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Earring in the nose: jewelry options, how to insert, pull out and care?

A huge number of women are ready for a lot just to stand out from the crowd and highlight their beauty. For several years in a row at the peak of popularity there are earrings in the nose, which bring some piquancy to the exterior. According to statistics, men consider such a decoration very sexy and attractive. Thanks to a wide range of earrings, you can constantly pick up jewelry for the image.

In general, the history of piercing began a few dozen centuries ago. There is mention of such an ornament even in Bible writings. For many tribes, nasal puncture is a must ritual. Some use bones, feathers, teeth, etc. instead of earrings.

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Earring in the nose: jewelry options, how to insert, pull out and care?

The anatomical structure of the nose makes it possible to use several types of piercing, which allows you to choose the most suitable option. It should be borne in mind that the holes in this part of the face are painful and they heal for a long time, so you should think carefully before deciding to puncture.

The most popular is the puncture of the wing of the nose. This is due, firstly, to the fact that in this place the pain is not too noticeable. Secondly, the range of jewelry – the largest. In the cabin, usually after a puncture, immediately insert a screw with a ball, which is fastened inside with a special hook.

They can also use a piece of jewelry called a barbel. Outwardly, it looks like a horseshoe. There is a circular option, at the ends of which are placed small balls. When the puncture has healed, and the pain will not be felt, then replace the earring with any of the existing options: a straight or twisted canine, a ring, a pike, a labret, a carnation or nostril.

When a puncture occurs in the nasal septum, it is recommended to use such earrings: a barbell, a keeper, a horseshoe or a ring. The last two options can be purchased in gold and silver. For the manufacture of other products mainly use titanium, surgical steel or silicone.

If you decide to make a puncture in this place, then you should contact a professional master, because if the hole is made incorrectly, the decoration will end up looking crooked.

Some people decide to puncture the tip of the nose and nose. In the first case, the hole can be made not only horizontally, but also vertically. We recommend using a barbell for this. In the second case, it is necessary to give preference to rings or barbele.

We should also discuss oriental decorations. The people of the East never do piercings just like that, it always has a special meaning and has a certain meaning. Many cultures associate the nose with the ability of a person to continue the race.

Men demonstrated their courage and willingness to start a family by putting on a large piece of jewelry. In India, the girl was pierced her nostril the night before her marriage.

Experts recommend to pre-pick the jewelry and only then go to the salon. Initially, it should be said that silverware is not worth taking, because getting into the puncture, this metal begins to darken. In addition, particles of silver fall into the hole and lead to a non-aesthetic appearance.

With special care it is necessary to approach the choice of products from gold. Be sure to check the earring so that there is no sample on the part that will be in the puncture, as this will irritate the wound and it will heal for a long time.

Take into account the fact that the head of the upper part above the puncture should not be large, because air must flow to the opening. In addition, it will prevent the growth of scar tissue along the edge of the wound.

Choosing a in the nose, pay attention to the bending of the hook. It should be of maximum size to facilitate the process of donning.

Gold earring – the most common jewelry. In almost all jewelry stores you can find several different options. Instead of the usual ball, the items can be in the form of a butterfly, a flower, a triangle, etc. In principle, the range is quite wide. The advantage of such jewelry is that they do not cause allergies and do not lose their attractiveness.

Earring in the nose: jewelry options, how to insert, pull out and care?

Not less popular are earrings with a diamond. As a rule, such products are a manifestation of financial solvency. There are simpler options with semi-precious stones or with Swarovski crystals.

Products can be with one diamond or another stone, or they will have a certain shape with several pebbles. There are also earrings made from special medical alloys.

Exotic jewelry for piercing a lot, but the most popular option is Indian nat. When such a decoration appeared on a girl, everyone knew that she had lost her virginity. Modern Indian women use nat not only following traditions, but also as a fashion accessory.

An interesting fact is that in different parts of India, the decoration of the nose is treated differently. For example, in the north and east of the continent, women wear earrings in both nostrils, or they pierce the septum and insert a ring. It can be of different sizes, starting with small copies, and ending with a huge hoop all over the cheek.

In the states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, women can pierce their nose at any time, without waiting for the wedding. Ear rings inserted into the nose are called Mukkutkhis. In India, they wear not only nose rings, but also cloves, and products in the form of birds and fish.

Accuracy and sterility are important in this process. To prevent the occurrence of serious problems, you need to use peroxide, gloves, cotton pads, and of the earring itself. From the tools you will need a special needle and forceps.

Insert earring, if there is no hole, you can in several stages:

  • Since the skin is mobile in the new puncture, it is better to use a special needle;
  • Earring set for 10 min. in peroxide that will allow to disinfect it properly. Wear gloves;
  • Breathe in heavily with your nose, which will allow you to see two indentations on your nostrils. Their center is the best puncture point. Enlighten the nose to determine where there are no capillaries. Using a marker, put an end;
  • Dampen a wadded disk, and disinfect a place of future puncture. Take a needle and check that the chosen ornament easily enters into it;
  • Fix the nostril with forceps so that the hole in it coincides with the point set earlier;
  • Using a needle, make a hole. Remove the forceps, and do not touch the needle. It is necessary to insert the selected decoration. Take out the needle, and the earring will remain in the nose;
  • Now fix the product. If you choose a spiral or a ring with a ball, then be sure to fix them to the full stop. When choosing a carnation, you have to fix the ball from the inside, which will hold it tightly. If it is a ring, then insert a thin end into the hollow part and press it until it clicks. The result should be an ideal circle shape;
  • Do not pull out the earring until the puncture is completely healed. On average, it takes a week.

Change of jewelry depends on a variety of options. If you want to put in a loop, you need to do it from the outside to the inside. First insert the tip of the eyelet and gently roll it clockwise.

Typically, these products end is made in the form of a spiral or loop, which allows them to hold. To insert the barbell is from the inside with your thumb, and then twist the ball. Be sure to check that everything is done correctly, and it will not fall out.

Earring in the nose: jewelry options, how to insert, pull out and care?

To remove the product, you must have a special piercing care lotion, if not, then use warm boiled water. Take a cotton swab, soak it in the selected liquid. Insert one finger in the nose, or rather, in the nostril, where there is an earring.

Lift it up and handle the puncture. If you insert another product, use the other end of a cotton swab to work on it. It’s time to pull out the earring and insert a new one. Finally, treat the hole with the tool again.

The popularity of piercing is quite justified, but before you decide on such a decoration, think carefully, because the decoration will be on the face. Contact only professional salons, as there is a risk of infection.

Earring in the nose: jewelry options, how to insert, pull out and care?

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