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How to wear a men’s scarf

Men do not often pay attention to fashion trends and rather neglect accessories. However, there are items of clothing that must be used. These include a men’s scarf, which should be worn so as to make a good impression on women with excellent taste.

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How to wear a men's scarf

First of all, you need to create a solid image. Therefore, the accessory must be in harmony with other details of the wardrobe.

If all the elements of the suit are chosen correctly, you can wear a muffler in one of the following ways:

  • The classic version involves simply throwing an element around the neck. At the same time, one of the ends of the muffler is thrown over the shoulder, while the second remains freely hanging;
  • » – способ, при котором аксессуар складывают пополам и, набросив на шею, просовывают кончики в получившуюся петлю. “ Paris knot ” is a way in which the accessory is folded in half and, having thrown around on the neck, they push the tips into the resulting loop. You can leave the muffler hanging casually or tightly tighten. It all depends on the weather;
  • If the accessory has a sufficient length, you can twist it around the neck several times. At will the man can tighten the scarf, escaping from the windy dank weather, or make the turns free;
  • » Ascot доступен только для тех мужчин, кто пренебрежительно относится к мнению окружающих. Ascot’s “ fashionable knot ” is available only to those men who neglect the opinions of others. A narrow accessory knotted in the form of a tie may seem funny if you don’t remember that it first appeared in old Hollywood paintings. As a rule, its owners were directly related to the aristocratic circles or possessed the skills of deduction.

If all these methods seem too fanciful and can not wait to emphasize their masculinity, it is recommended to just throw a wardrobe item around the neck, in accordance with tradition.

The choice of a muffler is determined by the style of the costume:

How to wear a men's scarf
  • Thus, the business style is elegantly emphasized with a short and delicate accessory, crossed on the lapels. It should be ensured that the ends of the object were in a symmetrical position;
  • For a creative person, it is preferable to have long volumetric accessories wrapped around the neck;
  • Sports style perfectly with a long scarf, the edges of which are equipped with tassels.It is better to tie an accessory in the form of a slightly tightened loop;
  • The shiny loop is an elegant example of an evening dress code.

A gray cashmere muffler is perfect for almost any image. But it is better to have several accessories in the wardrobe, which allow to emphasize individuality and significantly diversify the costume.

Who decided that the men’s scarf is a prerogative of the exceptionally strong sex? Any stylish thing is worth taking its rightful place in the wardrobe of a modern woman. In particular, this refers to such an accessory as a scarf. It is especially fashionable today for a woman to wear a snood, which was created solely as the subject of a man’s wardrobe.

Snud is a peculiar yoke, a ring made of a rather voluminous and massive fabric. The popularity of sleep is primarily due to its high practicality. It is incredibly comfortable and at the same time a beautiful muffler.

The collar is a universal version of the scarf, perfectly emphasizing individuality and combined with almost all styles. If the original collars were made using hand-knitted, today light knit fabrics are more common.

In total there are 3 common ways how to wear a man’s yoke-scarf:

  • It can be thrown around your neck in the form of a necklace. Optimal for this method are suitable for openwork products or scarves made of lightweight material. It is recommended to use the accessory together with summer dresses, bustier blouses or tops;
  • If a woman prefers large costume jewelry, it is advisable to wear a snud in the form of a twisted figure eight.Knitted collars perfectly complement the warmed vests, leather jackets and demi-season coats;
  • Another way to wear a men’s scarf Loose, hood, made of warm, windproof fabric.The original solution is the use of 2 scarves of contrasting colors.One snud is twisted around the neck of the figure eight, and the other is simply thrown over the head.
How to wear a men's scarf

Fashion – the lady is changeable, so you can choose more exotic ways of wearing the back. For example, it is used as a bolero, folding it in half and pushing it through the edges of the arm, leaving most of the accessory on the back.

Throwing a scarf over your shoulders, you can portray an elegant stole. A wide dream can be decorated with a brooch, delicately draped fabric.

By the way, LIC is not a modern discovery. For the first time the accessory was used as a hair net, in the far 40th already. After 10 years, a round knitted accessory has become extremely popular among skiers. ». And finally, in the 80s, a rare fashionable woman did not have a “ pipe ” in her wardrobe.

The modern version was created in 2009, and since then remains relevant. That once again underlines its versatility.

How to wear a men's scarf

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