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7 reasons why you should burn your bras

We tell why you should stop wearing a bra (at least the one that sits on you badly). The reasons are much more serious than you might suppose. Finding a bra that will sit perfectly on you, reliably supporting your chest and not delivering discomfort is often very difficult.

Women with small breasts complain about the useless bra – it practically does not perform any functions. And women with big breasts – the fact that the bra is not well performing its direct duties and poorly supported breasts.

7 reasons why you should burn your bras

Of course, bras are a useful and necessary thing. However, if you do not have a special love for bras and are ready to give them up, then you can safely do it.

Here are 7 reasons why you can throw out all bras from your wardrobe.

You are a rebel and a feminist

If you are uncomfortable in a bra and you are forced to wear it just because the society dictates this, then boldly set the bra aside and declare a boycott to the bra manufacturers. You do not have to wear what you do not like and causes inconvenience. So let your breasts feel free if you feel so comfortable.

Not wearing a bra is sexy

There is something very sexy about not wearing bras: this way the natural beauty of the breast is not hidden by the extra linings and fabrics. Especially teasing and sexy looking thin T-shirts, worn on a bare chest. But remember, such a “naked” image requires a lot of self-confidence from you.

It is not comfortable

If the bra is of an improper fit, shape, silhouette, or poorly supported by the chest, it can cause a lot of discomfort. As we have said, if you can not find a bra that fits perfectly and does not remind of itself, delivering unpleasant sensations, then it’s better to just give up the sconce by opting for convenience.

Studies have shown that not wearing a bra is good for breasts.

We used to wear a bra so that the chest does not sag and visually looked more toned. However, paradoxically, many studies have shown that women who do not wear bras have been able to develop muscle tissue that provides natural breast support, and as a result their breasts have become less susceptible to sagging.

Meanwhile, women who constantly wear bras, artificially supporting their breasts, are at risk of losing their elasticity earlier. The fact is that bras prevent the growth of muscle tissue that provides breast support. Thus, instead of preventing sagging breasts, bras seem to accelerate this process, making the chest muscles “lazy.”

You love your body as it is.

If you respect and value your body and take it for granted, you can safely part bras, as they are designed to change your body. Refusing to wear a bra is another way to say: “I no longer accept the outdated cultural and social norms that have been imposed on my body.” Let the world know that you love yourself the way you are.

Bras in the summer cause sweating

When it is hot outside, we strive to wear as little clothes as possible so that we are as comfortable as possible and not hot. In this case, the bra is an extra layer of clothing, and it can be very hot in it. So in the summer it is better to safely refuse sconces. You do not want the entire breast zone to be in sweat and feel discomfort?

Refusing a bra is good for health.

Too tight and slimming bra can cause headaches and digestive problems. An unsuitable bra can also lead to poor posture and a number of other health problems that you have never guessed. So give up the bras (at least uncomfortable) for the sake of your health.


7 reasons why you should burn your bras

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