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American skirt for a holiday and for every day

It is unlikely that someone will argue about the need for a . This is one of the most feminine objects, allowing to emphasize the ideal proportions of the figure, and sometimes hide its flaws. Among the huge number of styles, the American skirt stands out brightly – an amusing, playful, consisting of solid ruches.

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American skirt for a holiday and for every day

What makes this skirt stand out among other items of clothing? This is an incredible combination of the already familiar sun skirt and tutu.

The main highlight, allowing you to create an unusually lush silhouette, is to combine several frills, overlapping each other. The bottom of the product is usually decorated with an additional row of ruches.

Simultaneously with the creation of a magnificent silhouette, an underline waist is also thought out. If the frills are made of incredibly delicate and lightweight fabric, for example, tulle, then the belt is made quite dense and wide. Most often for it use the atlas, which is decorated with a flirty bow, or a special corsage tape.

The style allows to use motley and monophonic fabrics. However, it is the monochromatic skirts that are more popular, since their pomp is enough to draw attention to itself. An American tulle skirt is more suitable for a little princess or teenage girl.

Modern American skirt for girls appeared not so long ago. However, it served as a prototype for a petticoat that was widespread in the 16th century and worn under a dress, giving the hips a necessary pomp. American skirt dresses were popular in the 19th century. Then the lush bottom was combined with a slimming corset.

In 1947, Christian Dior recalled a forgotten wardrobe item. It was he who created the ensemble from the skirt of an American woman in the form of a pack and a tight top. Special popularity came to this product at the end of the last century with the development of the emo subculture, whose representatives sought to emphasize the image of a fragile girl.

But the second birth of the American skirt for women took place in 2002, when Candy Lightner, an American designer, exhibited her own collection, created on the basis of retro-images. Considering that Dakota Fanning was one of the first fans of the style, it is not surprising that almost all beautiful ladies wanted to become owners of an American fabric skirt.

There are several reasons why for a long time the style does not leave the catwalks of world fashion:

  • the model is perfect for both a little girl and a slim woman;
  • the silhouette of women dressed in an American skirt becomes much more sensual and more provocative at the same time, some naive childishness appears in it;
  • the model is perfectly combined with tops;
  • the skirt does not hinder movement at all;
  • thanks to a simple piece of clothing you can easily stand out from the crowd.
American skirt for a holiday and for every day

Currently, the model continues to undergo changes. If it was previously recommended to sew an American solely from lightweight air fabrics, today a bundle may consist of dense lower layers and light upper ones.

In order not to spoil the impression of the model, it is necessary to learn how to wear it correctly. This will help practical advice on how to choose a style and with which to combine your favorite model.

An American can be the subject of everyday wardrobe of girls or to decorate an elegant dress of an adult woman.

It all depends on the correct selection of accessories for the ensemble:

American skirt for a holiday and for every day
  • The model, made of lush organza, looks like a gentler cloud, which practically envelops the girl. Combine style with narrow, tight tops. The set is perfect for a party;
  • ». A floor skirt is the perfect complement to a country style thing. It is carried out from several layers arranged in tiers. Several materials of different density can be used simultaneously. If the lady is closer to affordable models, you can use a monochromatic lightweight fabric, decorating your wardrobe with translucent inserts;
  • The short model is the most common style in which the fabric is applied in several layers, which allows to obtain the required volume. Similar American women are a common item of clothing in the hot summer;
  • For a club image, it is better to choose ankle boots, shiny tops or corsets of rich color;
  • Coquette flats decorated with neat bows are more suitable for a kezhual.

If there are flaws in the figure, for example, protruding tummy, you should choose a model with extreme caution. You should not focus on the shortcomings, it is better to stop the choice on the length of the maxi or midi.

Short skirts in the form of an American women emphasize the harmony of the legs. Very often, this style is used to dress up a girl. In this case, it is better to sew a model from tulle, since it is not easy to tear this fabric and the American will decorate the wardrobe of a little fashionista for a long time.

American skirt for a holiday and for every day

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