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Women’s shoes: types and features

Whatever image you want to create, shoes will always be an integral part of them. And our article today is about shoe types. It is not enough to choose a model that fits perfectly in size, you also need to make the shoes on the leg harmoniously complement your image, making it even more spectacular and beautiful. Today we will study in more detail the names of the types of women’s shoes.

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Women's shoes: types and features

1. Biker boots. This species is characterized by a rough form, a rather wide shaft and a thick sole. In this case, the heel is square, and the toe is round. When buying, pay attention to the presence of a small strap on the upper part of the tops, because if you decide to purchase a wide model, then with the help of such a strap the boots will keep on your leg. The classic version of such models is the black color and the presence of a small amount of metal decorations.

2. Wellington. If you think that you have never seen such a model in stores, then you are deeply mistaken, because wellingtones are nothing more than ordinary rubber boots. Their advantage is waterproofing even in the heaviest rain and the opportunity to buy similar shoes of any color and with any print.

3. Half boots. This type of boots is transitional between boots and boots. A special feature can be considered the fact that in this case your leg is closed to half, which greatly warms your legs. As for the shape of the boot or heel, there are no strict rules.

4. Treads. This model is quite interesting. Its distinguishing feature is that all such boots end above the knee. The boots themselves can be divided into three types:

  • those that only cover the knee slightly;
  • boots, stockings – they do not have any clasp on them and it is worth wearing them as well as tights;
  • Kink-boots – they differ from the previous ones by a rather high heel-stiletto and shiny rhinestones.

5. Cossacks. These boots have several similar features to biker boots. But the main difference is in the heel. In the Cossacks, it is rather tall and trapezoidal in shape, which cannot but make this model more sophisticated and original. The sock may be round or slightly narrowed, less common square. Also a distinctive feature can be the presence of large and bright embroidery.

So, with the types of winter and autumn women’s shoes, we are finished, now let’s focus on lighter models.

  • Boats. These shoes are characterized by the presence of a large notch on the rise and high heel. When choosing shoes of this model, be sure to choose it exactly in size. Otherwise, the foot will constantly slip out. And the consequence of such a slip can be a big callus, to get rid of which is quite problematic. Also note that this model eliminates the presence of any strap;
  • Shoes with open toes. This version of women’s shoes requires a pedicure, as your marigold will be visible in any case. There are two types of such a lightweight model. In the first case, the fingers are ajar quite a bit. In the second, the fingers are fully open;
  • Open heel shoes. As the name implies, the distinctive feature of this type is the fully open heel, and the shoe itself is held on to the foot with a small strap. When choosing a similar model is also worth paying attention to the size. Do not think that it can be adjusted with a strap. In this case, you just sooner or later break the entire structure, and the shoe will be completely spoiled;
  • Mary jane These wonderful shoes are perfect for those who have shoes that always go off their feet, because this model has one or several small straps crossing the rise. Thus, the shoe is fixed on the foot, and the probability of the appearance of corns becomes much less.
Women's shoes: types and features
  • Wedge This species is characterized by the shape of the platform, which is often quite narrow in the bow, but expands as it approaches the heel. Thus, a wedge-shaped platform is obtained that can add a little stability to your gait. A fairly common option is a smooth transition from toe to heel. But in this case, the platform forms a kind of monoblock, which looks quite massive, especially if you have a rather big foot size;
  • MulesThis type of platform differs from the previous one in that there is no back part of the shoes.Simply put, the heel in such shoes will be completely open.The height and shape of the heel in this case may be completely different.Sometimes you can even find the complete absence of any platform;
  • Sabo. This option is almost summer, because these shoes are kept on the foot solely thanks to the sock. Roughly speaking, these are ordinary shoes, but without the back and side. A distinctive feature is quite thick sole and thick massive heel.

And now let’s pay attention to summer shoes.

  • Sandals. This type of women’s shoes, both without a heel, and with him is quite popular among women. A feature of such models is the presence of one or several small mounts in the form of straps.
  • Flip Flops. This is a subtype of sandals, which is characterized by the presence of a strap, stretched between the fingers. At the same time, the back of the sandal is completely absent.
  • Espadrilles. Such sandals are also quite popular lately. Their distinguishing feature is the presence of a rope sole. This sole is made in a special way, in which the height of the heel can be different. However, models in which the heel is missing are also not uncommon. When buying such a model, be sure to pay attention to the strength of fastening the ropes. Otherwise, your heel can crumble on the go.

Women’s sport shoes

After we have considered most of the shoes for publication, let’s recall the sporty style. After all, nothing makes life easier than a little weekend rest in nature. But even in the forest we, women, want to look as good as possible. We will start with sneakers.

Such footwear is quite comfortable and at the same time, provided that the style and color is right, it suits almost everyone. Do not forget about the functional significance of sneakers, because in them it is most convenient to go in for sports.

Women's shoes: types and features

The next option for lovers of sports lifestyle is sneakers. Their main difference from sneakers is a thin and flexible sole.

It should also be said that adolescents prefer such shoes more often, and it is for this reason that the colors of such models are often quite cheerful.

Snickers These shoes are used not only for sports, but also as an element of everyday image. A special feature of these models is rubber sole and fabric upper.

Of course, you should not use such a model in combination with a skirt or an evening dress, but the combination with trousers or shorts will look quite decent.

As you can see, there are quite a few types of women’s shoes. And today we have not discussed even half of all models.

But remember that when choosing winter or summer shoes you must first of all remember that the combination of shoes and clothes plays a very important role in creating your image. Therefore it is worth a good think before you go shopping.

Women's shoes: types and features

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