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How to dress for Halloween: create an image at home

Halloween is traditionally celebrated on the eve of All Saints Day on October 31st. The holiday originated in the territory of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. There was a myth that on the night of October 31 to November 1, the souls of the dead came to the houses to warm themselves, and all sorts of evil spirits, demons, and evil came to come with them.

How to dress for Halloween: create an image at home

To scare away all this dark rabble, people dressed in costumes of witches, devils, animals, bats, went to the neighboring houses and sang songs. Then there was a tradition to dress children in scary outfits, to drive them home and collect treats.

Halloween is an excellent opportunity to give free rein to your own fantasies and become someone else for a day. It is not necessary to dress in something frightening and nasty, on the contrary, you can create the image of a good fairy or wizard, dress up as a princess or a brave knight.

Nowadays, the essence of the holiday is fun and liberation from stereotypes telling people how to look and behave in a civilized society.

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For Halloween, the main thing is a costume, it should be unusual, sinister or, conversely, cute, the main thing is that it should be fabulous, unreal, fantastic. Of course, the fancy dress is the easiest to buy in a specialty store, but its cost may be too high for one-time use. Therefore, the question arises: how to dress up for Halloween in the home, without the help of a tailor?

Well, if you yourself are friends with a sewing machine and you have time to create a unique costume. In this case, you just need to come up with an outfit and stitch it. If you are not endowed with sewing talents, or there is simply no desire to spend time and energy on making an outfit, you can get by with your own wardrobe items.

You can make a costume out of everyday clothes. For example, a girl can dress in a tight black dress, put on a hat with a veil – and here we have a black widow. And if instead of a cap you choose a hoop with horns as a decoration on your head, you will get a mischievous devil. A white dress smeared with blood will help create the image of a dead bride. If you don’t want to spoil a dress, put wings on – and you are an angel.

If you want something more unusual, you can dig in the closet and find bright neon leggings from the 90s. Choose a tight top for them, apply paint on the body, for example, green or red, put your hair in some strange hairstyle – the alien is ready!

You can go even further in shocking the public and make yourself a zombie. To do this, you need to tear and stain clothes, smear it with artificial blood, ruffle your hair and, of course, do not forget about the special Halloween makeup at home. Without high-quality make-up you will look like an ordinary bum, so it’s very important to work hard on your face to complete the image.

As for men’s Halloween costumes, then at least there are fewer options, but still enough. For example, to become a vampire at home is easier than ever, you need to put on a strict suit, put a white handkerchief in your pocket, slightly soiled with blood (red paint or nail polish), fasten special fangs to your teeth – and the sexy bloodsucker is ready.

How to dress for Halloween: create an image at home

As for the costumes of superheroes, then the situation is more complicated, it is unlikely that we can do without sewing skills.

But with the characters of films and TV shows, with famous personalities, everything is easier. For example, to get dressed as a Joker, it is enough to find a purple suit, however, you will have to tinker with makeup.

If there is no time to create an image at all, you can do with a “ fast ” Halloween homemade costume:

  • Black suit and edged weapons in the hands – a maniac suit is ready. For greater effect, it is worth dropping red varnish on the blade of a knife or saw;
  • Torn clothes, traces of blood on the body, painted with red lipstick – and you are the most attractive maniac victim in the whole wide world;
  • I wanted to be the queen of the ball, but I didn’t quite make up. The image of a little crazy hysterical person is created very simply, you just need to apply makeup and wash your face in half, smearing the makeup on the face. And if you still take in your hands a gutted plush toy with traces of blood and do not let it go, periodically stroke and behave in general and detached, you’ll get quite a patient in a psychiatric hospital;
  • A simple aspen stake in your hands will make you a real hunter of vampires and other vermin. For greater toughness, you can wear a leather jacket and stylish jeans;
  • Wrists wrapped in a bandage and with traces of blood appearing through it — a failed suicide. There can be many reasons for suicide: unhappy love, crisis, global warming, choose any or even a few, tell anyone who asks, and you will definitely pass for yours.

In addition to the costume to create the image will need to apply the correct makeup. If you wish, you can buy professional makeup makeup. However, you can completely do with improvised means. Most often, creating an image on Halloween requires artificial blood.

Everyone wants to be a zombie, vampires, maniacs and victims of crime, because it is so creepy and so on Halloween! It is not very difficult to imitate blood at home, although not quickly, unless, of course, you decide to use ketchup or gouache, as amateurs do. The most believable blood can be boiled from beets.

Young beets must be grated on a coarse grater, add water, let them boil, then stir in a little more, boil some sugar and vinegar. Remove from the stove, when the ” soup ” is cool, add a little vodka. Strain the mixture through cheesecloth and can be used.

How to dress for Halloween: create an image at home

Make-up with such blood is completely harmless if you are not allergic to beets, in addition, you can even drink beet syrup. If you want the blood to freeze, add a little gelatin, and if you want to get clots, heat the strained liquid again and add sugar.

To create a complete Halloween makeup, in addition to blood, you will need other cosmetics: black pencil, dark shadows, light foundation, pale powder, non-toxic glue (PVA). With this kit you can simulate burns, ulcers, dead spots and more. To make up a success on the glory, it is necessary to practice in advance and see examples on the network.

You want to stand out at the Halloween party, surprise those present in an unusual, original way, think up a costume and make-up yourself at home – and shine on the festival of evil spirits brighter than the stars in the night sky!

How to dress for Halloween: create an image at home

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