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Warm sweaters: fashion 2015, popular models and styles

Winter in Russia is distinguished by its duration and severe frosts. It is not surprising that the fashion for a warm knitted sweater never passes. Depending on the models presented this season, you can even make a top of the former most sought after solutions.

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All models in demand this winter are united by the presence of a thematic pattern.

This may be a Scandinavian motif, a pattern of snowflakes, floral ornament:

Warm sweaters: fashion 2015, popular models and styles
  • One of the leading places rightfully belonged to a sweater of the classic version – a warm knitted sweater in the best Scandinavian traditions. The most commonly used brownish beige tone with a light gray pattern;
  • Further, in the ranking is located a long women’s warm sweater of a large size, which can easily be confused with a dress. As a rule, such a product reached mid-thigh and was perfectly combined with tight leggings. Round neckline and loose sleeve, cotton canvas – this model differs from the others;
  • Traditional knitted sweater, which is decorated with a pattern of deer. Typically, designers offered a fitted silhouette, a 3/4 length sleeve and a round neck. If one wanted to add originality to the sweater, it was recommended to use lace trim in the neck area;
  • Women’s double-breasted jackets do not lose their popularity long ago. An elongated silhouette with a cozy volumetric collar is the best solution when walking in the fresh air;
  • A buttoned cardigan is not just a fashionable version of a warm sweater. Knitted cardigans – fashionable part of the wardrobe, allowing you to look decent and even keep a business style in clothes. If it was supposed to add a frivolity to the cardigan, it was worth choosing a model of light colors, decorated with a pattern of winter ornament.

Significantly decreased the popularity of models of warm women’s sweaters with zippers. Obviously, this is due to the short service life of the product. The lack of quality option quickly stretches, and lightning leads to deformation of the silhouette.

What changes are expected fashionistas in this season? The main directions are comfort and elegance. ольшое внимание уделяется кофтам больших размеров домашней вязки .BOlsha attention to sweaters large household binding.

In fact, there are no particular style limitations. Children’s warm sweaters and women’s wardrobe items are selected according to personal preferences. Even the designers decided not to impose any decisions on the ladies, considering that the best choice is the opportunity to emphasize their own individuality.

Warm sweaters: fashion 2015, popular models and styles

Nevertheless, the main trends of 2015 were presented in 2 main directions. The first is a collection of everyday models that are becoming more feminine and have sufficient respectability. The second direction is classical solutions in all the variety of previously existing styles.

The main condition for choosing a product is high quality material, as well as performance techniques. Whether children are models or adults, preference should be given to natural wool: angora, merino, alpaca. However, the combination of wool with natural silk fibers, bamboo or cotton is welcomed.

No matter, a warm jacket with a hood will decorate the wardrobe of a fashionista or an elegant cardigan.

It is important to think over your style to the smallest detail and make it truly exclusive:

Warm sweaters: fashion 2015, popular models and styles
  • Sweatshirts of large sizes, free cut are still fashionable. They fit perfectly in both business and romantic image;
  • The most popular knitwear. But aerobatics, of course, handmade. » или « араны »; Moreover, models with such decorative elements as large “ braids ” or “ aranes ” will be in great demand;
  • Openwork knitwear styled with exquisite lace will be widely used. This option perfectly complements the sophisticated style, creating a truly romantic and incredibly light look;
  • In the big honor a difficult decor with performance of carefully knitted elements. By the way, a surprise was the use of non-traditional decor for knitted things: bulk embroidery with flower arrangements;
  • Another novelty is the appliqué made from pieces of suede, textiles and genuine leather. This year, fashion trends are clearly aimed at the interest of housewives and pregnant women in the development of new types of needlework;
  • Colors may be the most unexpected. For example, all shades of blue, cherry and turquoise are the favorite colors of the couturier this season. Nevertheless, interest was not lost in the pastel range from pearl gray to ash-pink color;
  • Scandinavian motif is now represented not only in the classics. Patterns of snowflakes and galloping deer are originally woven into the technique inherent mostly in Brazil or Spain;
  • Popular ethnic options, both traditional and in the form of modern fantasy. Exotic and sophisticated color solution is on the verge of a sharp contrast;
  • An absolute surprise was the return to the podium of warm knitted mohair sweaters with Lurex, multi-colored patterns of sparkles and rhinestones. As well as in other designer finds, a belt is emphasized that emphasizes the waist and is mid-thigh length;
  • Asymmetry, flying hems and complex sleeve designs are encouraged. Modern transforming models of complex silhouette – the perfect choice for a young girl who is not alien to the ideas of avant-garde.

As you can see, the designs presented by the couturier are very diverse and allow you to maximally complement the wardrobe with warm clothes that are necessary in Russia for most of the year.

Warm jacket designed for a pregnant woman, a lady of the world or for use in everyday conditions, it does not matter. The main thing is to make winter clothes warm and cozy, create a positive mood and be incredibly comfortable.

Warm sweaters: fashion 2015, popular models and styles

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