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Correctly we combine lilac color: elegantly we dress and we create a cosiness in the house

Lilac is popular with many people, because it is gentle and pleasing to the eye, but not everyone knows what color it is combined with, therefore they refuse it. You can see lilac not only in clothes, but also in the interior, it looks great everywhere, the main thing is the right combination.

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Correctly we combine lilac color: elegantly we dress and we create a cosiness in the house

This color must be present in the wardrobe of each person, because he is uplifting and charging with positive energy. He is able to give spring mood not only to those who wear it, but to everyone around him.

Lilac clothes are chosen exclusively by gentle and sophisticated personalities who are able to see everything beautiful in everything. When looking at it before the eyes appear delicate and fragrant lilac petals!

Lilac – unusual, mysterious, deep and light at the same time, gentle, bright and calm. It would seem that such characteristics can not be combined, but this is precisely the beauty of this amazing color.

So what is the best combination of lilac? Who is he suitable for and how to choose colors to make his outfit look great?

If you think about what colors lilac are combined with, then immediately all eyes of lilac appear before your eyes, and there are a lot of them – pale, bright, dark, lavender, amethyst.

It is this delicate shade of women and girls who choose clothes most often, it sets off skin and hair well. It is best to choose outfits in this color for walks and rest, you should not dress in a lilac business suit, here prefer the classics – black, gray, brown.

With pale lilac, the same delicate shades look great, but they should be bright.

Under it you can choose things in the following colors:

  • pink;
  • purple;
  • Violet;
  • blue;
  • bright green;
  • mint;
  • golden beige;
  • light brown.
Correctly we combine lilac color: elegantly we dress and we create a cosiness in the house

Classic lilac – the embodiment of femininity, mystery, romance. A girl in such a dress looks elegant and elegant. This shade is dull, medium saturation. That is why the stylists recommend fashionistas to combine it with more saturated, but not too bright colors, such as pink, red, ocher, purple, yellow-brown and red-brown.

More saturated and expressive among all shades of lilac – bright lilac, with what color to combine it? It can be worn with yellow, red, pink, orange, blue, light blue, light brown and brown wardrobe items.

Lavender color is suitable for girls with a bright expressive appearance, because it is in itself quite saturated, so it will attract increased attention of others to its owner.

This shade, unlike the others, does not ask for peace of mind, it requires contrast. Such outfits are not recommended to choose for office work, they are suitable for cases when a girl wants to conquer others with her mystery and femininity.

Choose contrasting colors for lavender clothes, for example:

  • pearl pink;
  • pale yellow;
  • Orange;
  • grape;
  • beige;
  • brown.

There is another shade of lilac, which many stylists especially like – amethyst. It has an admixture of pink or reddish shades, gives a female image of sexuality and playfulness. It can not be worn to work, such items of clothing are suitable only for walking and entertainment.

What is the combination of lilac amethyst? It is in harmony with soft, but saturated colors – light orange, lemon, menthol, light green, blue, beige, brown.

Correctly we combine lilac color: elegantly we dress and we create a cosiness in the house

Most of us refuse bold decisions in clothing, when a combination of seemingly completely unsuitable colors is required. This is the combination of lilac and green.

Many girls and women consider such a union too extravagant, but, nevertheless, such an ensemble looks quite interesting.

To achieve a balanced effect, it is important to follow some recommendations, then everyone will be able to make sure that lilac is really combined with green.

Remember: you can combine with each other only dark and light colors. You can safely wear a dark purple dress and light green shoes, in this outfit any girl will have an excellent look.

Lilac color will give your home a warm atmosphere, because, although it belongs to cold shades, it is very gentle itself. To create a light and airy atmosphere, it is recommended to be combined with other delicate flowers – pink, blue, light green, lemon.

If you want to see at home contrasting combinations, create an ensemble with bright and vivid colors. If you prefer the classics – stop your choice on pastel shades.

This color most harmoniously fits into almost any style of interior, most importantly, to correctly present it.

Vintage style is different shades of the game, so choose in the room all the objects of lilac, but different colors. In this case, you should know that the light shades should be walls and ceiling, and darker – furniture.

Correctly we combine lilac color: elegantly we dress and we create a cosiness in the house

In the art deco style, lilac is the most popular color among all others. Here it goes well with black, dark brown, standing out against their background.

In addition, he himself can serve as an excellent background for light golden and silver shades.

In the interior, decorated in a minimalist style, you can see the beautiful ensembles of lilac and white. Designers prefer combinations of lilac color with green, yellow and blue.

Lilac color in clothes and interior is a choice of courageous and self-confident individuals. If in your wardrobe or home there are still no things in this beautiful delicate color, take a closer look at him, because he will be able to transform your life!

Correctly we combine lilac color: elegantly we dress and we create a cosiness in the house

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