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How to wear thermal underwear: practical recommendations

To put on a mountain of clothes and look like cabbage no one wants. But shaking from the cold in weakly warming things, paying tribute to the notorious fashion, is also at least silly. An excellent option in this case would be thermal underwear. This is a functional underwear designed to preserve heat and remove moisture from the skin surface.

How to wear thermal underwear: practical recommendations

Initially, it was intended for athletes, military, astronauts, that is, those people who, for one reason or another, had to be in extreme cold climatic conditions for a long time.

Today, underwear are both adults and children. It replaces the many layers of clothing that we traditionally don in with the arrival of the autumn and winter cold.

In this article we will talk about what this clothing is, as well as how much time and how to wear thermal underwear, so that it can fulfill all its missions.

The content of the article

Outwardly, it represents completely everyday things familiar to each of us: T-shirts with short and long sleeves, thin turtlenecks, leggings, shorts, etc.

But such underwear is distinguished from ordinary clothing by a better ability to accumulate heat between the body and the fabric, thereby protecting its wearer from the cold. It is also excellent and flat seams, allowing not to experience discomfort during its use.

There are several types of these clothes:

  • heat saving;
  • moisture wicking;
  • hybrid (i.e., combining both functions).

Heating (heat-saving) linen has, as the name implies, warming properties. The principle of its operation is simple: our body emits a certain amount of heat, and the fabric of clothing at the expense of its loose structure holds energy in itself, creating a protective layer between the skin and clothing, thereby protecting its owner from hypothermia.

This type of clothing is designed for use in cool and cold weather with little or moderate physical activity – for example, such underwear is perfect for winter fishing lovers, people working outside, for long walks, trips out of town or for everyday wear.

Wicking (or functional) has the ability to remove the moisture and sweat formed on the body from the surface of the body. » с собой и молекулы влаги. Through the special types of synthetics from which such clothes are made, the warm air heated by the skin is taken out, simultaneously “ taking ” with itself the moisture molecules.

Special antibacterial impregnation of the fabric allows the sweat to evaporate completely, without leaving an unpleasant smell and traces. It is also worth noting that the fabric of moisture-absorbing linen is hypoallergenic, and therefore it is suitable for allergies, children, people with sensitive skin, pregnant women.

Indispensable, it will also be for marathoners, cyclists and people leading an active lifestyle in the open air.

How to wear thermal underwear: practical recommendations

Women’s and men’s wicking thermal underwear can be worn both in summer and in winter. Excessive moisture is brought out, which allows you to feel comfortable during intense physical exertion and after them, as well as to avoid overheating.

Combined consists of two types of fabric. The inner layer adjacent to the body is a moisture-absorbing synthetics, and the outer layer is made of a moisture-absorbing and / or heat-saving material (this can be synthetic, wool, cotton, silk, or their mixed compounds).

Due to this, in the process of wearing moisture and sweat are removed outside, and between the fabric and the skin is kept warm.

In various models, the thickness of the layers of tissue varies, which, in turn, allows to achieve any ratio of heat preservation and removal of moisture molecules, depending on what purpose the thing is intended for.

In order for the product to perform its basic functions, it must be worn on a clean and dry naked body. » поддевать под него какую-либо другую одежду (обычные трусы, бюстгальтеры, майки и т. д.) — это приведет лишь к тому, что, вспотев, вы будет вынуждены весь день ходить во влажных нательных вещах, а это, как вы сами понимаете, удовольствие более чем сомнительное. It is unacceptable for ” more heat ” to hook under any other clothes (ordinary pants, bras, T-shirts, etc.) – this will only lead to the fact that, sweating, you will have to walk all day in wet wearable things, and this, as you understand, pleasure is more than doubtful.

Both female and male thermal underwear must sit tightly. If during the fitting of the product in the store you feel that it is a little bit for you, do not worry – such things tend to stretch. But if you get the clothes sitting on you freely, she will not be able to fulfill her main purpose, that is, to warm the owner.

Many are interested in the question: is it possible to wear thermal underwear all the time? Until now, in our society there is a myth about the categorical harmfulness of synthetic fabrics. In part, this is true: low-grade artificial fibers with constant exposure to the skin can irritate it, causing allergic reactions – rash, redness, burning, etc.

But modern expensive thermal underwear is made of high-quality and safe synthetics, and therefore it can be worn as much as you like. » одежды. It is only necessary to consider the purpose of this or that kind of “ warming ” clothes.

Both men’s and women’s thermal underwear made from natural fabrics (such as cotton and wool) can be worn daily.

For long walks, hiking, fishing fit the product of the combined type.

But for practicing active sports are perfectly suited synthetic items.

However, all self-respecting manufacturers on the labels leave markings to help determine where and how appropriate this product will be:

  • Cool Light – clothes are thin and can be used in any weather;
  • Warm – for low temperatures;
  • Extra Warm – for very low temperatures (above -25 ° C);
  • Antibacterial, Allergic and Static – the presence of protective and hypoallergenic fibers.

When buying a product for a child, it is necessary to take into account its age and degree of activity.

How to wear thermal underwear: practical recommendations

For babies up to one and a half years old, lying either in a stroller or not actively playing, it is better to buy either heat-saving or combined underwear (the perfect combination is merino wool and polyester).

For very mobile older children, combination clothing will be suitable (and the higher the child’s activity, the higher the percentage of synthetics should be in the product).

Children need to wear it the same way as adults – that is, wear exclusively on a naked body.

Remember that buying a baby underwear for a child does not make sense. Such clothes should fit very tightly to the body, and only in this case will it be able to perform its immediate tasks.


How to wear thermal underwear: practical recommendations

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