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Should I stretch the shoes at home?

Why was the new shoe tight? Perhaps the legs were swollen or the woman decided that the shoes would quickly spread and a little discomfort would disappear, so she bought a pair that was too narrow. However, going out on the street becomes a painful ordeal, and every day the legs are suffering more and more from corns and corns. How to fix the situation?

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Should I stretch the shoes at home?

Of course, it’s impossible to return the purchase to the seller, since the shoes have already been worn. The only right decision would be to try to stretch a tight pair. You can contact the services of professionals who have a machine for stretching shoes, or try to cope with the problem yourself.

There are several folk ways, but it is better to first try a professional tool – a special spray for stretching shoes. It is recommended to shake well and spray on the surface of shoes. After that, a narrow pair of shoes on their feet and walk for a quarter of an hour. If the procedure was not very effective, it should be repeated.

If the pair is made of suede or patent leather, a special spray cannot be applied to the surface of the shoe. In this case, it is sprayed inside and worn a pair until the product is completely dry. It is possible that it will be necessary to repeat the procedure several times before the shoes or boots sit comfortably in the leg. Can be purchased for stretch shoes shoe.

Most often, stretching is used to soften natural materials, since synthetics can be easily damaged. In addition, you can increase the pair by about the size, so as not to get deformed sneakers instead of elegant items. It is also much easier to increase the width of the shoes, not the length.

If it is impossible to get a special device or spray, it is recommended to try several popular methods:

  • Liquid soap is dissolved in hot water in a ratio of 4: 1 and the surface of the shoes is moistened with the resulting agent. Then on the legs wear thick woolen socks and a naughty couple. Wear shoes or boots until dry;
  • Use any alcohol solution or vinegar. The agent is impregnated with 2 cotton wool tampons, which are inserted, respectively, inside a close pair. Each shoe is tightly wrapped in a plastic bag and left for 10 hours alone. Stretching shoes in this case is guaranteed. It is possible to get rid of an unpleasant smell, having left shoes for the night on a balcony;
  • Balloons are filled with water and put them neatly inside cramped shoes or boots. The prepared pair is removed in the freezer. When freezing the water expands and due to this stretches the shoes. But this method cannot be used to stretch a synthetic material. Lacking sufficient elasticity, synthetic will simply tear under the onslaught of ice;
  • Another tool for stretching shoes – regular vegetable oil. They lubricate the skin inside and out. When this occurs, not only an increase in size, but also an additional softening of the material. True, along with vegetable oil, the skin absorbs an unpleasant odor and also becomes darker. Similarly, old boots and shoes that have not been worn for a very long time can be softened;
  • The easiest way is to put on shoes and heat their surface by blowing hot air from a hairdryer. After walking around the room, the procedure is repeated;
  • New shoes can be significantly expanded by stuffing wet newspapers. At the same time, a peculiar block is obtained, which is left to dry completely. It is strictly not recommended to put shoes near heating appliances, as heat is capable of deforming the product. By the way, this is one of the few ways to increase the size of rubber products, fabrics and other materials;
  • Grains are poured into each shoe or boot and left for a day. Then, the grain is removed, the pair is put on and worn until there is no trace of discomfort;
  • At bedtime, the inner surface of the products is carefully rubbed with paraffin without dyes. In the morning paraffin is cleaned;
  • Often advised to lubricate a couple of kerosene. However, this method of stretching among women is unlikely to find supporters. It is very difficult to get rid of the specific aroma.

Treatment with soap and alcohol is considered the most benign. When using other methods there is always the risk of ruining shoes.

Should I stretch the shoes at home?

What disadvantages can you encounter when using common methods recommended by the people? For example, the use of oil solutions, vinegar and kerosene can make the wearing of shoes and boots impossible because of the persistent smell.

In addition, the oil can be absorbed into the skin non-uniformly, leaving unpleasant stains on the surface of the shoes.

Freezing in most cases leads to the rupture of microscopic fibers of natural material. Such products will quickly wear out and will have to go to the store for a new couple.

Stuffing shoes with wet newspapers is fraught with deformation. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that the paper fills the shoes evenly. It is quite difficult to do this, given that it will take several days to wait for the drying, for example, of a boot.

To rub the inside of the shoe with paraffin is easy. That’s just popular wisdom is silent about how to clean it. Wearing shoes smeared with paraffin will agree rare woman.

In order not to have to look for a device for stretching shoes, you should carefully consider buying it:

Should I stretch the shoes at home?
  • Before going to the store, it is necessary to measure the width and length of the feet in order to make a choice among the most suitable models;
  • Be sure to try on a pair, not one shoe. In most cases, a person has one foot a little more than the second. Moreover, there is a greater risk that the pair may not fit the fullness of the foot;
  • Professionals recommend buying shoes only in the second half of the day, since during this period the swelling of the soft tissues of the strained legs begins to appear.

And if, after all, an error has occurred and the couple seems to be cramped, you should not torture yourself or unhappy shoes. It is better to return to the store and exchange inappropriate shoes for more spacious ones, in which the legs will be as comfortable as possible.

Should I stretch the shoes at home?

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