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Why do children dress beautifully?

Do you need fashionable clothes for children or is it enough for them to be comfortable and protect them from external influences? Dressing children fashionably and beautifully from early childhood, parents shape the aesthetic taste of babies. If they are beautifully dressed, they like themselves, which means they feel more confident.

Why do children dress beautifully?

». Teens help things assert themselves in a team, with their help, young people express themselves, emphasize their own ” I “. Proper upbringing is when a teenager dresses up based on her own preferences, choosing things according to her own taste and convenience, and not because her peers dress like that.

If there are no fashionable things for children, in the team they will feel like “ gray mice ” and there is a chance of developing an inferiority complex.

When buying things should not only be taken into account fashion trends. It is necessary to teach children to adhere to a certain style so that things constitute a single ensemble.

The most important thing is to make the children like things, to feel confident in them, to look beautiful and to wear them comfortably.

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A century ago, a special children’s fashion did not exist. At an early age, the children were swaddled, then they all — regardless of gender — were dressed in shirts, which were teased to prevent the hem from getting dirty; Further children’s clothes copied an adult.

Such a fashion crippled children from a very early age – in the full sense of the word.

It was even easier for children from common people – girls were not dragged into corsets, boys did not have to freeze in thin leggings or gaiters in winter. By the way, this is one of the factors explaining why the children of ordinary people grew healthier, despite the fact that the children of the nobility had an expanded diet and regular meals.

Fashionable dresses and costumes especially for children began to sew only at the end of the XIX century.

Things for kids differed in color. The girls were offered pastel colors – pink and white, boys – blue and red.

Dresses for girls began to sew in the empire style: knee-length, full skirt, belt, pantalonchiki with lace. For solemn occasions, boys were offered sailor suits – by the way, they are still in vogue until now – and stylized adult costumes.

By the 60s of the 20th century, the difference between things for girls and boys began to fade again. The girls began to wear trousers and jeans – boys bright sweaters. Designers are now developing styles of children’s clothing for everyday wear and for holidays.

In the 21st century, rulers already appeared, which produce not only fashionable shoes and clothes for children, but also hats and accessories.

What are the fashionable children of the 21st century? It is worth starting with girls – it’s girls who pay more attention to clothes.

In the wardrobe girls should be, in addition to linen and linen knitwear:

  • dresses;
  • skirts;
  • blouses;
  • sweaters – sweaters;
  • jeans – trousers;
  • T-shirts;
  • outerwear for all seasons.

Even if a girl prefers jeans to dresses, there are still moments when she wants to emphasize in a feminine way her belonging to the weaker sex. Things in the wardrobe should be perfectly equipped, matched by color.

Special attention should be paid to shoes. Girls need sandals and shoes with low heels, sandals, short boots and high, sneakers or sneakers.

Why do children dress beautifully?

On children’s shoes – this applies to girls and boys – you should not save at all. Comfortable shoes are not only a well-formed foot, it is a posture on which future health depends.

Boys — in most cases — need fewer shoes. They do not need a few pairs of summer shoes. It is enough if there are sandals, light shoes, sneakers in the wardrobe.

But do not think that boys need less clothes. Saving on dresses and skirts is “ eaten up ” by the need to have a fashionable and beautiful jacket, and it costs — if you buy a really fashionable and high-quality thing — more than a few dresses.

Boys also need to buy things for the season. Only their wardrobe will be less bright than the girls wardrobe.

We should also talk about fashionable hats for children. Now caps with pompoms and ears stylized as animal heads are available for them.By the way, adolescent girls received such hats with delight.

The wardrobe is adjusted depending on the children’s age. Growing up, they themselves begin to think about what they need to have in their own closet.

It is very important for parents to keep things comfortable. » обувь и одежда не должны калечить подростков. Fashionable shoes and clothing should not cripple teenagers. It is necessary to gently explain to children that the combination: fashion – beauty – convenience should be respected constantly.

Both children and their parents will be fashionable if moms and dads don’t choose their clothes for their offspring, focusing only on their tastes, and at the same time – in choosing their wardrobe – they will learn to take into account the overall style of the ensemble.

It looks very funny when mom is in the style of a grand lady, and the baby is somewhat doll-bright. There is even a fashion for a paired style, when things for children are developed in a common color scheme with their parents, but are sewn according to children’s fashion.

By the way, Ksenia Borodina, the permanent host of the reality show Dom-2, who has not been on television for 10 years, often dresses her daughter in this way.

There are rules that are desirable to follow when choosing a children’s wardrobe.

  • You should be guided simultaneously by fashion, convenience and practicality. ». When purchasing children’s things, it should be borne in mind that they must ” be reusable .” That is, if the clothes get dirty – and this will happen necessarily – it will be easy to wash;
  • You should buy things, mainly from natural fabrics. They should absorb sweat and be pleasant to the touch, keep warm and not overheat. To the touch the fabric of clothing should be pleasant, not cause irritation;
  • Do not chase the fashion and buy things just appeared on sale. The wardrobe must be complete so that it is possible to make sets. And to always be a fashionable child, something original is brought into the children’s outfit. For example, colorful suspenders for a boy or a fashionable handbag for a girl;
  • Children’s clothes – bright clothes. Like a bright print – let it wear. You can stand out in flowers only in childhood or adolescence;
  • Things calm tones should also be present in the wardrobe. The right combination of bright and calm, discreet helps shape the taste;
  • Do not buy items in several sizes larger. » чувствуют себя неуверенно. Children in clothing “ for growth ” feel insecure. Of course, the pants can be hemmed, and in a dress or sweater bend the sleeves. But when things grow up, it will already look shabby and uncomfortable in it;
  • Clothing for all occasions should be present in the children’s wardrobe: from summer light T-shirts to warm fur coats and jackets. If there is an economic opportunity, you should not minimize the wardrobe with respect to the seasons. Let the children in frost wear warm fur coats, and at zero temperature – put on a thick European-style jacket. In the cold, this adult can wear a sweater under a fur coat, and when warming, wear a light T-shirt under the same fur coat. If you wear a teenager like that, he will feel uncomfortable among his peers.

As soon as the baby learns to express his desires, dressing him will need to take into account his taste. If there is an opportunity to take the offspring to the store – it must be done. Small children know perfectly well what they like and what does not.

Why do children dress beautifully?

They are able to make a choice. We can give an example: the crumb refuses to wear a sweater over his head, makes a tantrum.Parents insist.But it is worth thinking about, can a soft baby’s neck rubs coarse wool?

And in no age should you dress children by force. This causes a feeling of rejection, and in the future, adolescents, shockingly, in spite of their parents, will emphasize their individuality, without noticing that they are deforming themselves with this.

And this can make them outcasts in a team of peers. Parents, respect your children from an early age! Consider their tastes.


Why do children dress beautifully?

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