wonder Anna Wintour called him one of the most promising young artists.

Of course, Russia has its own legends. And, although Moscow is far from being the main capital of fashion, yet there are masters of their work there. An example of such famous fashion designers in Russia as Valentin Yudashkin, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Tatyana Gordienko, Alena Akhmadullina and others.

Famous fashion designers of the world and Russia

The name of Valentin Yudashkin in Russia sounds most often. He creates not only clothes for the catwalks, but also developed the design of a military uniform. Another famous person in fashion circles of Russia and abroad is Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

His collections are also successful abroad. In addition, the master is known for his designs of stage costumes for performances.

Tatyana Gordienko created sketches of clothes while still a child. In the future, the passion developed into work, and the fashion designer founded her own brand and fashion house with her name. Alena Akhmadullina became famous for her collection based on the Chukovsky fairy tale. In addition, she was honored to develop a form for athletes for the Olympics and collaborated with pop stars.

Not only in Russia there are fashion designers known to the world. Among the Ukrainian designers (neighboring countries) of clothing there are many famous fashion designers who became famous all over the world.

The most famous among them are:

  • Irina Karavai;
  • Victoria Gres;
  • Mikhail Voronin;
  • Andre Tan;
  • Alexander Zalevsky, creating unusual sketches of clothing and different outrageous shows.

Masters of the fashion world of Russia and Ukraine closely cooperate with each other, share trends and novelties in the fashion world.

We must not forget about those people who became pioneers in many aspects of fashion. Truly great designers have become symbols of their era and today have hundreds of followers around the world.

The list of famous fashion designers of the world is headed by such famous personalities:

  • Coco Chanel;
  • Christian Dior;
  • Guccio Gucci and his son Aldo Gucci;
  • Gianni Versace;
  • Louis Vuitton;
  • Yves Saint Laurent;
  • Oscar de la Renta.
Famous fashion designers of the world and Russia

Their biographies are full of dramas and riddles. Some of them have recently created sketches of clothes. Now their names remain forever in the fashion world. They named well-known brands of exclusive products, fashion houses, clothing lines, shoes, perfumes, etc.

Each of these great masters has managed to become a symbol of a whole era in the world of fashion. Inexhaustible talent and the ability to anticipate future trends – these are the qualities that distinguish the great from the ordinary.

Famous personalities in the fashion industry of Russia and the whole world have a huge influence on us, not only during our lives, but even after our death.

Famous fashion designers of the world and Russia

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