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All you need to know about women bag

How to choose a women’s bag? To look great and comfortable worn and worked out its price at 100%. We will help you make a choice among a variety of models and find exactly your perfect accessory.

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All you need to know about women bag

We have several requirements for everyday accessories: convenience, versatility and, of course, durability. It is desirable that more and fashion, but many girls agree on the everyday version of the classics, as long as it looks good with most things that they usually wear.

So, the etiquette of female haberdashery prescribes to have two basic bags – the first black, the second – brown. Both should be without decor, rectangular or trapezoid-shaped (hard or soft – see tips below).

It is logical that the black version fits everything, and the brown, fashionable today cognac or chocolate hue – under brown shoes, belt and clothes in warm colors. Brown without jewelry is a must-have for girls wearing coats, while a fur coat always requires black.

Go ahead, the third bag in your wardrobe is white, for summer or for snow-white winter boots. If you rely on the color of the bag and shoes, with shades of white, be careful – the hit should be tone-on-tone.

Naturally, real fashionistas and this is not enough, so we have everyday bags of all colors. How to choose the right bag if you want to be in trend?

Try to make your everyday accessory either a restrained continuation of a bright outfit, or the only accent of a monophonic ensemble:

  • blue jeans + red sweatshirt + sneakers + khaki backpack / blue / gray;
  • black turtleneck + black pencil skirt + dark coat + scarlet satchel.

It is so easy to beat the unusual color of your everyday bag!

You are absolutely right that you have asked this question – no everyday bag, no matter how stunning and expensive it is, is not suitable for the role of your companion for an evening out. First of all, because the role of the evening accessory is not to keep all your belongings, but to put a spectacular end to the glamorous image.

Clutch is a versatile choice for a cocktail or evening dress on the floor. Not much will fit in it: cash, plastic cards, mobile, some of the cosmetics, keys, napkins – just won’t fit anymore. The best clutch is hard, lacquered, with a snap fastener.

An envelope is an option for a cocktail dress or evening dress, for example, a skirt-year and a jacket with a basque. The size can be different – from a wallet to a school notebook, and you only need to carry it in your palm.

The miniature toy is a fun accessory, the beauty of which is in an unexpected design. The form can be any, rhinestones, multi-colored inserts, key chains and so on. Just right to take her to the club.

The tablet is round, with a shoulder strap, very feminine and flirtatious. Perfect for a sexy short dress. Color can be any, this accessory plays a separate role in the image. Feel free to choose gold, silver, with sequins and rhinestones, and even the tablets with a fringe in the style of the 90s are beautiful.

Chanel 2.55 – a classic evening look, a small bag of quilted leather, rectangular, with a zipper or zipper. Mandatory chain strap. The most capacious evening model – it will include a lot of cosmetics, wallet and other necessary things. Good with any dress, costume, even if you go to a party in leggings and a sparkling tunic – this is a worthwhile option!

From such models, we do not expect special perseverance, as long as you look amazing. Therefore, you can not spend big money on exclusive leather and manufacture, and make a bet on originality.

All you need to know about women bag

How many times have you tried on a bag you like in your shop window and were not satisfied with what you saw in the mirror? ». It seems to be a nice accessory, in trend and for the price is suitable, but it does not look in your hands – “ not that coat ”.

Do not despair, the designers of women’s accessories take into account all possible types of shapes, complexion and style, and you will find the perfect handbag, but not one, but for each of your image!

». The whole thing is in proportions: the image in which every detail is a continuation, not a “ foreign body ” looks harmonious. And here there are rules to observe (or tastefully break) that you learn right now.

If you are the owner of a magnificent bust and hips, choose clear forms. Baggy bag will make your image loose and incomplete, and the classic “a la Birkin” will set the right tone, even if you are not in a business suit, but in a tracksuit.

Hard lines visually collect all blurry lines that cannot be hidden by clothes. Your shape is a rectangle and a square, and models are a briefcase, a tote (straight, for shopping), the most fashionable bag now. All with short handles, in the palm or on the elbow.

Skinny people suffer from the fact that their form is far from the ideal of femininity – stoop, small breasts, thin arms and legs. This may be something extra on the hips or waist, but in general, if you look thin and angular, then you will help the soft lines of accessories.

». With a strict portfolio, you only emphasize the shortcomings, the image will be tough and ” prickly “. It is better to give preference to rounded, smooth lines; a hobo (sometimes called a crescent moon), a stylish backpack, and a drawstring on a drawstring will suit.

Do not carry a postman bag on the shoulder strap – dropped below the hip line, it will create an undesirable effect, emphasize thinness.

Growth also matters when choosing.If you are below 160 cm, “ trunks ” the size of a bag from a supermarket are contraindicated to you, even if it is fashionable and very desirable. Pay attention to the averages, which have a diagonal no larger than your hand from the tips of your fingers to the elbow, and small handbags with a regular book – this is your favorite size!

Your height for 170 cm? Give up oblong totes, wear models with handles in your palm. It will look good bag-postman, just adjust the belt so that it is located in the waist and hips (under the elbow). Also good are the models of baguette (stretched horizontally), bag, trapeze.

Can I break these rules? Yes, it is possible, only the result will depend on your sense of harmony and in many respects on impudence. For example, you are a smart, tall woman 40+, everything, as they say, is with you. And here in the trend of the toy – miniatures in the form of a typewriter or a banana with rhinestones. I want to?

Why not take a chance, contrary to the rule that miniatures are not your option. Dare and go out with such a toy in your hands, amuse yourself and others, it will be a spectacular move at a party, at an event where you really need to stand out and show yourself to be a real fashionista. You will win!

But here on a date tete-a-tete, with casual clothes, especially in a shopping center or on a lively avenue, such a bold move will not suit you. We hope you understand the meaning of the game with the rules.

We have saved this item for last. With such an abundance of trends in textiles and plastic, less and less we have to fight for the opportunity to purchase natural leather. But the need for it is still there – the skin is strong and durable, and it will be an excellent investment in a wardrobe, justifying its value a hundred times.

Before you pay a tidy sum for a leather accessory, check the points:

All you need to know about women bag
  • it smells like leather (you know this characteristic natural smell);
  • slightly stretch – does not crack;
  • there are no threads and textile particles on the seams, only a velvety leather cut;
  • there is a factory tag in the form of cut skins;
  • leather varnish does not blind the eyes – moderate shine;
  • there are wrinkles on the folds;
  • all the accessories are of high quality (do not put bad clasps and buckles on the skin).

Remember that this will be a bargain only if you can recognize all these signs. No matter how deeply this model is sunk into the soul, if in doubt, do not waste half the salary on a thing that will lose its appearance in one season. Invest in high quality.

And finally, how many bags do you think a girl should have? One or ten, to each along? Decide for yourself, guided by your needs, sense and ours, we hope, with useful tips!

All you need to know about women bag

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