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60s Fashion

Never was fashion in place. The epochs changed unhurriedly, introducing changes in the way of life, fashion and fashion trends. However, it was in the 20th century that styles began to rapidly replace each other, causing a real stir. This time can be quite called revolutionary in the fashion industry. And the most interesting period are the 60s.

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60s Fashion

Today, many fashion houses use the motives of the 60s in the creation of modern collections. Therefore, it is interesting how the industry developed in this period of time. It should be said that fashion trends of the 50-60s, which allowed ladies to return to the feminine image, became a preliminary step towards a variety of trends.

A great work in this direction was done by Christian Dior. He created the New Look style was the highlight of this period.

  • Thanks to the well-known fashion designer, women for a time forgot about feminism and practicality in clothes, having accepted the proposed stylish blouses and long flared skirts. Since the image required a supplement, gloves, thin-heeled shoes, hats, and other accessories, such as jewelry, were widely used;
  • New time gave birth to a new style in everything. Designers determined not only what to wear, but how to look. The ideal figure assumed the pomp of the hips and the raised chest, sloping shoulders and wasp waist. In the course went crinolines, frames, and such forgotten items of clothing as pads for the thighs;
  • Fabrics were not impressed with color variety, as the most popular were combinations of white color with brown, gray, pink shades. However, the inclusion of bright elements of green or red color was not blamed;
  • Especially popular was the style of a business woman, consisting of a fitted jacket and a straight skirt, up to the middle of the knee. It was possible to diversify a strict image with a colored scarf.

Makeup was performed in the image and likeness of famous actresses in Hollywood. Long black arrows, shades in accordance with the main colors of clothing. On the type of person at the time when applying cosmetics did not pay attention.

In contrast to this period, fashion in the 60s and 70s has rightfully earned the title of legendary, as the style of expressive youth fashion has burst into life.

It is worth noting that growing economic reliability has become a prerequisite for new trends. The youth could finally feel their independence and begin to openly express their own opinions.

Large manufacturers quickly realized the benefits of modern trends and focused their efforts on creating youth collections.

If earlier the trend setter was Paris, now London has become the capital. The younger generation has found its own idols: Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Mick Jager and others. They became the objects of steadfast imitation.

Everything new that came to the streets of big cities in the 60s can be divided into several completely different styles.

The subcultural movement of ” Fashion ” arose as a result of the development of the ” Edward style “, which was followed by the king of Britain Edward VII.

His followers were called ” Teddy boys ” and recognized by their narrow trousers, white shirts, narrow jackets without a collar or with a stand-up collar and slim elegant ties.

Looking like real dandies, Teddy boys promoted the idea of ​​accuracy and moderation, preferred flawless hairstyles and riding a scooter. ». Among the supporters of the new movement are the famous Beatles .

In 1962, the band members resolutely abandon leather jackets, replacing them with fashionable stylish suits. » приложил в свое время руки и знаменитый Пьер Карден. By the way, the famous Pierre Cardin applied his hands to creating the image of the “ boy Teddy ”.

The girls adhering to this trend preferred men’s shirts and trousers, short haircuts and shoes with a flat sole. The make-up gave the face pallor and looked quite defiant, as it was widely used false eyelashes, shades of brown shades and whitish lipstick.

It is impossible, speaking of the popular costumes and dresses of the 60s, to lose sight of the symbol of female emancipation, the provocatively sexy mini-skirt.

The idea of ​​a mini came from the legendary Mary Quant. The collection bore the general name “ London style ” and fully corresponded to the designer’s ideas about the hypocrisy of the previously popular “ good taste ”. The embodiment of the image of the sexually relaxed supermodel became Twiggy, angular and inimitably charming.

60s Fashion

». The image proposed by the tandem was also called the ” Lolita style “. Thanks to him, countless young girls appeared in the streets of cities in practically childish sarafans with a high waist, light shoes with a low heel, as well as an infantile facial expression.


Jean Shrimpton, a model popular in Britain, became a more “ adult ” personification of fashion.

There is an assumption that the father of a miniskirt was designer Jean Veron, and not Mary Quant, who contributed a lot to the development of the fashion industry in the 1960s.

The hairstyles of the 60s also underwent significant changes. » ввела в обиход укладку с небрежно взбитыми локонами и начесом. The film ” Babette goes to war ” introduced styling with carelessly whipped locks and fleece. By the way, the leading actress, Brigitte Bardot, for a long time remained the benchmark. Her hairstyles are constantly copied numerous fans.

However, one should not think that the hairstyling of the hairdressing is over. Beginning in 1963, easy-care geometric haircuts, created by Vidal Sassoon, have become extremely popular.

From that moment on, the fashion world was divided into two opposing groups. ». If models trimmed in accordance with innovative geometry prevail on the catwalks, women prefer Babette style in everyday life. The wide dissemination of ideas Sassoun expects a little later – in the 70s.

Soon after its birth in London, the youth style conquers the whole world and Paris begins to rule the ball again. ». A significant role in this was played by Andre Kurezh, the creator of the ” space style “. Inspiration came to the maestro under the influence of the first manned flight into outer space.

To implement the original idea, the designer uses synthetic vinyl fabrics. As models are selected narrow-haired girls of sports addition. On the catwalk appear mannequins in white vinyl boots, hats, resembling masks.

From this point on you can wear mini-dresses, made in the form of a trapeze, trouser suits and jackets with two sides. At the peak of fashion, a combination of white, black, silver, yellow, pink, orange and green.

Simultaneously with Kurzh, Paco Rabann, the creator of wardrobe parts made of plastic and metal, as well as plastic jewelry, works in “cosmic style”.

A smoothed version of the direction is offered by Pierre Cardin, demonstrating a sundress made of leather, synthetics and knitwear with deep armholes, ideal for a turtleneck. Also in his collection you can see dresses decorated with plastic and metal parts. But the ensemble created in 1967, the combination of high boots and a super mini, becomes the business card of the master.

It is funny that such clothes as monokini, open-top swimsuits, unisex overalls and bodysuit bodysuits appeared in the Puritan country. Already in 1964, the creator of these areas Gernreich offers transparent women’s blouses, and subsequently elements of clothing that imitate the color of animal skins.

60s Fashion

». In contrast to the American fashion in the 60s, the podiums in the USSR looked much more modest due to the presence of the “ iron curtain ”. », высокой узкой шпильки, примерить синтетические ткани. Nevertheless, cultural exchange allowed Soviet women to appreciate the advantages of the Babette , a high, narrow hairpin, to try on synthetic fabrics.

The most popular were the Bologna raincoat, known for unsurpassed practicality and compactness, as well as trouser suits and mini-skirts. Unfortunately, the USSR fashion in the 60s was born in private shows.

But the American fashion by the end of the 60s has undergone significant changes associated with the spread of the hippie movement, which will be one of the most famous in the 70s.

Bringing in your image the elements of the past fashion eras, you make your image unique and inimitable!

60s Fashion

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