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Cap Kuban – for stylish and trendy

Initially, the head of the Kuban was exclusively a man’s headdress. However, women, realizing the incredible convenience and practicality of a piece of clothing, took advantage of the traditional design and improved the dress, giving it a truly feminine features.

The history of caps Kubank

Cap Kuban - for stylish and trendy

The classical Kuban is a fur product with a flat bottom and consists of a velvet or cloth hood and fur band. The most famous was the cap of the Kuban Cossack troops.

This variant was sewed from the skins of a lambskin, astrakhan or astrakhan. Earlier, products from the skins of a bear and a wolf were also popular. Other furs among the Cossacks were not popular, as they could not soften the blow of the checkers. By the way, in wartime the Kubankas were often made with a metal frame.

Headdress came to Kuban from Karachay-Cherkessia. In the 15th and 16th centuries in the area, men preferred to wear high shaggy hats on holidays. ». The Cossacks used the model, significantly changing the appearance of the cap and giving it the original name ” Kubanka “.

The change in style was a necessity. High papakhu difficult to keep on his head during a furious jump. How the transformation of the headdress took place, and who had a hand in creating the “Cossack classic” version is virtually unknown.

By the way, the classic Kubanka is a special style. » кроя. Until now, in the Cossack troops wear caps of the ” correct ” cut. For example, the bottom of the headdress has two lines that cross in the form of a cross, usually white. The Cossacks themselves deny that the ” cross ” is endowed with any sacred meaning. Just the features of the cut are such that the bottom is sewn from 4 parts, and the seams are covered with a lace.

Cap Kuban - for stylish and trendy

After the end of World War II, women appreciated a warm and comfortable headdress. And closer to the 80s of the last century, the fur hat has become a constant subject of the wardrobe of the fashionist women of the Soviet Union. » именно в стилизованной женской шапке кубанке. It is believed that the popularity of the product was added by Barbara Brylska, the heroine of whom flaunted in “The Irony of Fate ” precisely in the stylized women’s hat Kubanka.

How to choose and with what to wear a fur hat Kuban

In contrast to the practical men who prefer lamb skins and black color, women have relied on luxury.And this is natural, since the chic fur once again underlines the high status of its owner and the fashion for it never passes.

Who is Kuban for? Let’s see:

Cap Kuban - for stylish and trendy
  • It turns out that the Kuban of light fur wins against the background of its dark counterpart, giving the woman a unique charm. But it is still better to choose an accessory according to your own color type;
  • Most often, the tone of the fur is chosen according to the hair color. Although you can focus on the eyes. For a girl with blond hair and gray eyes, gray mink and silver fox are perfect. With blond hair and brown or green eyes, you can choose beige-brown furs. If the lady has brown eyes and chestnut curls, the best choice is a dark chocolate-colored headdress. The head of the brunette will decorate the product in classic black;
  • Mostly Kubanka is suitable for a lady with an aristocratic type of appearance, elongated by an oval face. With a massive chin cap only emphasize the lack of appearance;
  • Wearing an accessory is recommended with elegant things endowed with femininity. The headdress looks great complete with boho velvet or fur vests, classic coats and moss fur coats;
  • When buying a hat for a fur coat, it is necessary to choose a cuban of the same color, and preferably made of the same fur. The female Kubanka from arctic fox looks ridiculous in the society of the Mouton fur coat;
  • Fur women’s hat Kuban not worn with sport-style jackets and puffed down jackets. The accessory symbolizes luxury and simply cannot be combined with such things;
  • Fur caps Kubanka often taken to decorate with additional elements. Often a woman is keen on and uses several details at once, which make the cut heavier and make the hat unpresentable. If tail is chosen as an ornament, you should not add brooches, ornaments made of rhinestones, etc.

Cossack cap is known not only in Russia. Headwear was paid tribute to very well-known foreign personalities, for example, Queen Elizabeth and the popular writer Joan Collins.

Currently, a slightly forgotten headdress triumphantly regained its former position. Today, every fashionista gladly diversifies her wardrobe with a stylish, original model.


Cap Kuban - for stylish and trendy

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