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Minimalism in clothes: to whom it suits and how to create an image

Can I feel like a gorgeous woman wearing only a simple white shirt and black skirt? It turns out you can! Moreover, there is a whole style in which the number of various accessories is reduced to zero. And it is called minimalism. But having considered several models in this style, a completely natural question arises: if today there are enough bright colors in fashion that can attract the attention of all members of the opposite sex, then why limit yourself. Before we answer this question, let’s consider the very style of clothing and the reasons for its appearance.

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Minimalism in clothes: to whom it suits and how to create an image

This style began to gain popularity in the mid-twenties of the twentieth century. At that time, Japanese motifs, characterized by modesty and a limited number of shades, became quite popular.

The question of who became the first designer to use this style in their models is also controversial. As a result, the palm could not be awarded to anyone.

Today it is believed that the appearance of clothes in the style of minimalism, we are obliged to such designers:

  • Madeleine Vihonne, who proposed to the high society of that time to abandon the frilly dresses and wear ordinary togas with a small number of accessories;
  • Gabrielle Chanel. This woman invested her mite in the development of this style of clothing by suggesting the use of inexpensive but versatile fabrics in clothing. With her easy presentation, this type of clothing has become not only modest, but also practical;
  • Jeanne Lanven. Oddly enough, but it was this woman who invented the little black dress. But Coco Chanel, known to all of us, only popularized him some time later. It turns out that the very first models of this amazing little dress appeared right after the funeral of Queen Victoria.
  • Andr√© Kurreje We owe this designer the appearance of short skirts in the mini style, although such models became more popular only a few decades later when the English woman Mary Quant appeared in the collections.

As you can see, this style has been present in the life of mankind for a long time. But not everyone can afford to wear such things, because such a style of clothing still needs to grow morally.

After all, wearing such clothes, you should understand that from now on you have to be yourself, because all kinds of sparkles and ryushechki will no longer be able to attract attention to you, while diverting attention from all the negative aspects of your character.

Minimalism in clothes: to whom it suits and how to create an image

The most interesting thing is that the transition to such a style may have some therapeutic effect. For example, you decided to radically change your place of residence and left your native city. At the same time, no matter how hard you attach yourself and persuade yourself that change is for the best, you still need time to adapt to the new environment.

In addition, you should understand exactly which fashion trends are more popular in your new environment. And in such cases there is nothing better than minimalism in clothes. Firstly, you make it clear to all the people around you that you are what you are, and secondly, you have enough time to adapt.

It is also worth noting that the constant adherence to the latest fashion trends involves spending a huge amount of time, effort and money. And if at least one of these resources is not enough for you, then a wardrobe with such things will definitely make your life easier, since classics are always in fashion.

Who is this style for? Modesty and lack of pretentiousness will appeal to every woman. But if you are confident and want to emphasize character, then you definitely should pay attention to things of this type. The cornerstone of minimalism is good fabric, perfect seams and an adjacent silhouette.

The coloring is also of great importance. In this case, the actual black and white gamma. It is worth thinking about shoes. Here it is worthwhile to give preference to the strict version with the minimum number of decorative elements. The ideal choice would be the usual white or black shoes.

Almost every designer in his life at least once represented in his collections attire in the style of minimalism. But for some of them, such models are not just one of the elements of a fashion show, but also the hallmark of the entire collection. A prime example of such a designer could be Calvin Klein.

This famous designer grew up in poor areas of New York and he is quite well aware that a large number of details in the image is not at all an indicator of success. The main thing is how you feel. Do not forget about it, because if you are not self-confident, then this will not help to hide even the most attention-grabbing dress.

His collection can represent the direction of minimalism in clothes in 2014. His models combine paint, gray and black. Such shades are able to emphasize your bright personality due to simplicity and elegance.

It is worth remembering about the so-called glamorous minimalism. This fashion direction is different from the usual minimalism in the presence of a small number of accessories. It should be noted that the earrings, pendant or bracelet can have a rather extravagant shape that will emphasize simplicity in clothing.

The appearance of this style is due to the fact that in Europe the majority of fashionistas could not completely abandon all types of jewelry. And since the presence of at least one pendant is no longer considered minimalism, the name was slightly modified, which led to the emergence of a new trend in fashion.

In order to conform to a similar image it is necessary to remember several indisputable truths. First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that in your image all things emphasize the silhouette. In no case should not abuse a variety of hoodie. Things must fit or have a straight silhouette.

And if you opted for glamorous minimalism, then a discreet set of silver arcs would be an excellent choice. Such a jewelry set perfectly emphasizes the originality of your image.

Also, do not forget about the hairstyle, because complicated minimal hair is absolutely not combined with minimalism. In general, you should refrain from complex weaving and large curls. The best option would be straight loose hair or horse tail.

Minimalism in clothes: to whom it suits and how to create an image

And finally, we will consider some of the most successful options for creating an image. For example, you can combine a white dress with flesh-colored tights and a trapezoid coat of gently cream color. As for shoes, high-heeled ankle boots are best for this look. Hair – tail or beam.

Another version of the image can be a combination of a black blouse with three-quarter sleeves and a narrow gray skirt. Want to add a little bit of sexuality to your look? In this case, choose your skirt with a straight cut in the front. And if these colors seem to you too gloomy, then look can be diluted with an elegant handbag of cinnamon color.

Well, quite a classic option is a combination of a small black dress, black coat and high black boots with low heels. In this case, do not forget to draw yourself a suitable face to the image. In this case, the emphasis is on eyes. Use eyeliner to draw thin arrows, while emphasizing its appearance.

As you can see, minimalism in clothes is quite popular. You need not only to update your wardrobe, but also to grow morally to this style. Remember that there is nothing worse if you do not feel comfortable in your image. So look for yourself, experiment and sooner or later you will still find your own style. Good luck!


Minimalism in clothes: to whom it suits and how to create an image

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