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Winter wardrobe: choose a skirt and make sure of its advantages over trousers

How hard it is sometimes to hibernate women who prefer skirts! But there are ladies who live according to Vedic teachings, and do not tolerate the trousers on themselves, wearing exclusively skirts of different styles and sundresses in the floor.

How not to freeze in a skirt?

Winter wardrobe: choose a skirt and make sure of its advantages over trousers

Winter skirt to the floor, if it is, of course, not chiffon, looks quite harmonious and attractive on a young lady of any age and body type. Such a toilet can afford even a very magnificent woman with appetizing forms, at the same time, an outfit will emphasize dignity and hide completeness.

Of course, an airy summer skirt made of material like satin will look ridiculous, ridiculous and stupid in winter. Today, fashion offers a variety of colors and styles, suitable for wearing in the cold season. The main thing is to determine the accessories and the material from which the product will be sewn.

By the way, if you are engaged in needlework, you can sew a winter skirt with your own hands! » в пошиве. Since the frosty weather involves wearing warm clothes, the skirt should be long, and therefore not too “ capricious ” in tailoring.

Some women are rightly worried about not catching cold on “ gynecological ” organs, flaunting a frost in a skirt. Those who chose a high-quality thing for wearing in the winter season, argue that just in trousers and jeans a woman is much colder.

Winter skirts, as a rule, are long – everything above the knee is considered short for the icy season. It is desirable that your winter skirt be on a padding polyester – it plays the role of a lining and insulation at the same time, providing a comfortable temperature for the legs, and protecting clothing from tights and boots from clinging.

Interesting tricks for wearing skirts throughout the winter

Skirt for wearing in the cold season should be a maxi-style. It is allowed to wear classic midi length, but only on condition that the skirt will have additional warming. Winter skirts length maxi can be quite thin, but wool.

Long products are suitable for both skinny and overweight women. », подбирая ее так, чтобы скрыть полноту икр, с макси такой проблемы точно не возникнет. And if you still have to ” sweat ” with the midi length, picking it up so as to hide the fullness of the calf, with maxi there will be no such problem.

Special attention should be paid to the colors of clothes. As you know, it can be monophonic, and containing a print. If you crave to hide the fullness of your hips, give preference to diagonal geometric patterns – rhombus, zigzags, trapeziums.

Winter wardrobe: choose a skirt and make sure of its advantages over trousers

If your hips are narrow enough so that you can afford to wear a skirt of any color and with any print, you can choose the “ last squeak ” of fashion – clothing in a large square.

Quilted winter skirt – the best choice for obese women. Due to its texture, it gives the body visual slenderness, especially if the side parts of the clothes are made of ordinary material, and the quilted part is located in the middle of the product and has a vertical orientation.

Winter quilted skirts are usually not too long, and not too loose. But they have a major plus – practicality and warmth. Typically, such products involve an internal material that maintains a comfortable body temperature.

A few basic ” practical ” tips when choosing a warm skirt:

Winter wardrobe: choose a skirt and make sure of its advantages over trousers
  • Winter maxi skirts are the best choice for the cold season. Remember the simple law of physics. ». Warm air rises, and the matter surrounding the body retains it, as if under a “ dome ”. The longer the skirt – so it is more practical, more convenient and safer for your health. Choose the optimal length so that the product not only warms, but also looks harmonious in shape;
  • The more magnificent the skirt – the more original it looks. »; By the way, if you choose a product from a sufficiently thin material (even wool), you can wear not one, but two or three at once, creating a “ petticoat effect ”;
  • The skirt should be made of warm material, ideally made of wool. It can be lined or without it. If you do not like wool, choose another thick fabric;
  • Even chiffon skirts can warm you in frosty weather, but on one condition – they will be put on you at once by several. »; Preservation of temperature in this case is achieved due to “ multi-layering ”;
  • If you wear a petticoat separately, let it be silk, satin or linen. Synthetic materials can also be used, although this is not very practical. The lining itself can be smooth or textured, with or without ruffles and frills. The denser the material, the more elegant your clothes will be;
  • If the length of your skirt slightly exceeds the classic midi, give preference to high graceful boots. Under the maxi you can wear ankle boots – the main thing is that you are warm and comfortable;
  • Capron dimensionless tights better to put aside. Firstly, they are cold enough, secondly, the body “ breathes ” worse, and accordingly, it feels. The best option is black cotton tights;
  • The jacket is desirable to be long and completely cover the hips. If the upper part of your skirt is made of a thick quilted raincoat, which is a priori windproof, and the style of the product implies a high fit, this condition is not necessary – your waist is already reliably protected from the wind.

Skirts are not only a feminine and attractive part of the image, but also a comfortable, warm thing for winter. Do not be afraid of the cold! Now you know how to choose a winter skirt so that it performs not only an aesthetic, but also a practical role. Be elegant no matter the season!

Winter wardrobe: choose a skirt and make sure of its advantages over trousers

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