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How to look sexy in carrot pants


How to look sexy in carrot pants
Mom jeans with carrot cut are back in fashion and sexy too
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You can find them in every trendy boutique and fashion bloggers count them as a fixture in your closet: we’re talking about the carrot, better known today as “mom-jeans”. The high-waisted pants is considered a controversial model, but can flatter the figure with proper styling.

The carrot or mom jeans has a high waist (high waist) and usually ends just above the ankle. The trouser legs run close to the ankle and remind of the shape of a carrot. In the area of ​​the thighs, on the hip and on the buttocks, the Mom jeans are cut a bit wider and thus play around the figure.

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When did the cut first occur?

Through US sitcoms like “Friends” the carrot became popular in the 90s. As the name Mom-Jeans reveals, it was originally designed for newly-baked mothers. It should be comfortable, without figure-hugging cut and with more room in the abdominal and hip area to conceal a baby’s stomach. Mom jeans are casual, effortless and simply comfortable. They do not want to please, flatter or squeeze the figure of their wearer into today’s ideal of beauty.

How to look sexy in carrot pants

In the 90s, the mom jeans became famous mainly through the series “Friends”. Monica (right, Courteney Cox) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) almost always wore them.
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The Levis 501 is one of the most well-known and best-selling models – until today.

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What makes the carrot different from others?

Skinny jeans, which for years dominated the world of jeans, are the counterpart to the carrot. Thanks to their slim fit and stretch, they emphasize the leg shape enormously and automatically direct the gaze to the buttocks and hips. In the fashion scene, where the trend is for curves, casualness and simplicity, extremely tight-fitting tube pants have long been on the no-go list.

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Boyfriend jeans also embody the casual style, but sit on the hip in contrast to the carrot. In addition, they are cut in the area of ​​Pos Lässiger and run to the ankles less pointed.

How to look sexy in carrot pants

The carrot pants and mom jeans have a high waistband that reaches over the navel.
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Who does the mom jeans stand for?

It is striking that the jeans manufacturers in the mom jeans today place more emphasis on the look, rather than on the comfort. It could not be more contradictory: but on a typical figure that women have after childbirth, the mom jeans look less good. Due to the high waist and a little more fabric in the hip area, it conceals the belly, but makes the buttocks look wider and flatter. In addition, she wears her carrot cut on the thighs and makes small women seem even smaller due to the length to the ankle.

Dainty women with little curves, small buttocks and slim hips, she is particularly good and visually makes the curves appear more. Even tall, slender women with long legs look great in them, as they can wear them casually with sneakers and shirt, without the trousers. Of course, elegance also works: in combination with open heels, a blouse and red lipstick tucked into the waistband, the Mom jeans can be worn out.

How to look sexy in carrot pants

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