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Astro-Hairstyle: This hairstyle fits your star sign

Are you dissatisfied with your hair or do you generally want to know which hairstyle suits you best? Then you should not only take a look in the mirror, but also in the stars. For which hairstyle suits you, in addition to face shape and hair type can also depend on the zodiac sign.

Admittedly, our hair is not as important as the decision to change jobs or the last step into happiness. But life is somehow a bit easier when the hairstyle is in place and we feel comfortable. In addition to face shape and hair texture, our character traits can help to find the right look for us.

So love Aries, Scales and Co: Let the stars be an orientation aid in terms of a new haircut or hairstyle idea. Here you can find out which hairstyles suit your zodiac!

Aries (March 21 to April 20): Straightforward and messy

Aries women are one thing above all else: always busy and on the go! They put their heads through and do not even think about wasting their time with a lot of hair styling. Therefore, they need a hairstyle that is super straightforward and always looks good.

The perfect look: The Messy Longbob! The shoulder-length cut looks both smooth and curly always good. If things get haywire in the job or with the kids, the ram-lady whispers through her hair and the hairstyle sits as it should. Fast, smart, easy!

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Taurus (April 21 to May 21): Sensual and spirited

Long hair in abundance: Of course, there is hardly anything that is more sensual than the whorls of a woman! Anyone born between April and May is self-confident and wears hair with pride and sexiness. Great changes these women do not like at all and prefer to stick to the constant things of life.

The perfect look: A long hair is just right for you. Bull women are aware of their attraction and their hairdo reflects that too. Because: playfully wrapping your hair around your finger is no problem – and impress the other sex!

Gemini (May 21st to June 21st): Always in flux

Birthdays Gemini need something new in their life – otherwise they get bored quickly! Of course, this also applies to their own hair, they constantly need new hairstyle impulses. Just varying the cut is not enough – twins also like to change their hair color.

The Perfect Look: More changeable than this color is not really possible: A very pale blond makes it possible to transform into a hair chameleon. Because blond can be turned out with washable tint in a flash into a light lavender or a pink rose, which is out again in two to three washes. If you have a darker skin tone, you can bleach even the tips very lightly and then apply the color of your choice – then the contrast does not look so hard.

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Krebs (June 22nd to July 22nd): Boho-Chic

June and July show the Boho children: Crustaceans are particularly sensitive and want to feel good in their skin . They do not need to do much for that, including hair.

The perfect look: an uncomplicated step cut, draw center parting, done! The hairstyle framed the face ofthe cancer woman, lets shine her feminine side and is still variable thanks to straightener and curling iron. If crabs still lack the finishing touches on their hair: Divide one to two parts in the hair and braid that underlines their soft side!

Leo (July 24 to July 23): Big, bigger, lion’s mane!

Lions love the big show: Not only the outfit may attract attention, the hair must have volume above all.

The perfect look: Whether blown over the round brush and naturally wavy or extravagant curly – Big Hair is announced! Accessories such as metal clips, colorful cloths or staples are used by the big cat to loosen up and vary. Because: This zodiac must of course live up to its reputation of the lion’s mane.

Jungfrau (24th August to 23rd September): Experimental and fashionable

The maiden has pretty much every hairstyle that the world has seen so far: Whether blonde, dark or different lengths of hair – the members of this zodiac like to reinvent themselves time and again. Virgins are trend-conscious and are not afraid of change.

The perfect look: A radical cut like the Pixie Cut is just right for her. In addition, the Pixie is varied with its short sides and the longer top hair: The lengths look curly and smooth always good and give the wearer depending on the styling quickly a very different look.

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Libra (September 24 to October 23): Ha (a) rmonie is the motto

Everything in balance – Libra women like it when their life is in balance. Aesthetics play a big role in all areas – even upside down. The Libra likes fine haircuts that are accurate and easy to style, but still have the special something.

The perfect look: The Longbob meets exactly these requirements: The hard lines provide symmetry, but the look remains changeable and exciting.

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Scorpio (October 24 to November 22): Honest except for skin and hair

“What you see is what you get” – that is the motto of the star sign Scorpio. Born in October or November, the ladies are straightforward and say what they want – without compromise! The latter is also true for her hair: Just the cut must be – no steps, as smooth and even.

The perfect look: The latest technology in this field: Blunt Cuts! Here, the hair is not cut evenly with the scissors, but the razor, the ends have exactly the same length. Edgy, straightforward and cool – just the right style for scorpions!

Sagittarius (23rd November to 21st December): A hairstyle for all situations

The shooter wants to conquer the world: her ambition and her zest for action are high, because the hairstyle is quickly a minor matter. Nevertheless, this zodiac puts value on the exterior – you can finally conquered well.

The perfect look: The look has to be uncomplicated and changeable – the high ponytail is the solution! Never goes out of style, always looks good and makes sure that the hair stays out of your face . And when it’s time to go to the restaurant in the evening, the high ponytail fits every dinner outfit.

Astro-Hairstyle: This hairstyle fits your star sign

Capricorn (December 22 to January 20): Less is more

Straightforward and structured – once the zodiac Capricorn has taken confidence in something, it also likes to stick with it. Capricorn ladies have to make some changes to make changes – but then, when they have made the decision, they are usually very happy with the result. Even when it comes to hair, this zodiac is actually little experimenting.

The perfect look: A light ombré is one possible variant of the change. The Ombré and Balayage trend is constantly on our heads and sets discreet hairstyles as desired. Only courage, even small changes make life more beautiful and every day a good-hair day!

Aquarius (January 21 to February 19): Exciting and open to everything

A touch of eccentricity buzzes Aquarius! Open and curious, this star sign goes through the world, likes to learn new things and is not afraid of one or the other stylish style break. From the pony to the perm – Aquarius ladies have got it all in the hairstyle.

The perfect look: Aquarians can wear the sleek look particularly well. The back-gelled hair looks sophisticated and noble at the same time – a look that is born in January and February rock in everyday life! Incidentally, the look also works great as an elegant low-bun. The hair is combed straight back and tied at the neck to a bun.

Fish (20 February to 20 March): Imaginative and girly

Big wickerwork, flowing curls and more. Clearly, fish like their hair playful and romantic! Her feminine charisma is underlined by the rapturous looks, hard edges or clear lines are not quite to her rapturous mind.

The perfect look: Wavy hairstyles suit you, inspired by the water, and the Undone-look herringbone looks best on the sign of Pisces. Feminine and unique!

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Astro-Hairstyle: This hairstyle fits your star sign

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