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“Shoe Queen” – suede: how to preserve its original appearance for a long time?

Suede shoes – a stylish addition to the image of any fashionable woman, able to emphasize its elegance, grace and elegance. At the same time, the main material of the product is extremely vulnerable and delicate, requiring constant care and cleaning. If we ignore the elementary procedures associated with the cleaning of shoes and boots made of suede, you can very soon encounter problems that lead to their unsightly appearance.

Beautiful and capricious

“Shoe Queen” - suede: how to preserve its original appearance for a long time?

Suede is prone to the formation of bald spots, scratches and glossy areas. In addition, she quickly collects dust on herself, and is extremely reluctant to part with it. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the shoes with a special brush after returning from each walk.

In this material, we will be happy to share with you the secrets of how to dry suede shoes, clean, store and put in order in case of emergency.

First of all, you should purchase a special brush that will help not only to clean the wardrobe element, but also to remove bald spots and scuffs from it. Unfortunately, a universal brush suitable for leather and leatherette, in the case of suede is not suitable.

For soft material, special “ combs ” with small teeth or a hard short nap are realized. They should clean their shoes as they get dirty. The finest teeth will also help you lift the pile, or small scales on the suede itself, in order to rid the shoes of worn areas.

Before embarking on all the beautification of shoes, it should be cleaned from traces of dirt. After this event, it is necessary to dry the product so that it is completely devoid of moisture.

Basic rules for the care of suede shoes

After choosing and buying a high-quality brush for suede shoes, you should think about what “ improvised ” means you can extend its life and maintain aesthetic perfection. » замшевой обувью дома вполне возможен. Complete care for the ” capricious ” suede shoes at home is quite possible. And for its implementation, you may need some unexpected, but such familiar and accessible things!

The tricks of suede care with home remedies:

“Shoe Queen” - suede: how to preserve its original appearance for a long time?
  • If the shiny areas on your shoes are too extensive and intense, and even the most expensive brush cannot cope with them, try rubbing them with a regular rubber eraser to erase the pencil! ; This method will help ” wake up ” and lift up the broken small scales, which means that suede will quickly find its former delicate ” fluffy “;
  • Another way to remove shiny areas from shoes is to treat them with a mixture of milk, ammonia and soda. Dissolve the soda in half a glass of pasteurized milk, add a few drops of concentrated ammonia to the composition, and process your shoes. Leave to stand still for a few hours, and then wipe with a soft cloth moistened with a mild soap solution. If you additionally process the product with steam, and then comb it with a brush, you can give your shoes a completely new kind of thing !;
  • In summer, suede shoes wear out especially fast. For a few hours, your sandals can be completely covered with dust. Therefore, in this case requires daily care, which includes cleaning the product. ». In winter, the task is simplified, but one big “ but ” arises. If you live in a region with a temperate climate, your winters are definitely wet, and moisture is the main enemy of suede. Therefore, for winter and demi-season shoes especially attentive care is required. It is important to treat it with a cream with a water-repellent effect. It is desirable that it contains natural oils that nourish and soften the fabric;
  • If white stains appear on suede shoes, they can be eliminated with ordinary acetic acid. To do this, wet your brush in 9% vinegar and walk it around the perimeter of the product. Leave to dry. White divorces will quickly disappear. The alternative is all the same steam. To do this, it is not necessary to buy a steamer: all manipulations can be performed at home, above an iron or boiling water in a saucepan. Just hold the shoes over the steam and then brush over them. You will be amazed at the effect of updating your shoes!

It happens that we acquire shoes “ not in size ”, or they rub feet to the calluses due to their first socks. How to stretch suede shoes to neutralize these unpleasant phenomena? Note – the usual and familiar methods of stretching here will not always be appropriate.

As we have already emphasized, suede does not like moisture, and stretching the material without it is almost impossible. Therefore, be extremely careful and attentive. You can also purchase a special stretching foam, which is sold in specialized stores. Consult with the seller, which product is better to choose for suede fabric.

If you decide to carry out a comprehensive care for choosy suede shoes at home, on your own, try the following methods:

“Shoe Queen” - suede: how to preserve its original appearance for a long time?
  • Identify the places where the shoes seem to be the closest;
  • Combine medical alcohol with regular drinking water in equal proportions;
  • » местах; Apply the diluted composition to the inside of the shoes in especially “ tight ” places;
  • Wear socks on your feet (nylon or cotton);
  • Walk in your shoes for a few minutes.

Alcohol makes suede more supple, soft and plastic. However, he does not harm her at all. In this simple way, you can quickly adapt new tight shoes to your feet.

Proper care of suede shoes is a guarantee of its long service life and the preservation of the aesthetic part. Be attentive to your own shoes, make for her careful care, and she will surely repay you with convenience, beauty and long service life.

“Shoe Queen” - suede: how to preserve its original appearance for a long time?

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