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Women’s gold bracelet on hand – evidence of taste and style

Jewelry made of gold is a symbol of wealth and high position in society. Gold is considered a noble metal, which since ancient times has been given mystical properties. It was believed that a person who has it with him will never know sorrow and decline, but science has proven that every person’s blood contains such a chemical element as Aurum.

Women's gold bracelet on hand - evidence of taste and style

True, his concentration has no relation to human happiness. This metal is used in medicine and now, for example, they are treated with a disease such as polyarthritis. There are truth and side effects. But nevertheless, from this metal to humanity there is more benefit and good, because it is no wonder that it is considered a symbol of the sun. And, as you know, it is the sun – the source of all life on earth.

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Women are interested in gold only from the point of view of aesthetics, because the jewelry made from it is beautiful, original and testifies to the owner’s good taste. Earrings emphasize the complexion, necklace – the shape of the shoulders and a proud head landing, gold bracelet – the beauty and elegance of hands.

It is customary to wear gold bracelets on the right hand, in case a woman also wears a watch. If there is no watch, then it can be put on the left hand. But to combine both a bracelet and a watch on one hand is considered a move.

Thin weaving bracelets should be chosen for girls with elegant wrists, for ladies with full hands, it is better to take massive ones with an abundance of inserts and pendants.

Types of weaving used in the manufacture of the bracelet, can be very different. Consider the most popular ones.

  • Love – subtle, feminine weaving, characterized by rounded and oval loops, perfectly emphasizes the shape of the wrist;
  • Venetian – represents the rectangular loops connected among themselves, durable and strong weaving, is used in massive jewelry with precious stones;
  • Bismarck is a popular type from which both men’s and women’s bracelets are made. Products woven in this way fit the business style;
  • Anchor – durable and elegant form of weaving, effectively emphasizes both the nobility of the hand lines and the neck, so it is widely used in all types of jewelry, more suitable for young people than for adults and respectable people;
  • Serpentine – thin and elegant weaving, ideal for women’s bracelets, looks very elegant and delicate and without additions.

These are not all the technologies that are used to create gold jewelry at hand. As you can see, there is a choice, but the main thing that a woman should remember when purchasing a product is that it should be in harmony with her wardrobe and image, without getting out of the general style.

». When choosing a bracelet, it is mainly necessary to proceed from the feeling “ like — dislike ”. But in addition to his own taste, which, of course, you need to listen, there are a few moments.

First, the bracelet should fit the arm loosely. Ideally, if it has an adjustment in length, it will help itself to correct the length. If not, then jeweler workshops will always come to the services of the buyer, in which they can, like shorten the length, increase the missing links.

Women's gold bracelet on hand - evidence of taste and style

Secondly, when choosing hoops you need to remember that they are worn not one by one, but at least three or more. Choosing this type of jewelry, pick hoops in the same style. Such products do not have fasteners, therefore it is more important than ever before that the size should be yours, otherwise they will constantly fall off the arm.

Wide hoops are not combined with other decorations, and hoops with inlays of precious stones are not worn loosely on the arm, but slightly above the wrist, so the size of the jewelry is selected with this feature in mind.

Third, medium-sized bracelets will suit everyone. But thin jewelry or hoops go girls with elegant hands. Massive is better to leave the ladies with big hands.

When buying it is worth answering the question, why do you buy a bracelet? If you want to wear it always, it is better to give preference to the classic models with elegance and severity of lines. And to participate in social events, you can choose a product with precious stones and all sorts of jewelry inserts.

Jewelery with semiprecious stones: garnet, opal, amethyst quartz, nephrite, citrine and many others are becoming fashionable. For a business woman in jewelry, it is necessary to give preference to white gold and strict lines, since such jewelry will not distract or annoy partners and companions.

Although it is not customary to talk about this, but when choosing a jewelery one should pay attention to age. Young girls are recommended products with colored enamel inserts, and older women can choose for themselves diamonds and other precious stones.

But designers dictate their conditions. For example, they urge to wear not one bracelet, but several. In the trend and gold jewelry with leather and rubber inserts in the style of the ancient Vikings. So this decoration see the stars in the fashion world Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent.

Fashionable and bracelets with pendants and amulets. It can be romantic hearts, signs of the zodiac, drops with precious stones, religious signs. A little advice: when choosing products with pendants, pay attention to its weight, namely, can weave and connect the weights of the pendants?

Fashion factories also dictate their fashion. In the CIS countries, Adamas bracelets are very popular because they present the same quality as Cartier or Boucheron, and prices are more affordable.

Women's gold bracelet on hand - evidence of taste and style

The first rule of a jewelry buyer is to be careful. It is dangerous to acquire gold from hands or in small dubious shops because under the guise of bracelets made of noble metal, you can buy either low-grade gold or even a fake of an inexpensive alloy.

Contact a reputable jewelry store, so you protect yourself from frustration and unnecessary excitement.

But even in a venerable jewelry store, when choosing carefully, even meticulously inspect the jewelry – all links and connections, in order not to buy a defective product.

As always, the choice is yours. We wish you many pleasant purchases and only positive emotions from the acquisition and wearing of gold jewelry!

Women's gold bracelet on hand - evidence of taste and style

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