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Gold earrings: the secrets of choice and combination with wardrobe items

For most modern ladies, earrings made of real gold are the most awaited and desired gift from a loved one.Progress has reached the point that such jewelry is quite possible to acquire not only in a jewelry store or be made to order, but also in numerous online stores, where their choice literally plunges into prostration.

Gold earrings: the secrets of choice and combination with wardrobe items

It can be products with nacre, pearls, semiprecious or precious pebbles, with enamel.And this is not even mentioning the diversity of shapes, lengths, volumes and intricacy of metal weaving.By setting the appropriate search options, you can become the owner of piercing earrings, cuffs, miniature studs, or modest and classic models.

If you believe the numerous and unspoken women’s rules, then in the arsenal of each lady should be at least a pair of earrings, some of which are intended for everyday wear, and others – for appearance.

So, for example, earrings-studs, decorated with small pebbles that emphasize eye color, or suitable for any outfit, are usually chosen as an ordinary accessory. To comply with the office dress code will be useful flat rings with a diameter of not more than 1.5 cm.

Dangling earrings are the perfect evening option to make you pay attention to a woman’s hair, bends of her neck, femininity and romance. It is about these accessories and will be discussed in this publication.

The content of the article

Drop earrings made of gold can be:

  • Single, that is, consisting of one separate parts;
  • Combined, representing a composition of several disparate elements that can cascade, be at a different or one level. Precisely such hanging earrings made of precious metal or bijouterie form an extensive and impressive assortment;
  • Pendants, i.e., look like one or more threads-chains, at the tips of which there are attached decorative elements in the form of beads, stones or metal figures. This form makes it possible to adjust the shape of the face, imperfect by nature.

Gold pendant earrings are selected not only depending on the attire and circumstances, but also on the external data of the woman:

Gold earrings: the secrets of choice and combination with wardrobe items
  • Owners of the triangular face should buy earrings made of silver or alloy, but it is hanging, widening down and tapering to the ear;
  • Gold or silver dangling earrings with additional elements, precious pearls or without stones are also suitable for women with a round face shape. But only if the product has a triangular or rectangular shape;
  •  Long earrings made of silver or other metal will adorn a lady who by nature has a “ square ” type of face. For this, the decoration should be made in the form of a circle or an oval;
  • Hanging jewelry for the ears is quite suitable for the oval face, especially if it will be at least a little repeat its shape and it is advantageous to emphasize the natural data of the woman.

Dangling and diamond earrings are what can make a girl look the sexiest way. They sway in time with the movements, the decorative elements mysteriously flicker and invariably rivet admiring glances. Stylistic decoration is determined depending on the female style of dress.

These can be hanging and large earrings with stones, made in the shape of a circle, or products consisting of a set of pendants decorated with beads and other decorative elements that emphasize Egyptian or Oriental style clothing.

Classic outfits can be made even more sophisticated and elegant, if you add them with pendants with diamonds or pearls along the entire length. Strict dresses need luxurious accessories with decorative inclusions of contrasting colors, while elegant furnishings, on the contrary, require medium-sized jewelery with discreet inserts or small diamonds.

When choosing such jewelry, it is very important to take into account the color of the stones , focusing on the shade of the eyes. You can play on contrasts, but in general you should buy earrings decorated with precious stones, the color of which will be half lighter than the color of the eyes.

The most amazing tandem is emeralds and gold, although diamonds and white gold may well be considered worthy competitors, as well as red gold with ruby ​​or garnet.

Women with green eyes should adorn themselves with earrings with stones like emeralds. They will make the gaze delightfully fascinating, deep and mysterious.

There is an opinion that the owners of emeralds can receive positive messages from the stone, setting up luck and good luck. But black-eyed brunettes fit earrings with grenades – a special type of mineral, which is still considered the prerogative of the powerful.

Gold earrings: the secrets of choice and combination with wardrobe items

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