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Fashionable couple: with what gold shoes are worn?

What to wear with gold shoes? A fashionable pair of golden metallic shade perfectly diversifies the wardrobe of a fashionista and will help create an elegant and bright look.

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Fashionable couple: with what gold shoes are worn?

Most golden shoes are associated with a holiday, party or even ballroom dancing, which, you see, limits the choice of dress for such a model.

However, the latest trends in fashion allow this bright shade to be used in everyday clothes, in particular in the style of casual and swag, and sometimes as a decoration in sports shoes.

The best styles of women’s shoes in gold:

  • gold high-heeled stiletto shoes;
  • pumps on a massive high heel;
  • sandals high heels;
  • gladiator sandals;
  • ballet shoes;
  • oxfords shoes;
  • sneakers (sneakers) on the platform.

These models look very good in golden color, the rest is better to choose only with individual elements of gold decor, as in the case of shoes with a golden heel a la Christian Louboutin or boots with golden spurs. Another type of shoe with this decor is sneakers with gold socks, fashionable lately.

Golden shoes for girls can only be a festive option, the best style will be ballet flats with a strap (the so-called Mary Jane), it is possible on a low wedge. Although for a girl it is a great temptation, but still you should not wear such a pair for every day.

Brides can afford to be both gentle and modest, luxurious and brilliant, so gold shoes will be very useful. There is a rule: if you have a wedding dress with an abundance of jewelry, the shoes should only shade it – choose the classic white boat or ivory shade.

If the dress has a simple and clear silhouette, not overloaded with details, then you can pick up a shining pair for them. Especially such wedding shoes will be good with a non-traditional dress for the bride, such as peach, coral, emerald or blue.

All the noble shades of white are perfectly combined with such shoes: the color of white rice, champagne, milky white, cream and magnolia. But a white dress with a bluish or silver tint will be unprofitable to contrast with the warm tone of shoes. Be sure to duplicate the golden theme in the accessories or in the decoration of the bride’s bouquet.

Fashionable couple: with what gold shoes are worn?

For a grand occasion, rely on a luxurious look. Bright, cheeky shoes perfectly complement the image of a captivating girl dressed in an evening toilet made of luxurious fabric – chiffon, velvet, satin, silk.

Feel free to wear such shoes or sandals with an evening dress on the floor, a cocktail dress. The exception is a little black and a little white dress.

A light dress to the knee with an emphasized waist, a dress with a smell, a bandage (tight, stretch) is well suited for a date.

If you want to diversify your everyday wardrobe, choose blue jeans, white jersey or blouse, red belt or bag. Depending on the style of the shoes, Parisian style with a vest and bell skirt, or an A-line dress with a short jacket, a bolero will look advantageous.

Gladiator sandals are perfect for white or blue shorts, mini skirt or tunic.

It is believed that golden requires simple colors to match. This means that it is better to abandon fashionable pastel shades, burgundy, fuchsia and turquoise in favor of black, red, white and pure blue, which is also called royal blue.

What is NOT worth wearing gold shoes:

Fashionable couple: with what gold shoes are worn?
  • with a total golden image from top to toe, it looks ridiculous even on the podium, not like in everyday life;
  • with colored jeans or leggings;
  • with clothes with an animal print (leopard, under a zebra, under a python);
  • with colored tights – black or any color other than imperceptible bodily is simply unacceptable;
  • with furs (fur coat, sheepskin coat, coat, waistcoat);
  • with patent leather;

Fashionable couple: with what gold shoes are worn?

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