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What is the beauty of swag clothes?

In the fashion constantly appear new directions. And today we will consider one of the most fashionable styles of clothing among young people – swag. Judging by polls of the modern youth, such a style has become quite popular in recent years, but when wearing such things, most young people do not even understand what their clothes mean and in what cases they are appropriate.

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So what is swag clothing? Let’s start with the meaning of the word itself, because you hardly find it in official spelling dictionaries. And therefore each culture translates this concept in its own way. ». For example, if you translate this word from Australian, you get ” belongings “.

What is the beauty of swag clothes?

But, given that the style itself came to us from America, we will consider their translation as the most correct. In the US, swag or svegg is a style of clothing that shows a light, even scornful attitude of young people in life. There is a place in the definition of this concept and such words as ” Ponte ” or ” freaks “.

I think the general meaning of this word is already clear to you. But if you really want to try yourself in such an image, then remember that not enough just to dress appropriately. In addition, you also need to change your behavior, because if you dress in this way and build a stiff lady of yourself, such a combination will look silly and inappropriate.

So do not forget about the branch of the swag – style trap. There is only one difference between them: dark colors are more inherent in the trap-style. Although quite often these two concepts are inseparable and quite successfully combined.

Since this style of clothing involves not only certain clothes, but also a manner of behavior, he enjoys the greatest popularity among young people. And the greatest number of representatives of this style can be found among adolescents whose age does not exceed 17-18 years.

And by the way, such changes in appearance allow not only changing the wardrobe, but also bring some novelty to your look. For example, girls who decide to switch to the swag style quite often repaint their hair in non-standard bright colors.

Another indicator of style lovers is the presence of a huge amount of piercing in their ears. And here we are not talking about one or two extra punctures on the lobe. Tunnels are used, as well as piercing the cartilage of the auricle, sometimes in the most unexpected places.

Clothing swag for both girls and guys includes the presence of sneakers. And in any case, do not think to wear classic shoes or sandals. In this case, you just laugh, because this style of clothing provides lightweight athletic shoes, which absolutely will not impede your movement.

If you are a lover of high heels, then lately quite often you can find on the shelves in the stores the female version of sneakers on a high platform.

What is the beauty of swag clothes?

Now for the hats. If you look at the bright representatives of this style, you will notice that they have either a cap or a blazer on their heads. Also, do not forget about leather jackets or jackets, which must necessarily be a large number of rivets.

Complement the images of teenagers in the style of swag and wide leather bracelets or other massive jewelry. But it should be remembered that all such accessories should be bright and catchy colors, since the main need of a teenager who prefers the style of swag is to stand out against the background of other, less advanced young people.

In fact, such a question is rather painful, because if a guy has several punctures in his ear and he wears a rather strange dress, then society is inclined to perceive such changes in the image quite calmly.

The thing is that it is believed that sooner or later a young man will outgrow such a passion and become like everyone else. But if a girl chooses such a style in clothes, she gets much more judgmental looks.

Perhaps such a phenomenon is related to the fact that equality between the sexes is a phenomenon that appeared relatively recently and somewhere far in the subconscious of humanity there is still the knowledge that a woman should be the keeper of the hearth and a model benefactors.

But, dear girls, if you have already decided to make such drastic changes, then you should not fill yourself with huge permanent tattoos on your shoulders or, in general, all over your body. This, of course, is an indispensable component of the swagger image, but what will you do with the scars after they are reduced.

Men decorate scars, but women do not bring any additional charm. And if you become the owner of a beautiful curl on your arm, you really want it, then make yourself a temporary tattoo. Fortunately, modern technologies make it almost indistinguishable from the present.

Now for the style itself. Even if you decide to become so original, you should not forget that first of all you belong to the female sex. And what is the main female trait? That’s right, the appeal!

That is why choosing clothes for girls in the style of swag, it is worth remembering that:

What is the beauty of swag clothes?
  • Fashion is, of course, our everything, but you should not forget about femininity. Choose such outfits that can perfectly fit into your chosen style, while emphasizing all the advantages of your figure;
  • Women’s swag clothing should be bright. You have to show with your appearance that the world is already at your feet. It is also worth using a little abstraction in your image. In addition, in the upper part of your image there must be some beautiful drawing or an interesting inscription. So you will make your image more extravagant. Attention! If you decide to buy a T-shirt with an inscription in a foreign language, but you cannot translate a self-written phrase, then take a dictionary with you. You can’t even imagine how many young people walk around with absurd inscriptions on their clothes without even knowing it;
  • Clothing swag is suitable only for girls or girls up to 19-20 years. You do not come to the interview in a serious company with pink hair. Or rather,

What is the beauty of swag clothes?

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