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High fashion – what is it?

High fashion is not just a beautiful phrase or a fashion show of one of the new collection of the famous designer. Haute couture is an exclusive thing, made for a specific person by individual measures. Such outfits are very, very expensive, because all models are made by hand. Every seam and thread – hard work.

High fashion - what is it?

Each house of high fashion has a staff of skilled craftswomen, embodying the designer’s ideas in life. The number of workers depends on the popularity and relevance of the brand. Beginners can afford to pay for the work of 1-2 assistants, and it happens that they

And yet, famous houses, such as, for example, Chanel , may have many more workers on staff. By the way, the names of people working on sewing models are kept in the strictest confidence.

Pret a porter, what is it?

Some people mistakenly call pret a porter high fashion. And this is not true. Let’s try to identify this subtle difference in concepts. So, as mentioned earlier, high fashion is a model made for a particular person according to his standards.

The clothes will sit perfectly, emphasizing the figure, and will be exclusive. But pret a porter is still a bit different. The models of this collection are also developed by the famous designer, but the outfits are sewn of the standard size according to the existing brand patterns.

Of course, the release of these outfits is very limited, and they are sold in expensive boutiques. But roughly speaking, to buy a thing from the pret a porter collection can anyone who has the right amount of money.

Many famous brands produce clothing pret a porter. After all, it is often the main income of most high fashion houses. Of course, it is pleasant and honorable to sew exclusive outfits in a single copy, but you can’t make much money on it. ». Since such clothes are not affordable for everyone, we have to work “ for the people ”.

This year’s trends

High fashion - what is it?

High fashion week 2015-2016 will be held in September in Paris. The most famous designers and Fashion houses will represent their models on it.

But now we can say that those who follow fashion will wear. After all, the pre-fall collections, which are prepared in advance, help to follow the trends of the future fashionable 2015.

Any major changes in the fashion world is not expected. Most brands seemed to freeze, and which season shows variations on themes of familiar motifs. The Dolce and Gabbana business card again became the lace of red and black color, Antonio Berardi again has asymmetrical details and volumetric cut in the dresses.

In most models of designers already familiar classics are seen, complemented by interesting details and new ideas. Also in the outfits you can find the style of military (mainly in colors) and oversight. Clothing volume cut, knitting, skillfully combined with the classics, and will remain at the height of fashion.

At the height of fashion this season will be:

  • Male style;
  • Avant-garde;
  • Thin lace;
  • Bright colors;
  • And knitting with high fashion will go hand in hand.
High fashion - what is it?

In spring and summer, fashion designers offer beautiful and bright things for girls. Tropical, African and surreal prints will look very relevant. This fashion is just made for tall girls. Since thin pictures are very suitable bright pictures.

For the autumn-winter period, designers put up clothes in a beautiful electric blue color. Dresses in this shade, made of soft fabric, will be beneficial to emphasize the dignity of the figure.

It is also worth paying attention to fashionable things in men’s style: voluminous sweaters will not only warm in bad weather, but also look very advantageous. The hit of the autumn-winter season, of course, will be wide trousers that will harmoniously fit into almost any wardrobe.

As you can see, the high fashion of 2015 is very diverse and many-sided. This season you will find both familiar things and something new, but always attractive.

Brands in high fashion do not cease to amaze with their magnificence and texture. The main thing is to choose an outfit that suits your figure and you will shine!

High fashion - what is it?

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