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Cap hooligan – stylish mischief!

Women’s cap is a demanded headdress that reliably protects against cold weather and emphasizes the originality of the created image. Currently, women are widely used accessory, choosing fabric, leather or knitted options. ». However, the classic “ hooligan ” remains the brightest representative of this trend.

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Cap hooligan - stylish mischief!

Indeed, where did the idea of ​​a women’s cap come from? Everything is very simple! With the development of feminism, women expropriated the most comfortable items of men’s wardrobe. Among them was the famous eight-blade.

It is believed that the peasant cap was the closest relative of the hooligan cap. This headdress was used not only by agricultural workers, but also by the urban proletariat.

It is not surprising that in the first half of the 20th century, the eight-blade became a kind of symbol of the revolutionary movement. The image of the leader on the podium, who made a fiery speech and stretched his hand to the crowd with his cap in his fist, contributed to the popularization of the accessory.

Over time, priorities have changed significantly, and the cap has become a constant attribute among the gopnik. At that time, a hat and found such names as “ hooligan ”, “ airfield ”, “ squash ”. It is said that the criminal world attached a special sacral significance to the eight-blade.

If you look at the cap on top, it is very similar to the pizza, cut into 8 equal parts. Such a cut was often compared to the prison Wheel of Life, the Circle of Rebirth from exit to new imprisonment.

Fortunately, today the hooligan cap has already become a universal headgear that can be worn by a person who has no relation to the criminal world.

In the modern hooligan cap, the main trends are preserved. However, fashion houses are now developing women’s lines. There are even children’s hooligan caps that can be worn by both male and female tomboy.

The classic version is a soft, shallow cap with a small hard visor. The latest models are designed specifically for different seasons and hair lengths.

Among the popular destinations are the following models:

Cap hooligan - stylish mischief!
  • eight blade;
  • cap;
  • gavrosh;
  • duck;
  • rapper;
  • Kadetka.

Wearing fashion accessories is offered not only with things made in a sporty style. The modern accessory perfectly complements the trendy suits and evening dresses and recently competes with traditional hats.

If you want to emphasize youth and emancipation, you should combine a cap with chinos, breeches, shorts and jeans. You can add glamor to an image by choosing a headdress decorated with embroidery, bright prints, rhinestones.

The option with a small visor and a deep landing is more suitable for women with small features. With coarse features, it is better to choose a cap with an elongated and narrowed visor. The things offered by designers are not impressive?Not a problem, you can sew a hooligan cap yourself.

Cap hooligan - stylish mischief!

». The proposed model is designed for a girl who feels quite confident and fully consistent with the image of “ Gavroche ”.

If you need a children’s or glamorous model, you can use the pattern, slightly changing the outlines of the visor, decorating the finished object with decorative elements and replacing the dense fabric with a more delicate option.

To sew a hat you will need the following materials:

  • the main rather dense fabric;
  • thin plastic or durable cardboard;
  • lining fabric.

A cover consists of several elements: 8 wedges of crown, visor, band:

Cap hooligan - stylish mischief!
  • Pattern hooligans cap transferred to the main fabric and cut out the details, not forgetting to add 0.5-1 cm on the seams;
  • The crown wedges are folded face down and sewn, in this way, in 4 pieces. There should be 2 elements consisting of 4 wedges each;
  • Before you sew the halves of the crown in a single unit, you should carefully smooth out each seam;
  • Now you need to do the same with lining fabric. For its cutting the same pattern is used;
  • The cut out details of the visor are enhanced with dulerin. The elements are stitched, pre-folded inside the face;
  • The resulting visor is turned out and smoothed. Then in the ” pocket ” put cut a piece of plastic pattern;
  • The open cut of the visor is stitched and swept over;
  • The detail of the band is bent in half across, marking the middle. Visor pristrachivayut to the outside of the band. Next, the item is folded inward with the front part and stitched its short side, turning the band into a ring;
  • Around is sewn to the crown;
  • The lining is put into a practically finished eight-blade from the seamy side and sewn to the bottom edge, leaving a small hole;
  • Through the hole the headdress is turned on the front side, and the remaining open part is sewn manually.

Having executed a simple female hooligan cap, you can start creating an evening accessory. Any woman knows – there are not many wardrobe items. A perky cap or, on the contrary, a refined cap will always be used!

Cap hooligan - stylish mischief!

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