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Black dress: must-have for a modern woman

A black dress is a must-have for every woman who wants to follow fashion. And if you can not decide what style would be more appropriate at a particular event, then choosing a classic black dress, you definitely fall into the top ten.

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Black dress: must-have for a modern woman

When buying a similar item of your wardrobe, it is worth remembering that the classic version should be distinguished by moderate details. Therefore, you should not choose a model on which there is a huge number of rhinestones or there is any print. Only black!

However, the presence of small elements of black guipure or lace is allowed. In this case, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the fabric. In this case, their cheap options are unacceptable.

After all, you are buying yourself an amazing outfit with which you can create an absolutely stunning image. Therefore, in a purchased outfit, you must feel like a queen. And for this you must feel that no one can say something negative about your outfit. So it is better to pay a little more than regret buying!

Today, almost every woman knows that classic black dresses never go out of fashion and always look great on any figure. But the story of the appearance of this outfit is not as simple as it seems to us. It turns out that in ancient times, not every woman could decide to wear clothes of that color, since she was immediately associated with death or witchcraft.

That is why we get a lot of superstitions regarding black cats or crows, which must bring failure. But, you ask, if such a color was completely unpopular, then why is such an outfit considered an excellent choice these days?

Rehabilitation of black color began in the Middle Ages, when elements of a similar color began to appear in the clothes of knights or ruling monarchs. At the same time, it was recognized that only those who belong to the nobility could wear such color.

But the black dress became the most popular after Coco Chanel introduced it to the high fashion community. At that time, quite a number of critics called this style funeral, and no one could even think that this model would become the standard of classic clothing.

This year, almost every self-respecting designer has included a black dress in his collection. What should we expect from fashion this year? As it turned out, the most popular will be styles that maximize the female figure. And given that each designer places accents in his own way, we will be able to choose from a fairly large number of models.

But before you choose a style, you need to decide what you want to hide and what to emphasize in your figure. Special recommendations relate to the choice of black classic dress for the full. In this case, you need to pay attention to the styles, emphasizing the line of the chest.

In this case, you should not focus on the hands, so the best option would be a model with long sleeves. And if summer and thick long sleeves on the street will look inappropriate, you can opt for sleeves made of thin guipure.

Another recommendation for obese women: do not focus on the stomach. To do this, you should buy a dress in the Greek style, a feature of which is the freely flowing fabric of the dress, starting from the chest line. So you will look much slimmer!

In 2015, you can find a variety of models of a little classic black dress in the collections of designers such as:

  • Alberta Ferretti. In this collection, preference is given to fabulous motifs embodied in the design of long dresses;
  • Bottega Veneta. The styles in this fashion house are quite simple, which does not diminish their elegance. Also in this collection has found its place and black and white classic dress, designed to emphasize all the elegant lines of your figure with a crystal white color;
  • Chloé. Black dresses from this collection are sure to suit any woman who loves freedom of movement. There are no skinny styles, only flying fabrics and space.

As you can see, the 2015 fashion provides us with a huge selection. , Dolce&Gabbana  And this small list of collections of this year, which can be supplemented with collections of designers such as Christian Dior , Dolce & Gabbana and many other equally famous fashion designers.

But all these models are united by one thing – elegance and simplicity, which can make any woman more mysterious and beautiful.

No matter how diverse the styles are, there are still several features that unite them:

Black dress: must-have for a modern woman
  • Such a style must cover your knees, because Coco Chanel believed that women’s knees are the ugliest part of the female body;
  • The complete absence of embroidery, flounces and other decorative elements;
  • The presence of emphasis on the waist. Attention! Such styles are not suitable for plump women, since the presence of a belt will only emphasize your tummy.

As for the features of socks, black tights and closed pumps should be an essential element of the evening look. Attention! To come to the solemn event in black tights and sandals is a bad form.

Choosing the right little black dress is only half the battle. Also you should pay attention to the jewelry. Most often with a similar style combine a string of large pearls. At the same time, try not to be too short. Otherwise, you can visually shorten your neck.

But a long string of pearls, coquettishly descending to the chest, can make your neck more elegant. By the way, if the pearls are not at hand, you can use any one-piece jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones. But in this case it is worth observing one rule – the decoration must necessarily be large.

As for the handbag, stop your choice on a small clutch bag. Attention! Absolutely not a valid option is a large bag over the shoulder: you do not need a shopping bag with you at the party.

Shoes should be heeled, so you visually lengthen your legs. The best option are pumps. But if your dress is everyday, you can replace them with regular leather moccasins.

Black dress: must-have for a modern woman

Remember: do not put on all the best that is in your wardrobe and a box with decorations. And if you chose a black dress, then there should be only one accessory. You can use either a necklace or a bracelet. By the way, if you decide to wear long earrings, then the necklace will look out of place. In this case, it is better to choose a bracelet.

You can also complement the image with a regular jacket. But be careful with the color! The best option would be bright colors, allowing the modern woman to look a few years younger.

And if you want to attract someone’s attention, then perhaps you should take a chance and wear a red jacket over the dress. As a result, you get the image of such a fatal beauty, to whose feet the whole world is ready to fall.

As you can see, a little black dress is an excellent choice. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the classic version or turn your attention to a black and white dress, the effect will be amazing anyway. So do not be afraid to appear old-fashioned, in such a dress – it is simply impossible!

Black dress: must-have for a modern woman

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