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Harmonious images for the autumn of 2018 for all

We have already dismantled the fashion trends of the fall-2018 and talked about Kibby’s types in the context of the new season ,  but there is another interesting typing. Recently , when individuality in style is valued especially highly ,  it is worth remembering about the theory of psycho-types.

The image ,  drawn up taking into account the peculiarities of temperament and way of life ,  much brighter reveal your identity ,  than any perfect dress sitting in a “foreign” style. Today we offer harmonious autumn kits for four psycho types: North , South ,  West and East.


Harmonious images for the autumn of 2018 for all

A bright personality with an authoritarian character loves strong and contrasting images. She has strict lines and self-sufficient forms. I did not want to create a too unambiguous image in the spirit of dramatic type ,  because Kibby’s psycho-types and types are not the same thing ,  although there are some intersections.

Black ,  white and red – the combination ,  which perfectly reveals the power and charisma of northern psycho. A strong architectural top is softened by a light pleated skirt and a feminine bag of berry red hue. Footwear adds an image of freedom and light eclecticism.


Harmonious images for the autumn of 2018 for all

Soft and neutral type ,  but only at first glance. Southern women are easy to dispose of , they  know how to listen and give advice. It is easy to be friends and share with them the most intimate. In the southern type there is power ,  but it is veiled.

This texture is suitable soft textures and forms ,  things of the original cut ,  which are able to exist outside the trends. In this case, I made a bet on beige – the color is timeless ,  which is especially relevant this fall. The classic mood of the image makes it universal and self-sufficient outside of time and context. Details in the form of a barrel bag and the original ring add a set of fashionable mood.


Harmonious images for the autumn of 2018 for all

Woman mood. An extrovert and charismatic type will withstand the brightest fashionable combinations. For this psycho type I created a rather courageous set with an unusual mix of colors and fashionable things.

A jacket in a masculine style ,  but of a gentle mint shade , will be  advantageously complemented by a bright skirt made of smooth fabric. This pair sets the image dynamics. Neutral beige shoes and a light bag support the trendy mood of the set. The image looks interesting and without jewelry ,  but refined earrings or rings will not be superfluous.


Harmonious images for the autumn of 2018 for all

Subtle and sensual type ,  which is closest romantic mood. Eastern girls do not easily converge with people ,  but if this happens ,  the relationship is really strong.

I wanted to turn the romantic mood of the eastern type into the mainstream of everyday life ,  so I offer a casual look with sneakers and jeans. But with all his relaxation, he looks quite sophisticated and feminine. Gray-blue pastel range and bright accessory hint ,  that the real treasure is hidden inside a gentle nature.

Harmonious images for the autumn of 2018 for all

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