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How to tuck jeans – create a fashionable image

Shortening clothes without resorting to a needle and thread can be, if you use one of the simplest methods – the gateway. If you had tucked up pants a few years ago and went outside, then the surrounding people would think about you that you are just too lazy to hem your pants. And now they will understand that you are in trend and aware of the latest fashion trends. After all, tucked trousers will create a current stylish image, and stand out from the crowd.

There is no defined technique of doorways. However, one should rely on a sense of proportion. Below we will talk about situations where the gateways will look ridiculous or who they will not go to.

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How to tuck jeans - create a fashionable image

Creating a fashionable image with the help of cuffs, you should adhere to common sense. Do not make cuffs too high. It will be enough if you open the shoes to the top or leg in the ankle.

The lapel is considered ideal when the bottom line of the leg reaches the middle of the calf. If you make it taller, to the knee area, then digest yourself as a hitman a la Huckleberry Finn.

Important point! Thinking about how best to tuck the jeans under the sneakers is to remember that between the line of trousers and shoes should not be socks or golf, just a foot. Who knows, maybe someday the fashion will change, and the socks will be appropriate or the gateway will become higher, but for now, so.

Bloggers who write about fashion, and often themselves determine what is fashionable, are advised to make a gateway on themselves in front of a mirror.

Here is a short instruction:

  • Stand in front of the mirror and chalk mark the desired length;
  • The gateway is performed on one leg. Without removing the pants, tuck it to the marked length and evaluate the result. The optimal height of the cuff is 4-6 centimeters, in one or two turns;
  • If you like everything, the pants are removed and the second leg needs to be tucked in exactly the same way as the first one. Measure the width and number of revolutions, the legs should be the same;
  • Depending on the impression you want, leave the jeans this way or steam off with an iron to secure the cuff line.

It turns out that not all pants turn up. Model ” skinny ” with a clear line of silhouette, designed to emphasize the slimness and beauty of female legs, with cuffs do not look. ». The same applies to the ” flare “. On them the tops are ridiculous and out of place.

To beautifully tuck trousers, it is better to take the following models:

  • Classic women’s jeans with straight leg;
  •  The model “ boyfriend ” – voluminous trousers made of 100% cotton;
  •  ” A la Chinos ” – a free and soft model, slightly tapering downwards;
  • Wiped sausages, as well as pants with holes and artificial abrasions.

». The main rule – you can tuck those pants, legs of which are free, do not sit in the ” oblipochku .”

Cuffed trousers are a bright element of urban modern casual style. They can be put on for a walk around the city or the countryside, various parties and informal events where no dress code is required.

How to tuck jeans - create a fashionable image

The youth puts them on dates, in clubs and restaurants, even comes to couples to the university, and this does not bother anyone. But in the office, at a business meeting, or a formal event, in a word, wherever there is official communication, or communication fixed by etiquette, they will look out of place.

Many people believe that young people are free to go crazy in clothes as they want, but older people should not blindly follow fashion and tuck jeans. But this is a fallacy. If a person is comfortable, then why not adopt this trendy youth piece?

Until recently, it was believed that in winter and in cold pants do not need to turn up, but many world stars, such as Jennifer Lopez and another Jennifer – Aniston, wear them tucked with high boots or warm boots. The only condition is that the trousers should end on top of the shoe, without opening the ankles.

Cuffed jeans require a certain look. If you are confused and do not know what is better to wear tucked jeans, listen again to the advice of fashion bloggers. If it’s summer, then T-shirts, T-shirts and tops will be the best companions.

The top can be monophonic – white, black or other colors, as well as decorated with various prints. For the party, choose an interesting top – a model T-shirt, you can two-layer, classic blouse or jacket-tail coat.

Jeans always looked great with checkered shirts. Rolled up is no exception. An ideal style, moderately careless and at the same time characteristic, when a shirt (not necessarily in a cage) is tied around the navel. But at the same time it is not necessary to bare the stomach.

Model ” boyfriend ” is better to wear with things in the style of ” girl-girl .” This could be an original skinny sweater, pastel-colored blouses, deep cleavage t-shirts.

Pay special attention to shoes. Tightening jeans, you emphasize it, so it should be especially fashionable and stylish. Best of all will look moccasins, high boots, bright sneakers, sneakers, low boots.

Choose shoes should be on a small heel or platform, it is possible and with a flat sole. Only studs do not fit, of course, if you do not have plans, imitate the Tower of Pisa.

And a few words about accessories. Do not forget to tie an interesting scarf or scarf around your neck; take a small handbag or clutch bag.

Unfortunately, the style implying tucked jeans is not for everyone. And it’s not about age or position in society. Everything rests on the figure. Do not wear tucked trousers women impressive build, which has wide hips.

Also this outfit looks bad on stunted ladies or girls with short legs. Since the shortened clothes visually further reduce the legs and growth and can give a couple of extra pounds.

How to tuck jeans - create a fashionable image

How to tuck jeans narrowly, those who wear chinos or skinny models of trousers know. There is a rule that the already pants, the thinner the gate should be.

In this case, the width of the cuff should be reduced and made not 4-6 centimeters, but 2-3. Why is this done? Then the figure seems slimmer and thinner.

Another rule concerns chinos and lightweight jeans. Rolled leg should not look voluminous. If the jeans are straight, then you can try to knit them. It’s pretty simple: make a small crease, and already with it, and tuck in the leg. Looks very stylish. True, the first time may not work.

So in conclusion: tuck pants or not – this is a matter of your own taste and mood. Call for help common sense and a sense of style, and boldly adopt this fashionable device. But no, well, unfused jeans are still in fashion.


How to tuck jeans - create a fashionable image

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