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Maritime clothing

It is believed that the marine style of clothing originated at the end of the distant 19th century in Great Britain. At that time, the English sailors were rightly proud of the stylish form that was developed in 2 versions: a simple, rough cut for the sailors and a very elegant one for the officers.

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Maritime clothing

To enhance the patriotic mood, Queen Victoria often dressed her son Welsh Prince Albert-Edward in the costume of a fleet officer. The Englishwoman, imitating the royal family, adopted the latest fashion trends. The result was a children’s clothing, made in the marine style.

The popularity of this trend can be judged by the numerous old photos, which depict happy families. As a rule, the boys in the photos are dressed up in cute costumes with a characteristic collar.

The prince grew, and children’s fashion grew with him. Soon the style became known far beyond Albion. Moreover, large manufacturers became interested in men’s clothing in a marine style and soon original wardrobe items appeared in a wide assortment not only in Great Britain, but also in countries of continental Europe.

Fragments of a maritime style also appeared from time to time in a female costume. However, the real ancestor of the direction can be considered Coco Chanel, who was not afraid to include in the attributes of a female wardrobe the details inherent, it would seem, exclusively for men.

In the 30s of the 20th century, the Queen of Fashion appeared on the beach of Monte Carlo, dressed in a curious ensemble consisting of sailor suits and knitwear from knitted fabrics. Since then, interest in style does not disappear. Periodically, the fashion for it subsides, but for several years, the marine theme is again considered relevant.

The first design steps in this direction were quite timid. As a rule, costume styling was minimal. Basically, the naval form was simply copied, occasionally undergoing minor changes. Currently, fashion houses are not afraid to show imagination and experiment with items of costume.

Therefore, in 2015, the most interesting options appeared on the catwalks, which could be successfully used both for a party and in everyday life.

Despite the variety presented, all models have a number of common features by which one can surely distinguish the marine style:

Maritime clothing
  • A palette of white, blue and deep blue is traditionally used. However, it is possible to significantly diversify the wardrobe, if you turn to red, black and gold color. Most often in a similar scale perform clothes for a party in a nautical style;
  • The main motive is a strip. Moreover, its width can vary from almost imperceptible to very wide. The strips can be arranged vertically, horizontally, and even run diagonally;
  • It is recommended to use only natural materials, giving preference to cotton fabric and cotton knitwear;
  • The cut of clothes is quite diverse. Loose shorts, flared pants and skirts are still popular. At the same time, the navy style perfectly combines with a stretch skirt, narrow trousers and tight shorts. Even hats remotely resemble capsless. Light caps are more commonly used today;
  • Wardrobe items should be as comfortable and practical as possible. The ensemble is complemented by T-shirts, windbreakers, blouses and jackets, which are significantly different from the traditional costume;
  • Multi-layeredness is welcomed, which allows you to feel confident in all weather conditions;
  • You can emphasize the theme of the costume with the help of decorative details. These are applications, embroidery of a contrasting color, metal and plastic accessories, fasteners and original buttons, large lacing. Most often they use images of a sailboat, anchors, gulls, steering wheels, emblems of yacht clubs;
  • Additional accessories, such as handbags, neckerchiefs and hats, can also complement the image; they should also carry identification marks of style;
  • Another element of the suit is practical shoes. In this case, the male half of humanity habitually prefers polukeds and sneakers. However, the ladies have long considered them incredibly comfortable. But, unlike men, only women’s shoes were created for them – classic shoes, light elegant ballet flats, sandals with a low platform.

Naturally, the nautical theme must be present in the design of swimsuits, beach dresses, pareos and sun umbrellas, necessary while relaxing on sunny beaches. However, upon returning to the usual life, I want to preserve freshness and vigor.

To create a positive mood will help moderate the use of individual parts of the wardrobe and accessories with a nautical theme.

Of course, in the summer, the nautical style in clothes looks quite appropriate.

However, you should not overly emphasize specific elements:

Maritime clothing
  • The perfect combination for any day – white or navy jeans and traditional striped t-shirts;
  • when using knitted tops with a wide strip, the best complement will be trousers-palazzo of light shades;
  • navy blue knee-length loose shorts look great with white cotton blouses;
  • when choosing a dress, it should be noted that the horizontal bar visually shortens and expands the figure;
  • often preference is given to plastic jewelry with large items;
  • if a party is coming, it is advisable to stop the choice on jewelry made from natural materials – aged metal, seashells, corals;
  • it is recommended to use in clothes no more than 3 colors, with a significant number of accessories – no more than 2;
  • not to be like a zebra, 1-2 elements of a suit with stripes are enough;
  • You should not combine items of clothing made in the marine theme, with shoes of other styles.

The maritime style is a reflection of the childhood dream of fabulous countries, long journeys, exciting adventures. This is the desire of an adult, tired of everyday worries, about relaxing on the golden sand, bright sunlight and warm sea.

It is not surprising that after so many years the maritime style still remains relevant and is not going to lose its position.

Maritime clothing

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