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Jockey boots: strict magnificence in your everyday look.

Jockey boots are a traditional attribute of the eponymous style in clothes, and a frequent part of modern wardrobe of women of fashion. In the frosty winter and rainy autumn, one does not want to dress up in exquisite air toilets and stand on high classic heels! »? But what to do if a solemn meeting, or a business visit requires the appearance of ” spick and span “?

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Jockey boots: strict magnificence in your everyday look.

Of course, a business style would be appropriate here – a strict pencil skirt, a discreet coat and ankle boots. But when there is ice and wind outside, this appearance becomes inappropriate, impractical, and sometimes even ridiculous.

Jockey boots are the perfect solution to elegance, combined with a high level of practicality. As a rule, these are high shoes made of smooth leather or synthetic leatherette. It has a flat sole with a slight elevation in the form of a rounded heel no more than 4 cm in height. The sock is long and rounded.

To truly imagine a thing, it is enough to recall the appearance and the toilet of professional riders working on the hippodrome, or participating in equestrian races.

With what to wear jockey boots – the question is purely individual. It all depends on your general preferences in the style of clothing. Now on the shelves of boutiques it is increasingly possible to see classic additions to the jockey style – fitted jackets, riding breeches, and even stylized leggings!

If you are a creative person, and often imagine yourself to be a professional stylist, skillfully combining seemingly incompatible – you can not limit yourself in the gusts of your imagination, and wear jockey boots with denim shorts, chiffon dresses, plush skirts in the style of the 60s.

Passion for horse riding overtook the world community in ancient times. Hippocrates himself periodically published his works, proving the positive strengthening effect of this sport on the human body. Later, horse racing became available exclusively to the elite.  And some time later, women began to join the traditionally ” male ” sport.

True, they had some difficulties with full-fledged competitions – their toilets consisted of long fluffy dresses, which became very dangerous when riding a horse. Their fabric could easily catch on any counter branch and provoke the fall of the young lady from the stallion, accompanied by severe injuries.

Then in the style of female jockeys and the first adjustments began to be made.  First, women began to wear ” Amazons ” – a kind of maxi-dresses, designed specifically for riding. However, their functionality is not too different from the standard fluffy skirts. Fashion did not stand still: gradually the skirts began to shorten, and beneath them pantaloons and leggings could be seen.

Then a full-fledged skirt transformed into an apron, and under it were fitted breeches. Now the costume of a professional rider involves those same jockey boots, a classic shirt, tie, jacket with vestments, vest, breeches and apron.

No matter how the fashion changed throughout the ages, the main rule figured in it – a woman in a saddle should look irresistible.

In the wardrobes of ordinary women jockey style was introduced relatively recently. ». The peak of his popularity came in the era of the hippie movement. Today, jockey boots are considered to be a must-have in the closet of any stylish woman, and are equated with the immortal classics.

Jockey-style boots are worn not only with tight-fitting trousers, but also with a dress, skirt, leggings, and even shorts! Brown boots will be combined with any reserved colors, but they look best in combination with clothes of black, graphite, gray and cognac shades.

As an outerwear, you can wear a coat, leather coat or a warm jacket. You can buy shoes anywhere: it is represented by boutiques of any brand. ». Brown jockey boots with a smooth texture have become a real hallmark of the world famous brand “ Burberry ”.

Jockey boots: strict magnificence in your everyday look.

Winter insulated jockey boots look attractive with almost any clothing, up to standard skinny jeans. As for outerwear, you can also choose any of its options. Some fashion bloggers manage to combine even voluminous winter down jackets with boots!

The main thing is that the upper part of such a product should be somewhat sporty and strict, without rhinestones, ruches and bows. The jacket itself should be short or medium length.

The ideas of “bows” in the jockey style for the winter:

  • Leather pencil skirt + solid knit sweater + plaid wool coat + boots;
  • Sand or cognac pants with a high fit + shirt + classic vest + fur jacket with boots + boots;
  •  Jeans + polo + oversized sweater + short quilted down jacket + boots;
  • Leggings or trousers with an arrow + silk shirt with a print of elements of a team + a massive brown belt + short coat with a herringbone + boots;
  • Tights + blouse with tie + sweater with neckline + short leather jacket + boots.

Do not forget about accessories! Jockey style will harmoniously complement velvet or leather gloves, silk scarves, caps or fedora hats, strict clutch envelopes.

» в данном стиле, жокейские сапоги выигрышно смотрятся и с платьем. Despite the apparent severity, and even notes of ” unisex ” in this style, jockey boots look advantageous with a dress. And the second can be silk or chiffon and have airy pomp. But nevertheless, strict straight dresses, somewhat fitting contours of the figure are most suitable for the type of shoe.

Jockey boots in combination with a skirt is another amazing solution. ». Especially if the texture of the skirt is smooth or somewhat rough, and she herself has a classic “ pencil ” style. All these clothes perfectly fit into your autumn wardrobe, and they can become truly versatile.

Jockey boots: strict magnificence in your everyday look.

Fashionable images in the jockey style are suitable for both business meetings and romantic walks. If you want to attract attention with your exquisite look at a party – feel free to wear these things, going to her!

A short felt coat, a leather jacket with a tie at the waist, a volumetric knitted poncho (in the case of a warm, early autumn) will suit as outerwear.

The jockey style is surprisingly flexible and functional, which conquers the hearts of fashionistas around the world. He is amazingly delicately combining elements of a classic, sporty and romantic style. It can safely appear at a celebration, work, at the university, or a date.

In addition, it will suit a woman of any body type and age category, although at first you might think otherwise.

A well-chosen image has only one basic rule – to emphasize the merits and hide the flaws. You can easily do this by varying the elements of the jockey style and complementing them with your own unique solutions. Be stylish and beautiful at any time of the year!

Jockey boots: strict magnificence in your everyday look.

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