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Massive jewelry on the neck – beautiful, stylish, modern

Nothing brings a touch of individuality and chic into the image of a woman like a correctly chosen jewelry. It doesn’t matter what they are made of: silver, plastic or gold with precious stones. The main thing is that the decorations look harmonious, emphasizing the beauty and elegance of the ladies.

Massive jewelry on the neck - beautiful, stylish, modern

The last few years at the height of fashion massive jewelry on the neck. Due to the irrepressible imagination of designers, every beautiful lady has the opportunity to choose jewelry to your taste and wallet.

A large number of necklaces made of different materials, allow fashionistas to try on a new, additional image.

Properly selected jewelry can turn a business suit into a dress for a romantic date. It is only important to choose jewelry: its color, decorative elements and length.

It is worth saying that the usual jewelry (thin chains and miniature bracelets) is not so popular now. Of course, they are suitable for everyday life and going to work, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to attract attention with such products.

Large jewelry: the secrets of choice

It is not difficult to find an unusual jewelry that will fit the character and the refined taste of its owner, it is more difficult to correctly make a set so that the necklace does not look like an extra element.

Therefore, before you see a new image, it is important to remember a few rules for choosing neck jewelry:

  • If you like to wear creative, bright and unusual necklaces, then your clothes should be simple and concise. Otherwise, you will look too bright, and possibly funny. It all depends on where you are going;
  • It is recommended to wear bright and multi-colored necklaces over monophonic clothing: blouses, shirts, etc .;
  • The massive neck jewelery itself is beautiful and attracts attention. Therefore, if you wear a large necklace, then you should not supplement it with bracelets or voluminous earrings. If you do too much jewelry, you will not look like a stylish lady, but a Christmas tree. Do you need it ?;
  • Choosing fashionable women’s necklaces, remember your figure. The fact is that massive costume jewelry is not for everyone. So too fat women will look even harder if they decorate themselves with a large necklace. And thin girls will look ridiculous in such a necklace;
  • When buying a volume jewelry, remember that it should be either a bright color, but a simple form, or vice versa;
  • Remember, the older you get, the larger and longer your necklace should be. For older women it is recommended to choose massive gold or silver jewelry. This will emphasize the status and position in society;
  • Giving preference to massive jewelry, as well as products with stones, remember that they look organic only in the evening hours.

Yourself a designer

Massive jewelry on the neck - beautiful, stylish, modern

So, you had the idea to purchase a massive necklace, but you did not find in the store the one that you would like to buy. Do not worry, build a necklace with your own hands.

In general, there are plenty of options for creativity, but in order not to scare you at once with a large number of tools and materials, I suggest making jewelry from pistachio shells.

For creativity you need to stock up:

  • Shells from pistachios. Their number will depend on the size of the desired necklace;
  • Thick cardboard, piece choose the right size;
  • Super glue;
  • Acrylic paints, you can use nail polish;
  • Chain of desired length and thickness;
  • Rings – 2 pcs .;
  • Clasp;
  • Scissors;
  • Wire nibbler. They are also called pliers.

When everything is ready, you can start assembling jewelry. The first step is to cut a blank out of cardboard.It can be of any shape, but if this is your first experience, make a better semi-circle.The size you want.This will be the basis of the decoration.Attach the rings to the edges of the base using tweezers and a chain on them.

Massive jewelry on the neck - beautiful, stylish, modern

Pistachio shells paint in the desired color. Before painting, think about what you will wear a massive decoration. In principle, it can be made in general multi-colored by painting each shell in a certain color. But this necklace is suitable only for the summer and young girls. A more classic version is black and white.

When the paint is dry, try to lay out the cleaning on the workpiece to see how they are better positioned. If you like the layout, you can stick the shells to the cardboard.

After the glue dries, a massive self-made decoration is ready. You can go bragging.

When choosing massive jewelery made of gold, silver, plastic and other materials, remember their relevance and combination with your outfit. Approach the selection of all the little things in your image very carefully, and you will always be on top, to shine and attract attention.

Massive jewelry on the neck - beautiful, stylish, modern

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