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7 jeans problems that every woman knows – and what helps against it

Everyone has them in the closet: the jeans. And everyone probably knows the same problems with the favorite garment. Too tight, too long, overgrown and bulging – STYELBOOK reveals 7 simple tricks that make typical jeans problems a thing of the past.

The perfect jeans to find, can be quite a challenge. And even if you have found them, the problems often begin: With squeezed bacon, ugly wrinkles and baggy knees, everyone had probably had something to do with it. But the rescue is approaching: We reveal the solutions for 7 typical jeans problems.

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Problem 1: Cameltoe

There are actually people who celebrate the “Cameltoe” (in German: camel toe) currently as a trend. But most women are probably not a fan of it, if the jeans pulls unpleasant in the crotch. Especially thin denim favors the camel foot effect.
The Solution:  Prefer to resort to firmer denim fabrics to avoid the unloved slit

Problem 2: Muffin top

Sounds cute, but it is not. “Muffin Top” is the name of the body fat that swells over the waistband in hip jeans and stands out among tops and shirts. The problem also affects very slim people when the jeans are too tight.
The solution: high-waist jeans . The high waistband conceals small lifebuoys and squeezed bacon is history. It is particularly comfortable with elastic models with stretch

7 jeans problems that every woman knows - and what helps against it

Especially dreaded: the muffin top.
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Problem 3: Washed out and dented

So you keep the good piece before washing.
The solutions: The paint lasts even longer in the hand wash or in the fine wash cycle. In addition, special agents should be used for dark textiles. Also the dryer should be avoided. Instead, let air dry. Also a possibility: The jeans not only in the washing machine but in the freezer pack. This also prevents unsightly bulging due to frequent washing

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Problem 4: Drape on the hem

The jeans are perfect on the buttocks, but on the legs she casts unsightly wrinkles. A problem that especially small women know. Short sizes are rather rare to find. Too long pants, which squeeze at the ankles, make the legs but shorter and stockier look. Cardingis not always the solution.
The solution: to grab ankle jeans. As the name implies, the fabric already ends at the ankles with this cut. And because ankle-length trousers are currently in the spotlight, you do not even have to look far for the right model in stores

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Problem 5: Abrasion between the thighs

Such a favorite jeans has to endure a lot, we like to wear them every day. Thin fabrics do not last long. Straight on the thighs the material rubs against each other and in a jiffy there is a hole in it.
The solution: If you want to enjoy your jeans for a long time, you should rely on particularly robust and solid denim fabrics. Or: sew on another layer from the inside and thus additionally strengthen the stressed areas

Problem 6: It tenses on the zipper

Actually, the pants fit perfectly and yet the zipper tension? This is often due to poor workmanship.
The solution: iron the fly and give additional support with spray strength

7 jeans problems that every woman knows - and what helps against it

The pants are still sitting and still the zipper spans
Photo: Getty Images

Problem 7: Mason’s decollete

Even with women is a “Maurerdekolleté” now really not a nice sight, because the Po may still be so crisp.
The solution: If you do not want to present your collateral to every bend in the public, you should prefer to leave low-set hip jeans on the left and take normal-to-high-cut models made of firmer fabrics with strecht content. Slipping danger banned!

7 jeans problems that every woman knows - and what helps against it

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