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Boots with fur outside: how to choose and wear them correctly

Despite the fact that in winter you can compare the number of clothes with cabbage leaves around a head of cab, you still want to look attractive. And here we come to the rescue is nothing like fur. You must agree that the girl in the down jacket looks a little less elegant than in a beautiful fur coat. But recently, fur has been used not only for the manufacture of fur coats, but also in the design of boots.

Such a model can not only significantly insulate your legs, but also allows you to follow the latest fashion trends. The most popular boots are boots with fur outside.

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Boots with fur outside: how to choose and wear them correctly

But before you buy such a model, you should know that synthetic fur is not the best choice. Yes, of course, this option is optimal in terms of cost. But is it necessary to save on your health?

After all, if you buy boots made of synthetic fur, then your legs will definitely sweat. And this, in turn, can cause a huge number of diseases.

But natural fur is another matter. In addition to the lack of harm to health, such boots or boots with fur outside will serve you much longer.

As you already understand, if you really want to make yourself a gift, then only natural fur will do for you. But you need to be aware that such a purchase will be quite expensive. For this reason, before spending a lot of money on such shoes, think about whether you need it.

Definitely not worth buying these boots to those who do not have the opportunity to purchase another pair of shoes. You after all will not put on such beauty at a wet snow. So if you have a car, then you can safely buy such shoes, but if you have to walk everywhere, you may need to think about it!

Also at purchase it is worth knowing with what it is possible to combine footwear with fur upward. In no case should you wear such women’s boots and pants that cannot be tucked into shoes, as in this case you will look ugly.

So let’s list the clothes that are most compatible with this type of shoe:

  • Jeans. But wear only those models that are narrowed at the bottom, since it will be easier to fill them in boots;
  • Trousers. They should also be narrowed down, but the cut itself can be classic;
  • Dress with a straight cut.
Boots with fur outside: how to choose and wear them correctly

But the most winning option in this case would be a regular knitted dress. If the figure allows you, you can opt for shorter styles of the dress. You can even wear with such boots and leggings with a long tunic.

It is also worth saying about panty hoses. The best option would be solid solid tights. As for the presence of various patterns, in this matter it is necessary to rely not on the latest fashion trends, but on the appearance of your legs. And if you are not sure, then it is better to do with a monochromatic coloring.

As for outerwear, then you can choose either a warm cashmere coat or a light fur coat. But if you chose a fur coat, then it should be in color with fur on boots. Otherwise, your image will be very tasteless.

You should not think that such boots can be only one form. Not at all. Like any other shoes, models can differ among themselves in the shape of the heel, its height, and the height of its tops. Today in stores you can also find ankle boots with fur outside.

As for the types of boots, special attention should be paid to fur boots with high heels. This type of shoe is great if you want to look like a real lady. With such shoes it is best to combine a short fur coat, long gloves and a tippet or a scarf on the head.

Also pay attention to high boots. Nowadays, such shoes are quite popular among young people. With them you can safely combine jeans and short down jackets. You can complement the image with the help of original knitted hats and mittens.

Quite an interesting option are the boots – transformers. By the way, in this case, the name fully reflects the functionality of such shoes. Such models are transformed from high boots into short semi-boots.

So if you are a fan of interesting styles and models, then such boots are exactly what you need. And about the variety of winter boots is not even worth talking about!

Boots with fur outside: how to choose and wear them correctly

The indisputable advantages of this type of shoes include comfort and softness. They are also quite warm. You can also say that complementing your image with such boots, you will look more elegant.

But unfortunately, winter boots of this kind have several drawbacks. For example, you can not wear them in the event that it is wet on the street. And it’s not even the fact that they will get wet. Just if the liquid gets on the fur, it will stick together and lose all appearance. And, by the way, after the boots get wet, the probability of their returning to normal form is 50/50.

As you can see, semi-boots or boots with fur outside are very popular today. But when choosing, you need to remember not only about fashion, but also about the features of your figure. So choose, buy and wear such amazing boots!

Boots with fur outside: how to choose and wear them correctly

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