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General trends in winter fashion

What fashion can be on outerwear in winter? The main thing is to be warm! “- many will think, and partly even be right.

Every woman has a classic winter set in her wardrobe:

General trends in winter fashion
  • »; hat – thick knitted or fur – ” so that the ears closed “;
  • »; a long warm coat or fur coat – “ so that it does not blow through ”;
  • ». boots with thick soles, preferably without a heel – ” so as not to slippery .”

Twenty years ago, this was exactly the way it was used to the winter fashion, but nowadays a lot of attention is paid to the convenience and appearance of the models. Although about ” not blew and did not slip ” – the designers do not forget.

The content of the article

Young women who lead an active lifestyle, designers suggest replacing coats and fur coats with trendy winter jackets. The inflated down jacket, sewn from waterproof fabrics, is lightweight and does not allow to freeze even on cold days.

Those who follow the fashion trends, probably noticed that the jackets in sporty style changed the model in military style.

For adherents of the classic style, offers a straight cut coat sewn from velvet, wool, tweed. They can be worn to exquisite dresses, jeans, classic trousers. Winter models enliven fur collars.

To present women’s winter fashion without a wide range of fur coats is impossible. Favorites in 2014-2015 are models made of fox and sheared mink. Fur coats are represented by different styles, styles and length.

This season cannot be said that these are fashionable boots, but this is not. In footwear, fashion is more democratic than ever. Convenient, safe, warm, beautiful – such requirements are imposed on shoes.

In fashion all:

  • ugg boots;
  • »; ” Lunar rovers “;
  • felt boots;
  • boots;
  • boots and boots with a steady heel;
  • confident platform.

The former popularity lost studs – they are valid only in the output models.

For young girls and girls, designers offered models of fashionable winter hats with pom-poms and in the shape of animal heads. Older women will warm hats, hoods, high fur hats, like hats, hats, knitted of fur.

Winter fashion does not offer full women special styles this year. Straight silhouettes conceal volumes.

Nuances to follow:

  • you should not wear fur coats from the fur of long-haired animals;
  • It is advisable to choose the model length maxi or midi.

Knitwear is offered as clothing for the office or for guests. Distinguishes modern style easy carelessness. The fashions do not fit the figure, they sit freely, at the same time masking unnecessary fullness and delicately emphasizing pleasant shapes.

The sleeves gently descend from the shoulder, hiding full arms. The length covers the hips.

It is preferable to choose a model with a high collar.

Coloring monophonic.

Fashionable winter shoes for obese women – these are low boots with a steady heel or boots on a visible platform. Such things are perfect for the image of a modern woman.

Winter fashion for teenage girls in the 2014-2015 season has not undergone any special changes.

The same fur coats in the form of a malitsa, a trapezoid-shaped coat, down-padded coats of various lengths, jackets, leather jackets, warmed with natural fur, leather used for tailoring. Wide coats with 3/4 sleeves, emphasizing the fragile silhouette, remained in fashion.

Complete with skinny trousers, all models look elegant and modern.

Colors of trousers and jeans are any – from bright saturated to classic blue. Not out of fashion models in the small cell.

Wear trousers complete with knitwear of different lengths and blazers.

Only the length at which the part of the back and navel is open is unacceptable. Such models are considered irrelevant.

In the design of knitted patterns – Scandinavian patterns and geometric patterns.

Low-rise jeans are still finished, but they are assembled with such things that a strip of leather is not visible.

Footwear: uggs, boots, boots with a flat thick sole.

Caps, as already mentioned, with the ears of animals.

Teenage girls prefer to choose knitted models.

Parents should devote enough time to choosing children’s wardrobe, taking into account their wishes and fashion trends. It is very important that girls have the right taste, so that she can simultaneously express herself and learn to hide possible flaws with styles.

General trends in winter fashion

The choice of fashionable winter boots for women is a kind of ritual. I want to be warm and comfortable.

As already mentioned: the trends of this season – the refusal in everyday models of studs and high heels in general.

Winter fashion offers steady heels of 3-7 cm, in which it is not scary to walk on the snow and on the ice.

Heel can be any shape:

  • convex;
  • concave;
  • unconventional form;
  • typesetting.

The main thing is sustainability.

You should not forget about the tankette – it meets the main condition – convenience. Miniature girls can afford the platform.

The novelty of this season is a lot of decorative elements on the shoes.

It can be:

  • imitation laces;
  • buckles;
  • jewelry made of stones.

Along with the classic colors: dark brown, black, burgundy. In fashion are “leopard”, dark cherry, cocoa color.

You need to buy shoes of such colors to make it easy to pick up hats.

Women’s fashion this year dictates: the color of shoes and headgear should be combined.

Modern women prefer trousers to dresses and skirts, so it is worth considering: not to buy fashionable modern winter boots instead of high boots?

Rounded nose, thick, grooved sole, firm heel. To military style, such shoes fit perfectly.

It is interesting that the fashion of 2014-2015 combines the seemingly most incompatible styles. Leading designers showed models of bright colors and bold styles, elegant items from the 1980s, introduced the traditional male elements of the male wardrobe to the female.

Women’s business suits resemble men’s suits, and evening dresses are decorated with folk motifs.

Modern female silhouette becomes both business and sexy.

If you pay attention to the fur coats, you can see that the retro-silhouette has come into fashion again. Conciseness in the design of products, the complete absence of decorative details.

No large shiny buttons, flounces and rims of hoods colored fur.

Modest and tasteful.

General trends in winter fashion

The beauty of the product is achieved by playing the fur in combination with the exquisite “simplicity” of the style of the product. Only asymmetric cut is allowed.

Naturalness in everything – dyed fur is out of fashion.

Products are represented by all shades of natural fur.

If the leopard – only natural. The shorn rabbit repainted under a leopard is a thing of the past.

The collars are small, from the same fur as the main product. Fitted silhouette, knee-length – small collar.

The shape of a trapezoid, cut in the form of a malitsa – hood. But even in this case no lush fur trimming is allowed.

Despite the fact that the mink is still a popular fur, models in fur coats of lynx came out on the catwalks.

The simple buyer does not need to get upset. In a trend now any fur of natural colors. So you can always pick up a product by style, color and price.

General trends in winter fashion

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