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Advantages and disadvantages of a pitted bra

In order to feel confident, sexy and desirable, a lady just choose yourself a suitable underwear. In the modern variety of such products, a boneless bra is an example of femininity, romance and grace. Only one thing is sad: such a wardrobe item was undeservedly forgotten, but in vain …


Advantages and disadvantages of a pitted bra

As soon as you take in your hands a bra without any push-ups and bones there, you will immediately feel the difference with the linen that has firmly settled in your dresser. ». Such a product can be described in one word ” soft “.

Even mammologists are convinced that it is the bodices without stones and any inserts – this is the ideal clothing for the female breast, which is able to take into account all the anatomical features, the delicacy and care in relation to the skin, glands and muscles.

By the way, pitted bustiers appeared a long time ago, and they can be safely considered the progenitors of the existing options for bras. In those days, the ladies did not have such an impressive choice, and a little later the market appeared underwear with bones, guns and other additions that lifted the chest, made it clearly delineated, gave it volume and shape.

Whatever it was, lace bras do not disappear from the windows of women’s stores, and all because the manufacturers have learned to listen to the wishes of their customers, and to fulfill them. For example, modern models of such underwear are made of elastic and dense fabrics and lace, therefore they can also support the breast well and give it a seductive look.

Advantages and disadvantages of a pitted bra

Elegant lace, delicate and translucent synthetics … All this is exactly what a man wants on the body of a woman he adores. Therefore, an intimissimi bra without silicone inserts and bones this is exactly what you can pamper your partner with spicy linens and seductiveness of your body.

Particularly sexy and attractive look models, which are triangles of soft and elastic material, tightly wrapped around each breast. If you search well, then it is quite possible to find a really exclusive bodice with laces, gathered at the bottom, and a silk ribbon supporting the bust itself.

Bando is another kind of beskostochkovyh bodices, which is characterized by convenience and practicality. Such an intimate wardrobe item looks like a regular strip of stretching fabric, with which you can experiment endlessly, realizing both sports and romantic images.

It would be completely wrong not to say that any underwear, whether it be world-famous intimissimi or the usual bust of an inexpensive brand, should be chosen with special care, pickiness and scrupulousness. Unfortunately, it is not recommended to “pack” luxurious large breasts in lace bodices, as they not only do not provide the necessary support, but also do not give a neat shape.

Such underwear is perfect for ladies with neat and compact forms, as well as for teenage girls. In addition, boneless busts are ideal for everyday wear, as well as for nursing mothers. They do not rub, do not crush, do not cause discomfort and are delicate in relation to the chest.

Everything is possible only if the linen is selected and purchased in full accordance with the natural size of the bust. If you dwell on a model with a smaller cup size and chest girth, the bodice will begin to press, rub and pinch such a delicate area, which is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous to health.

But too big a product, too, should not be taken, because it will look sloppy both on a naked body and under clothes, and the breast will not receive the necessary support.

To pick up a bra of the right size is quite simple, and for this you need to do a few primitive movements:

  • After putting on the bodice, lift up both hands. If the chest falls out of the cups, the model is too big for you;
  • If the bust is loose against the center of the chest, it is also large;
  • Move a little in the underwear, and see if the back of the bra does not creep up, whether the straps cut into the shoulders, and whether the cups themselves creep up, leaving the lower part of the chest bare. If so, feel free to ask for another size or another model.
Advantages and disadvantages of a pitted bra

You have a bust larger than the third size, and so you want to pamper yourself with lace underwear? Try the version with wide silk straps or a ribbon of similar material that is thrown over the neck.

. The main thing is that the bodice holds the chest, and did not let it ” worry ” and sag. Also try to choose models with a dense and wide bodice, and then even the most transparent and lace cups will do their job perfectly well.

Despite all these advantages and the reassurances of doctors, women need something more than a beautiful thing that gently and gently fits their bust. Sometimes you just can not do without underwear, which will make the breast bigger, taller, lush and more seductive.

And then there is a need to buy a push-up bra with foam or silicone inserts, without stones or with those. It is the push that makes it possible to wear outfits with a deep neckline, from which a gaze looks out.

Well, how to choose and wear such a product, we will talk in one of the following publications. Be beautiful and let your underwear contribute to this!


Advantages and disadvantages of a pitted bra

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