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Care begins with cleaning: how to properly handle suede shoes?

». Another great Elvis Presley sang: ” Do what you want, but get away from my blue suede shoes .” Of course, with the modern abundance of the most diverse shoes, specific shoes are not experiencing such awe. But suede has remained the highest quality, majestic and beautiful material for the manufacture of accessories.

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Care begins with cleaning: how to properly handle suede shoes?

Suede boots or shoes look always advantageous, elegant and elegant. Even ordinary shoes in the manner of American work shoes are able to acquire a peculiar charm, being made from this fabric.

Unfortunately, with all its obvious merits, suede is a surprisingly capricious, delicate and vulnerable material. And if you do not provide her with proper careful and delicate care, you can not even buy shoes based on it.

Our winters and off-season are famous for thaws and huge amounts of dirt. And velor, as we know, does not like moisture. If you do not care for suede shoes, it quickly forms shiny spots, scratches and bald spots.

Especially delicate products can fall apart completely under the influence of a liquid penetrating the pores of the material. To avoid all this, you need to properly clean, dry and store things.

How to clean suede shoes? Unfortunately, your usual skin brushes in this case will definitely not work. Rough metal brushes are not suitable. ». For high-quality cleaning, you can purchase a brush with natural bristles or small rubber “ teeth ”.

In addition, steam cleaning is allowed in your home above a pan of boiling water. Connoisseurs unanimously argue that this is the ideal option for cleansing shoes from delicate material. If you are wondering – where to clean suede shoes with high quality, without having the necessary care products in your home arsenal, contact your local workshop.

Care begins with cleaning: how to properly handle suede shoes?

Wondering how to clean your suede shoes yourself at home? We are happy to highlight some of the secrets of this procedure for you. In fact, there is nothing extraordinary or difficult about cleaning suede. It is enough to adapt and acquire certain skills to begin to cope with this task in two accounts.

But at first, we recommend that you strictly follow the generally accepted instructions. Listening to our basic recommendations, you can easily and brilliantly cope with the task of cleaning dark, light, warm and open suede shoes.

How to properly clean?

  • If you have the material capabilities, purchase special tools for the care of suede. This will greatly facilitate your life and save you time. But you should not look for a cheap alternative to them – if you do not have large amounts of free money, it is better to cope on your own. Otherwise, putting low-quality impregnations, creams and sprays, you risk losing the very shoes. Remember – the miser pays twice! And about any profitability in the acquisition of a surrogate can not speak;
  • Pre-wipe the shoes, remove from it the excess dirt and dust with a regular dry cloth;
  • With scuffs and scratches it is necessary to fight when suede is completely dry. This material is incredibly sensitive and sensitive to water, so if you take up a thorough cleaning of shoes, make it so that it is completely dry;
  • It is most acceptable to clean shoes from contamination with a special brush. You should not carry it on boots or shoes with effort or circular movements! Move the nap in one direction, carefully eliminating the wads of dirt and dust from your favorite shoes;
  • It is highly advisable to gently clean the shoes after each sock. Coming from the street, just brush the product according to the above scheme;
  • Shiny areas on shoes appear because fine suede grains fall in one direction. Just lift them up with a nap, and you can get rid of the “bald patches” without additional manipulations;
  • Do you have a pencil eraser at your home, or a stationery eraser? »; She will help you to cope with especially difficult “ bald spots ”;
  • A solution of liquid ammonia will help restore the shiny areas. Just soak a cotton pad in it and go to defective places;
  • What else can you clean suede shoes? Caustic dirt spots can be easily removed with gasoline and ordinary cosmetic talc. Wipe the shoes with gasoline, and then sprinkle the “problem” places with talcum powder, which has the property of instant absorption of fat. Leave the shoes alone for a few hours. » щеткой; Then treat with a barely damp cloth moistened with a mild soap solution, and “ brush ” it with a brush;
  • How to properly clean light suede shoes, which appeared local pollution and hardened areas? You will help the usual pasteurized milk! Take ½ cup of drink, add a few drops of concentrated ammonia and 2 tsp to it. baking soda. Shake the resulting suspension vigorously and evenly apply to the product with a tight swab. After a few hours, dry brush. Your shoes are guaranteed to get a clean, neat appearance;
  • In particularly difficult cases, you may need paint for suede shoes. It is also not worth saving. Previously you will need to fully prepare the shoes, and evenly paint it with a spray of the selected shade in several layers. There will be no trace of scratches !;
  • How to properly and quickly clean suede shoes from oily stains and stains? Dust the areas with cornstarch, leave overnight, and in the morning, treat the areas with steam from the iron.

Spots of any etiology that have arisen on the surface of suede can be removed with the help of … an ordinary pair!

How can steam suede shoes be cleaned? You must first prepare the product in any way described above. Shoes must be dry and clean. Remove contamination from it with ammonia, soapy water or a special cleaning spray.

Care begins with cleaning: how to properly handle suede shoes?

Then put liquid on a stove (for example, in a kettle) and wait for it to boil. Hold the shoes over the intense jet of steam, leading its direction around the perimeter. You can clean shoes above the steam without leaving your home. Alternatively, steam iron can be used.

After shoes or boots are completely finished, wipe them intensively with a special suede brush. You are guaranteed to be amazed at the achieved effect – the shoes will literally take on a new, original look.

Suede cleaning is an integral part of proper regular care for the material. » проблемы, связанные с ее внешним видом и состоянием. If you monitor your shoes all the time, you will not be affected by ” insoluble ” problems associated with its appearance and condition.

Try to follow the recommendations constantly, take care of your shoes, take care of its aesthetic component, and it will generously repay you with the preservation of its qualities and beauty over the years!

Care begins with cleaning: how to properly handle suede shoes?

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