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Autumn looks for girls 2018 – retro again in fashion

Autumn is the very time of fascination, when a woman is rested, refreshed and revived, like the Phoenix bird returns from vacation to its usual working life. And, as always, she wants to attract everyone’s attention and arouse admiration. And maybe even more than ever. And it will help in this bright new images for girls, which include hair, makeup and, of course, the wardrobe – the indispensable companions of a real woman.

Are you ready to try on autumn new looks for girls in 2015, which are dictated by the changeable fashion? Then, go ahead!

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Turgenev girl is a lyrical and popular image of a modest, but very attractive person. His main trait is innocence and femininity. The basis is lightness and weightlessness. When living in the style of a Turgenev girl, forget about bright, rich colors. Makeup is done in pastel colors, which emphasizes the blackness of the eyelashes and the depth of the look.

The clothes should also give preference to the pastel palette.  Creating a wardrobe for the ” Turgenev ladies “, forget about jeans and trousers, as well as strict lines in the silhouette, wear a dress or a skirt instead. It will be good if they are decorated with ruffles, guipure inserts or lace. But do not overdo it. Still, we will conquer the men of the XXI century.

Choosing a hairstyle, give preference to naturalness, forgetting for a while about causing curls and complex styling. Now popular hairstyles are casually braided braid or hair, collected in a net bun. Just what you need to create a retro style.

Another style that was revived after some oblivion. True, this image is fresh and belongs to the XX century. Therefore, when choosing a wardrobe you should focus on the clothes that were worn in 40-60 years of the last century.

The most popular outfit girl girls – this dress. Lush, bright, with a sexy yoke and skirt just below the knee. Although separate outfits are also permissible – jackets and skirts with original, catchy prints. Hairstyle girls styling always voluminous, decorated with a ribbon or hoop. Hair can be collected upstairs, and you can dissolve the curls a la Marilyn Monroe.

When creating makeup, preference is given to bright colors. Choose red lipstick and move your eyes with black arrows. As for the shadows, light tones are taken as the basis.

A great image for girls who love rock music, motorcycles and cool guys. », а стильно и сексуально. He is chosen by relatively brave girls who prefer a men’s society to a women’s one, but who want to look in him not “ their boyfriend on the board ”, but stylish and sexy.

It is not for everyone, and in addition to wardrobe, make-up and hairstyle, it also includes behavior. Modesty and shyness in creating a style only hurt.

So, you will need:

  • black clothes in rock style, this is a leather jacket and trousers, short leather dresses or sundresses, T-shirts and T-shirts with drawings of rock performers and thematic inscriptions, an abundance of metal paraphernalia is welcomed;
  • black rocker shoes – shoes, boots, moccasins, etc .;
  • accessories: large, metal or plastic jewelry, bandana, leather bracelets, amulets;
  • in the make-up eyes are emphasized – these are dark shadows and black arrows, but lipstick is chosen neutral or completely replaced with lip gloss;
  • A rock hairstyle is a well-washed loose hair, high bouffant, and possibly a mohawk.

Magnificent forms are not always a disadvantage. » восхищенные взгляды мужчин в эти осенние дни. Refusal of baggy robes and skillfully selected wardrobe, emphasizing the seductive bulges of the body, will help to attract the admiring glances of men to these “ Rubens’s buns ” in these autumn days.

We picked up several styles for full girls:

Vintage. These are dresses with a fitted silhouette, decorated with bright prints and an ornament, knee-length, three-quarter sleeves. This vintage coat is below the knee in contrasting colors with an elegant fur collar. These are short leather capes.

Autumn looks for girls 2018 - retro again in fashion

In all outfits do not forget about the deep cleavage, which distract attention to themselves. As for colors, it is better to choose contrasting ones: black and white, red and black, etc.

Feminine elegance – romantic style. Includes pleated fashion skirts with translucent blouses. Or pants capri in combination with a simple jacket. Tunic, free or with a belt, depending on the intention to emphasize the waist or, conversely, divert attention from her. In this style, different colors are welcomed, both in bright juicy colors and in delicate pastels.

The onset of the winter season does not mean that it is time to hide their outfits in cellophane, but hibernate itself to sit out and endure the cold. For many fashionistas – this is a good reason to do the update wardrobe. Moreover, many brands start the sales season in winter.

We offer you trendy winter looks:

  • Girl winter style is a street style popular this season. It is created with the help of a coat, trendy uggs and such hats as a cap with earflaps, knitted hats, socks or models with pompoms;
  • Business image. It includes fur products – fur coats, short fur coats, both natural and faux colored fur. But this season, fur is welcomed not only in fur coats. It can be on vests, dresses or shoes.
  • Sports style is not only fashionable, but also comfortable. It is created using down jackets of various lengths, ranging from mini to a short coat. And they are suitable insulated pants, bananas and uggs. As accessories it is worth getting long scarves and boots.

That autumn, that winter spoils us with fantastic colors and landscapes. It’s time to ask a friend or girlfriend to take a camera and go for a long suburban or city walk. Well, in order for you to look decent against the background of all natural magnificence, gentle and beautiful romantic images should be developed for photo shoots.

In winter, you can try to realize the image of the popular fairy tale “The Snow Queen “, and try yourself in the role of not only the queen, but Gerda, and even the little robber.

In autumn, it is also worth referring to fairy tales such as Snow White or Little Red Riding Hood . A white cape and pallor will turn you into Snow White. A red knitted hat will make the heroine of the cartoon of the same name.

Well, if you do not want a fairy tale, you can take advantage of the opportunities that the world gives. » или стиляги. Abandoned buildings (just check them first for safety), bridges, concrete subways, swings, the urban urban landscape – all this would be the best way to contrast with the romantic images of ” Turgenev girl ” or dudes.

As you can see, even in cold winter or slushy autumn time, you can look beautiful and not boring. Also, do not forget when creating a style about different accessories: bright belts, large earrings, elegant gloves to the elbow and knitted headdresses, especially fashionable in the new 2015. Look for your own original style, and always, always remain attractive!

Autumn looks for girls 2018 - retro again in fashion

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