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School uniform – school dress code

How to dress in school so that it was beautiful and the teachers did not make a complaint? The task is rather difficult, especially if a strict form is entered into the dress code.

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School uniform - school dress code

Some 40 years ago, the school uniform was extremely concise:

  • for girls was a brown dress complete with aprons in black and white – black – casual, white for special occasions;
  • a suit with a light shirt was designed for boys for all occasions.

But even then, teenagers wondered how to dress in school beautifully and stylishly. Beautiful lace collars and cuffs, colored buttons attached to dresses.

It is now said that school dresses were all the same. If desired, it was possible to choose a model with a wide skirt or pleating, stand out from a number of girlfriends due to the length of the model.

High school students especially loved experimenting with aprons. They sewed lush wings to them, removed the breast, lush flounces or sewing stripes sewed along the edge.

Now the requirements for school uniforms are more loyal. Usually, a certain color scheme is offered, the emblem you want to sew, and the approximate amount of things in the wardrobe.

For example: for girls and boys three-piece suit:

  • skirt, vest, jacket;
  • trousers, vest, jacket.

You rarely meet a school where the teaching staff is categorically opposed to girls wearing pants or requiring everyone to wear skirts of the same style.

If you make an effort and imagination, then at school you will always look stylish.

Very few educational institutions require, following the example of Western high schools, that all students dress in the same way. But even in this case it is possible to stand out.

Let the basic things be the same, but blouses and shirts can be chosen depending on your taste preferences.

It is worth considering how to dress in the school where all students wear only a special school uniform.

You can stand out by blouses and shirts. Suppose you want the product only gray or white. But it is unlikely that anyone will focus on the style of things.

You can choose a shirt with colored cuffs, with an interesting insert on the yoke, stripes on the collar. There are lots of options. The main thing – to dress with taste.

Boys can revive their appearance with a tie, colored vest. Girls – to supplement the strict look with bright accessories.

Some schools have styled vintage clothing. Modern students appreciated the convenience of a school dress and wear it with pleasure. You can sew it in the style that most emphasizes the dignity of the figure.

If it is not necessary for everyone in school to wear the same kits, and only the shape color and silhouette are specified, then you can experiment with models. The boys will look cool jeans with uniform jackets and knitted vests, girls – skirts of various styles.

Skirts well enliven decorative details: belt, pockets.

The question of how beautiful it is to get dressed in school comes up not only in front of children, but also in front of their parents. I want the child to look fashionable, and his outfit does not make a dent in the budget.

School uniform - school dress code

The cost of the wardrobe depends on how old the child is. With kids it is easier: what mother bought, then put on.

Boys are generally far from such issues as creating their own image, while girls rejoice in lush bows.

Parents of undergraduates pay more attention to the fact that things for children are comfortable, do not lose sight after washing – neat seven-year-olds are rare.

Requirements for children’s clothing 6-9 year old children:

  • Things must be comfortable and pleasing to children;
  • Products must be made of natural fabrics, do not cause skin irritation. It should be borne in mind that the child will have to sit in the form of a few hours. During this time, he can sweat;
  • No complicated styles and tricky clasps. If the button is undone or you have to change into physical education, the child must be able to undress and dress himself.

Kids who are dressed comfortably, focus on knowledge and their performance is higher. They do not pull at the slipping trousers, they don’t chew long cuffs of fashionable blouses . When choosing clothes for younger students the focus should be on convenience.

How can you put a teenager in school so that he at the same time is dressed in a uniform, comfortable, and could – with the help of clothes – emphasize his individual status?


  •  If the boy prefers the classics, then the classic suit of the “ desired ” shaped color would be an ideal option for him. He can choose shirts according to his taste – his favorite colors and styles;
  • Modern boys mostly prefer a sporty style. Ideal for school: jeans, t-shirt, trowel. Now you can pick up jeans of the color required by the school dress code. Always available in brown, black, blue and gray jeans;
  • How is it possible to coolly put on school for a teenager who considers himself to be a subculture? It is very simple. ” Work ” will have to shirt, t-shirt, bag and shoes. Understand that the young man – a rocker, you can coarse boots on a thick sole, belt and cool painted bag. And do not have to shock the teaching staff a wild look.


Girls mature earlier than boys, and their first feelings flare up during school years. Teenage girls want to be attractive to their peers.

How do they dress to simultaneously adhere to the business school style and look beautiful?

  • If a school uniform: a skirt, jacket, vest, then you can not only wear blouses of different colors and styles, but also model your own image, tucking and straightening your blouse;
  • »; You should not get carried away, and trim the skirt, as they say – for the most ” nothing “;
  • Permissible length for schoolgirls – on the palm above the knees. But you can find this style of skirt, in which you will look stylish;
  • A jacket or a school dress can be revived with a belt, bows and buckles, you can sew a jacket of the correct color, but with an asymmetric fastener;
  • If a girl prefers a sporty style, and school trousers or jeans are not allowed, in order to match the image, it is enough to choose a skirt that resembles a tennis player’s skirt and choose a short jacket;
  • Complement the selected image of hairpins, hoops, emblems on the form.

Each girl decides for herself how to dress in school beautifully and fashionably. It is desirable that parents go to meet her, helped to form the school ensemble correctly.

When purchasing clothes for teens, you need to pay attention to the quality of the product. Natural fabric is preferable in blouses and shirts, it is hygroscopic and does not lose appearance when washed.

The more in the composition of the costume fabric of natural wool, the less it will roll, the child will look tidier.

School uniform - school dress code

When choosing clothes for primary school students there was advice – to give preference to styles simpler. The same principle is desirable to adhere to high school students. But not because the teenager will not cope with a fastener.

It is important that the child learns to be responsible for his appearance: it is impossible to look both stylish and sloppy at the same time. A teenager should be able to independently iron a thing, and even wash it.

How can you dress up in school stylishly? Think over the style, pick up accessories, always look clean and neat.

School clothes to pick up a lot easier than it seems. It is acceptable to wear something that allows you to express your own individuality and does not contradict the school rules.


School uniform - school dress code

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