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Clothing classic style in the wardrobe of a modern woman

The classic style of clothing time-tested, he came into fashion once and for all, so buying things, decorated in this direction, women do not even think about their relevance. The fact is that it will be relevant and appropriate almost everywhere. It is this property that distinguishes it from all other styles. What else is the feature of the classic style in clothes for women?

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Clothing classic style in the wardrobe of a modern woman

For each age group, classic clothing is represented by different models. » – образцовый. Translated from the Latin ” classic ” – exemplary. In a broad concept, it means exemplary, characteristic, typical, representative.

Characteristic features of the classic type of clothing are such features:

  • simplicity and elegance;
  • luxury products;
  • lack of bright decorative elements;
  • excellent quality of things.

Usually this style is represented by strict dresses and women’s structured business suits, elegant beautiful shoes.

According to the stylists, if a woman chose a classic look in clothes, she should stick to it constantly. This means that you can not wear a strict dress or costume to work, but go to the cinema in jeans and a T-shirt. A business image is a kind of business card of a person, so it is important to observe it in everything.

Thus, if you prefer classic clothes for girls and women, this style should be traced throughout your wardrobe, starting from underwear and ending with a hat. However, this does not mean that going to the beach, you should also wear a classic suit!

Stylists do not recommend everyone to wear strict things, they are suitable for rational people. If a person is always guided not by reason, but by emotions, then he will feel himself tightly and uncomfortably in such attire.

The classic in clothes is characterized by its conservatism and rigor, there is no place for innovations. Over the years, the traditional elements of style remain unchanged, some very minor details may change only slightly. All things are characteristic features such as functionality and elegance, simplicity of cut and severity of lines.

The classic style emphasizes the natural beauty of a person, because clothing must strictly comply with the proportions of the female figure. It turns out that choosing this direction for your wardrobe, you will not be able to hide the existing figure flaws, so stylists call this style as natural as possible.

Classic clothing for women is represented by a fairly wide range.

This includes such elements:

  • coat;
  • jackets;
  • cardigans;
  • vests;
  • dresses;
  • trousers;
  • skirts;
  • blouses.

But when choosing such products and especially wearing them, it is important to observe strict rules that apply to this style.

This element of the female wardrobe in the classic direction has the appearance of a single-breasted jacket with a straight or semi-adjacent silhouette. A characteristic feature of the product is the presence of a jacket-type collar.

Its length can be different – to reach the waist or slightly below the middle of the thigh. Such a variety of styles allows women to choose clothes, taking into account the type of their figure: slim will be beautiful in two types of jacket, full girls better to choose a longer jacket.

If the top closure of the jacket is high, it can be worn without a blouse. In all other cases, under the jacket you need to wear a women’s shirt like a men’s shirt with a turndown collar.

Clothing classic style in the wardrobe of a modern woman

This name refers to an elongated jacket with buttons without a collar, usually with patch pockets. This modern item of women’s wardrobe can be knitted or sewn, made of silk, cotton or wool.

Many people think that a cardigan can only be worn during the cold season, but this is not the case; business people choose this type of universal clothing to create an image of a business person.

The cut of the cardigan can be completely different, so it can be combined with many items of clothing, even if they do not belong to this style. But if we are talking about the classics, then the best way to combine a cardigan with an elegant dress or skirt and a blouse.

This type of strict clothing entered the female wardrobe in the middle of the 19th century. It can also be sewn from any fabric or knit from yarn – thin or thick.

Now designers offer successful representatives of the fair sex such varieties of this product:

  • vest-bolero;
  • vest cardigan;
  • blouse vest;
  • vest spencer.

Such a variety of vest makes it possible to combine it with trousers and with a skirt. In addition, it can also be worn with or without a jacket, like a jacket.

Perhaps, this element of women’s wardrobe is represented by the widest range. Initially, when only the skirt came into vogue, its length reached the ankle. Dina, on the other hand, can vary between slightly above the knee or slightly below it.

The classic style of clothing for girls and women offers them such skirts as straight, wide or narrowed down, A-shaped. You can also wear a pleated skirt, pleated, small flared, but such styles, according to stylists, belong to the business style, which is an offshoot of the classics.

Traditionally, this item of women’s wardrobe has a straight cut, however, modern models can be slightly narrowed downwards. A characteristic feature of the pants is the presence of arrows. Pockets can have some varieties: stylists make them in a frame, with a leaf or with a flap.

Classic clothing for women has much in common with the items of men’s wardrobe. This concerns not only trousers, but also blouses, which strongly resemble a shirt for men.

This blouse is the core of the classics, but world couturiers offer women’s attention also such modern models:

  • shemizier;
  • blouse-tunic;
  • blouse with a v-neck.

But still these styles are not a reflection of the true classical style, they can rather be attributed to its business branch.

The dress has always been the standard of femininity. If it belongs to the classic style, then it must be semi-fitted, with a small neckline that gives the image elegance. His sleeve, as well as on the jacket, vtachnoy. For summer, you can pick up a strapless model.

In the wardrobe of the woman can be such varieties of this clothing:

Clothing classic style in the wardrobe of a modern woman
  • little black dress;
  • sheath dress;
  • direct cut;
  • A-line dress.

In any of these outfits, a woman will look like a successful, businesslike, and self-confident person.

If your wardrobe consists of such representative clothes, do not forget to pay attention to the correct choice of shoes. First of all, it should be made of genuine leather.

Traditionally, these were pumps with a steady heel of medium height or on a flat sole. Previously, shoes were chosen under the handbag, but today its color may coincide with the color gamut of the main dress.

If you are a business woman in a leadership position, or you simply prefer to look stern, make up your wardrobe so that it contains only elegant and sophisticated things of classic style.

Clothing classic style in the wardrobe of a modern woman

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