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Women’s warm sweaters in large sizes

Warm women’s sweaters of large sizes have long become an indispensable attribute in the harsh climatic conditions of Russia. I wonder how the wardrobe item was created, and why the large size of the product is popular?

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Women's warm sweaters in large sizes

Any woman is sure that a jacket is a necessary item of clothing. They wrap themselves up in windy weather, wear them at home in winter, feeling incredibly comfortable, even when a blizzard broke out outside the window. At the same time, ladies of miniature size buy women’s spacious sweaters.

It turns out that with the help of large spacious things, women often try to correct the figure, make its flaws invisible. Indeed, using an elongated silhouette, you can cover too full hips.

The extended outline allows you to focus more on the upper part of the figure, which should look like a win-win.

With insufficiently developed breasts and slender hips, a warm soft model can create the illusion of a rather lush bust, if the length of the blouse is small. However, you should not get carried away by acquiring a thing of too large size, as a baggy object can visually spoil even the perfect figure.

Neither the trend setter nor the historian can give an exact answer to this question. It is known that in ancient Egypt, women wore such things. By the way, to create these items of clothing used yarn and knitting needles. Apparently, even in the hot climate of Egypt, beauties understood the advantage of having a warm, weatherproof jacket.

In the finished form of a blouse with a wide basque appeared in France of the 18th century. However, more simplified models were used in Europe, starting around the 13th century. The first sweaters were hinged and served as home clothes. ». Another name for such a thing is “ Cossack ”.

Currently, there is a huge selection of models, as almost every brand is trying to present its own line.

Nevertheless, all models can be divided into 5 main types:

  • proper jacket;
  • cardigan;
  • jumper;
  • sweater;
  • turtleneck

To understand what is the difference between them, it is necessary to consider in detail each species.

Women’s jacket is the top garment, a distinctive feature of which is the presence of a fastener from top to bottom. Today you can find a model with a collar and without, with zippers and buttons, with a hood. This is a universal thing that is worn with skirts, pants, dress and tracksuit.

Sweater – knitted or knitted piece of clothing, devoid of buckles. The sweater has long sleeves, a solid cut and, as a rule, a multi-layered neck-fitting collar. For the first time a sweater on the podium appeared thanks to Coco Chanel back in 1930 already.

Choosing a sweater, it is better to give preference to half-woolen or wool yarn, which has the ability to warm in any frost. Synthetic is generally not recommended in clothing, as it disrupts heat exchange, which negatively affects the ladies’ well-being. Sweaters are worn most often in winter, combining outerwear with skirts or trousers.

The jumper was originally an exceptionally athletic model created for athletes. However, since 1950, the sweater has been firmly included in the women’s wardrobe and even become part of a business suit. Usually a warm thing is done from knitwear.

A distinctive feature of the sweater is the absence of a fastener, a round collar and a solid cut. In principle, the model is a modified sweater, devoid of a multi-layered collar.

Modern fashion offers loose and miniature sweaters worn with pants or a skirt. Special chic is an elongated thing, perfectly combined with leggings or tights that are quite tight. However, in this case the hostess of a jumper should have at least pretty legs. Use the jumper at any time of the year.

Thank for the appearance in the female wardrobe cardigan, types of jackets, women should be men. The model was designed by Count Cardigan and was intended for cavalrymen. They had to hook their sweaters under their uniform to feel less cold.

Externally, the model looks like a knitted jacket, equipped with a button closure, and does not have a collar. Fashionable women often use a warm cardigan instead of a light demi-season raincoat or coat.

A turtleneck is a type of sweater with a tight collar and a rather narrow cut. Fitted turtlenecks are more popular because they are made of elastic fabrics, which, with a free silhouette, create a not too good effect.

Women's warm sweaters in large sizes

Among the variety of options for women often choose a model with a zipper. This is due primarily to the practical convenience of a quick fastener. In addition, the knit or hand-knitted fabric is quickly stretched, button loops are deformed, and the plank begins to sag, spoiling the appearance.

Nevertheless, fashion decides a lot. So, a few years ago, literally at the peak of popularity were youth hoodies with a hood made of footer or fleece. This is a sporty style that was widely used not only by teenage girls, but also by middle-aged ladies.

Warm women’s jacket with a zipper has not lost its position today. In the fashion are still bright models with multi-colored prints and hoodies with a hood. However, the value of things on buttons has risen much higher, since these items of clothing look more advantageous and make it possible to emphasize elegant femininity.

Therefore, in the home prefer warm women’s sweaters with a hood, with a zipper. On the other hand, graceful dense cardigans with buttons, perfectly emphasizing the dignity of the figure and able to hide obvious flaws, are reserved for the publication.

A cardigan with a pencil skirt or tight trousers is a great option for a business meeting. But, going on a date in cool weather, it is better to use a combination of a cardigan and a skirt of a free cut. A skirt slightly above the knee will be a frivolous addition, softening the strict lines of the cardigan.

However, warm women’s button-down sweaters will not look so attractive if you choose the wrong size and style.

A woman with lush Kustodiev forms especially carefully should be chosen to choose knitted and knitted things.

The following factors should be considered:

  • an elongated silhouette with a lot of decorative elements makes the figure more massive;
  • preference should be given to models with pockets located below the waist;
  • to hide wide shoulders and a double chin, sweaters with a large collar are perfect;
  • high cuffs and 3/4 length sleeves for women with a beautiful line of hands;
  • owners of a magnificent breast are recommended to focus attention, attracting a look to the top part by means of V-shaped cut;
  • a long tunic, even with pretty legs, looks ridiculous if a stomach bulges out.


Women's warm sweaters in large sizes

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