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We impart taste and elegance: we master the combination of colors

The right combination of colors in clothes is the main sign of style and taste. Boast the ability to combine colors can few. It is considered to be a good tone that the color scheme should always contain 3 colors, primary and secondary, shading it or creating a basic accent.

We impart taste and elegance: we master the combination of colors

Of course, there are exceptions to all the rules. During mourning and in the bridal outfit no additions are required. Also, many uniforms require monotony. In other cases, monochrome is not welcome.

A skillful combination of colors in clothes will help you always look modern and elegant.

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The basic rules for combining colors among themselves can be formulated as follows.

The light circle, which shows the transition of one color to another, will help to understand these rules:

  • Monochrome combination in which colors from one sector are involved. It is best to choose for the main color nearby shades;
  • The combination of clothing complementary colors – that is, lying in the color circle opposite each other. In this case, the rules allow experiments. You can independently choose any shades that are combined with each other, or create a triad – one of the main colors to replace with 2, located in the opposite sector;
  • Triadic scheme – in the coloring of fabrics there are 3 colors from sectors that are at equal distance with each other. For example: red, blue, yellow. Looks great color, made by mixing the palette. As an example, you can bring: purple, green, orange. Violet is obtained when red and blue are mixed, green is blue and yellow, orange is yellow and red.

Sometimes the best combination is to deviate from the rules. In each case, it all depends on the intensity of the color, and on what color it is.

It is believed that white and black are combined with all colors. More often, white kohler is used in clothes – it gives solemnity, remarkably emphasizes the contrast. But not all is suitable.

In the case of fading skin, each wrinkle will be emphasized, additional volume is added to the full body.

Black slim, emphasizes the official. But it casts light on the skin, which visually impairs its quality. Black thing must be diluted with a bright spot.

If it were not for these properties of the basic colors of the spectrum, probably fashionable combinations of clothing were limited to the things of these two colors, worn in various combinations.

But since the monotony is sick, things are sewn from fabrics that are dyed quite varied. It is impossible to cover all color combinations – there are a million combinations, but it is possible to mention the most used ones.

What shades are allowed combination of brown in clothes? By enlarging the sector of the main color wheel and highlighting the individual sectors according to the basic rules of the combination, it is possible to show visually what colors the things are brown or brown in clothes will look the most advantageous.

We impart taste and elegance: we master the combination of colors

Kohler from one sector look advantageous with the main always.But the overall impression is somewhat dull.Suitable for office, meeting, some informal events.

If you want a holiday, it is better to remember the triadic scheme. Doesn’t it look so much fresher and more interesting if you take colors from sectors that are at equal distance from the main one?

What other colors does brown match? Olive and orange, blackberry and red-yellow, light pink and white … And this is not all the possibilities of this boring uniform color.

Often have to see a combination of blue in clothes – this color is considered one of the most popular.Various shades of blue make the depths of the sea mysterious, but in things make a strange impression.

The light blue color scheme can be combined with white, pink, yellow. Dark – with any colors from your own sector for 2-3 tones lighter, as well as with red, vanilla-yellow, green-blue.

We must not forget that the blue color is not a light blue, it is a separate shade. It is composed of white and blue, is intermediate. The things in which he is present are not suitable for everyone. It is desirable combination with the color of the eyes, otherwise the view will be faded.

What other combinations come across quite often. Nowadays, fashionable clothes are sewn either from very bright monochrome fabrics, or they use mustard and gray colors, which always remain in favor.

To gray and a pair, and the top three is easy to pick up, it is considered neutral. And how to emphasize the mustard color in clothes, what combination?

If you make a tint, it will look like this. You can choose shades from the sector opposite. This combination adds brightness alongside, but it looks somewhat provocative and goes far from everyone.

In the wardrobe rarely anyone can find things in green. It soothes the nervous system, has a beneficial effect on the organs of vision, but is used mainly in the decoration of the room. It has too much effect on the skin. How to find the perfect combination of green in your own clothes to not look faded?

I must immediately say that green-eyed or brown-eyed red-haired beauties do not need to be sad about this problem. Rich emerald greens – for them. And the rest, if you really want to use this particular color in clothes, you need to think about combining it with things of a different shade.

We impart taste and elegance: we master the combination of colors

Green – intermediate between light and warm tones. Light green is good with dark colors, dark – with light. If you again turn to the color circle, you can select such sectors.

And do not forget about white – it looks great in this color scheme.

The right combination of colors in clothes depends not only on taste and is determined not only by the type of appearance. For a thing to look, it is very important how the light falls on it and how intense it is. Dark colors in the twilight will look black, bright under the ruthless rays of the sun on a summer day – faded.

Therefore, it is very important to know not only what to wear and with what, but also where and how. Black shoes, for example, always look advantageous, whatever the color combination, but the shoes of two bright colors with a monochrome ensemble may look coarse, even if the choice of colors corresponded to the basic rule of their combination.

We impart taste and elegance: we master the combination of colors

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