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Choosing a wristwatch: follow the basic rules and expert advice

It is difficult to imagine a modern person without such an accessory as a wristwatch. They were and remain the most convenient device for determining the exact time. In addition, watches also serve as an element that plays an important role in creating the individual style of a man and a woman.

In order for this accessory to fulfill its purpose as much as possible, you should learn how to choose a wrist watch.

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Choosing a wristwatch: follow the basic rules and expert advice

When choosing such an accessory, first of all, a person wonders where I will carry it and with what? Indeed, this is an important point, because it is based on your own style of clothing and lifestyle that you should buy the product.

It is this seemingly inconspicuous subject that can tell a lot about a person – his habits and preferences, character.

Having asked the experts how to choose the watch correctly, they emphasize that this accessory should fulfill its functions to the maximum.

If you buy a sports model, take care of the choice of shockproof watches. In the case when you need a model for everyday use at work, it is worth considering whether you need waterproof products.

Deciding to get this useful accessory, think about how much money you are willing to spend on it. So, you can come to the store and find your way in the price category of the products offered to you. The cost of the device is determined by its brand, as well as the material, in addition, the price also depends on the model and the functionality of the model.

All styles can be divided into several main categories:

  • casual – everyday;
  • classic;
  • sports;
  • Fashion;
  • Luxury.

When choosing an accessory in everyday style, it is important to think about whether it fits your image and lifestyle, whether it fully expresses your individuality. Review your wardrobe to see exactly which colors prevail in it.

When buying, you should pay particular attention to the quality and color of the bracelet. For convenient daily use of the product, the dial should be well read.

It is best to buy products with a leather bracelet, they look beautiful, and worn for a long time. But this choice will not work if you need waterproof devices. In this case, pay attention to the metal bracelets, they are heavy and waterproof.

Rubber and rubber are the most resistant materials to moisture, but they look a bit sporty, so they are not always appropriate.

To choose a convenient accessory for everyday wear, it is important to avoid inconveniences such as the massiveness of the product, its heavy weight, the presence of sharp corners, protruding elements, and the hard-to-read dial.

To wear an accessory under a business suit or dress, men and women need to look at elegant classic models. Men who prefer the classics, there is something to choose from. Successful people buy expensive Swiss watches, which are widely represented by brands such as Frederique Constant, Tissot, Maurice Lacroix.

For these models are characterized by simplicity, elegance, lack of bright and catchy details that should not be present in a classic style. ยป. Such products are often called watches ” under the costume .” It is impossible to immediately answer which Swiss watch is best to choose, because it depends on a number of factors, among which are the taste preferences of the person who buys them.

The dial is mainly decorated in white, black or blue, usually it is dressed in a frame of a round, rectangular or barrel-shaped form. The thickness of the case is minimal, because only in this case the product will not interfere with the cuffs of the shirt sleeves.

How to choose a watch for a woman so that she has an elegant and at the same time modern look? Before buying this accessory, you need to decide how you want to wear them – in full view or hidden under clothing.

Choosing a wristwatch: follow the basic rules and expert advice

Stylists to girls with a thin wrist are recommended to emphasize their grace, they are suitable watch with a thin bracelet. But you can also buy more massive models, then a slim handle will seem even more fragile. It all depends on your taste!

If a man or a woman has to go to formal events, then they prefer products decorated with diamonds or other precious stones. Would you like to have the appearance of a businesslike and confident person? Try to keep the accessory on your hand not cheaper than a suit or dress.

Such accessories, as a rule, are suitable for active people who really assign an important place in their life to sports. Sports models are usually large, because the case should have a timer, alarm clock and other functions inherent in this type of accessory.

Models for athletes must have increased water resistance. The most popular materials from which the strap can be made are rubber, rubber, plastic.

For some men and women who want to emphasize their artistry and individuality, designers recommend paying attention to fashion and luxury models.

Once you have decided on the style of the accessory, it is much easier to choose wrist models. Going to a specialty store, pay attention to the mechanism of such a device. There are three main types – mechanical, quartz and electronic.

In the first version of the device, the mechanism is triggered by a tight spring. However, the complexity of their work is that the spring spins at an uneven speed, so the device does not always show the exact time. In addition, such products are very sensitive to the effects of weather and dust, but with proper care they can serve their owner for a long time.

Quartz wristwatches work with a conventional or solar battery. This is a very accurate device that does not require intervention from its owner. Such products are reliable, durable, and therefore are in great demand.

Electronic devices can have two varieties – be only with a digital display or a time indication with the help of arrows. This is also a very convenient option that has found its admirers. Which is the best watch to choose so that they will serve their owner for a long time, experts will tell.

The dial is covered with glass on top, the quality of which largely determines the service life of the product.

That glass is the main component of this accessory, it can be of several types:

  • acrylic;
  • mineral;
  • sapphire.

The sapphire glass of the dial is the highest quality and reliable, it is much stronger and heavier than the mineral and acrylic, while these products are more expensive.

The result of the use of modern technology are smart watches. They are a computerized device with enhanced functionality. The very first models of such watches performed primitive functions – a calculator or translator.

Choosing a wristwatch: follow the basic rules and expert advice

Modern smart watches are multifunctional computers that support mobile applications. Many of these devices can only work in conjunction with a smartphone and act as an additional screen. Deciding to buy such a modern device, you need to know how to choose a smart watch, so that they

Choosing a wristwatch: follow the basic rules and expert advice

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