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Properly combine orange with different colors on yourself and in the kitchen

If you love all the bright and colorful colors, then certainly among them has a special place and orange. It symbolizes the sun, life energy and joy. Speaking about the compatibility of orange with other colors, it is important to consider where you will use it – in clothing or interior.

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Properly combine orange with different colors on yourself and in the kitchen

This is the color of brave and cheerful people who see the beautiful in everything. In the wardrobe of bright personalities should be the same unusual things. It’s just important to know what color orange combines so that you don’t look ridiculous and ugly in such clothes.

You have probably noticed such a pattern that every year with the arrival of spring, many people dress exactly in the clothes of this bright color. Psychologists recommend putting such clothes on for long depressions, using this cheerful juicy color as an effective antidepressant.

To look not only bright, but also beautiful, you need to find out with what you can combine orange color. Quickly answering this question is not so easy, however, on reflection, you can find many beneficial combinations.

First of all, it is important to distinguish the shades of this summer color, each of which has its own combinations.

Saturated, as well as a lighter shade, perfectly combined with the white color of clothes, it can be not only snow-white, but also dirty-white. If you decide to add colors to your wardrobe, you can safely combine these two colors of clothing in completely different proportions. You can focus on white by wearing a bright outfit, and only accessories will be bright.

Not worse will look as the main color of orange, which is advantageously complemented by white elements – a belt, shoes, beads or a handbag. In the summer, such clothes will set you apart in a crowd, and in winter they will cheer up not only you, but even those around you.

Perfect for orange black color, especially this combination is appropriate for evening dresses. Stylists claim that such an unusual color combination is almost everyone.

Bright outfit will allow the girl to create a luxurious and festive look. To look good in festive attire, it does not matter even which color prevails – black or orange. Brown items of women’s wardrobe will look no worse than black with sunny clothes.

Another option to combine orange with is green. But here, most likely, we are not talking about a motley shade, but about a dark green, mint or olive color. If you try to follow the fashion, but at the same time do not dare to experiment on your own, you should not combine such bright clothes with other not less juicy colors – light green.

For dark green trousers you can safely choose an orange top – top, blouse, t-shirt, sweater or jacket. You can also choose a belt, bag, shoes to match your blouse, thus creating an unusual contrast. Despite the fact that not every girl will risk putting on such an outfit, the bravest will have a truly irresistible and elegant look.

In addition to black, white and green, orange wardrobe elements look great with clothes of such colors as:

  • blue;
  • red;
  • yellow;
  • Gray;
  • purple
  • Violet;
  • golden.

Of course, it is good when you are not afraid to experiment, creating your own unique style and bright image. However, the main thing here is not to cross that fine line, when a bright outfit is already becoming like a clown costume, intended for the entertainment of the public. So you can easily become a laughing stock for others.

Designers call orange the warmest in the palette. And the point is not that it is not warmer, it just remains so regardless of the color combination. True, it can be made less hot or cooler by playing with different shades, but it is still impossible to achieve significant changes.

Usually in such a bright color only the kitchen is made out, other living spaces do not quite fit this style. If you want to come home at the end of the working day and get a charge of positive emotions, the orange kitchen is exactly what you need.

However, do not rush to buy all the kitchen furniture and other orange-colored furnishings. In addition, color combinations such as in clothes are not always suitable here, which is why you first need to find out what the orange kitchen is most successfully combined with.

Properly combine orange with different colors on yourself and in the kitchen

Bright interior is the best suited for areas with a cold climate, because even in cloudy gray weather it will always be sunny in your home. Best of all, the kitchen will look like a combination of orange and white, it will be a great start to the day.

In your kitchen will constantly reign festive atmosphere, charged with positive energy. These colors are perfect for the kitchen, made in a minimalist style.

As in the wardrobe, orange goes well with green and in the kitchen when an image of an orange tree is drawn. The main thing here is that all the kitchen interior items are not too bright.

This is a successful duet, as balanced and harmonious as possible, it will not bother its owners, and each time it will cause only pleasant feelings. Having equipped this corner of your house in such a color variation, you will be able to avoid disharmony, and it doesn’t matter what shades will be used.

Bright orange can be combined with dark chocolate, close to black. Such a choice would give the room rigor and solidity, only it is strictly forbidden to mix black with these colors, it will bring some absurdity into the room and lead to a conflict of compatibility.

If you are not used to bright colors, and doubt that something good can happen with this idea, use soft pastel colors. This kitchen will be warm, cheerful and cheerful. Among the pastel shades, beige looks best; it is on it that you choose.

Properly combine orange with different colors on yourself and in the kitchen

For bright personalities who prefer to stand out in everything, you should look at the more ambitious ideas.

They should be aware that orange blends well with such cold colors as:

  • blue;
  • turquoise;
  • blue.

Recently, such a combination of colors can be seen infrequently, however, this is one of the most beautiful combinations. Being in such a kitchen, you will not be cold and not hot, but comfortable and fresh.

Is there no orange in your wardrobe or home? Look at it again, perhaps you should introduce it into your life, and then it will become brighter and more cheerful!

Properly combine orange with different colors on yourself and in the kitchen

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