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All you need to know about monochrome outfit

The fact that the white top is black bottom is worthy and strict, they are taught by schoolgirls. Growing up, girls begin to understand all the power and attractiveness of this image, especially since such a trend returns to the podium again and again, not palling and inspiring fashionistas to new experiments.

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All you need to know about monochrome outfit

Discarding the prejudice that wearing a white top black bottom is only suitable for the service sector – this is a common misconception. A real uniform, or a working suit, worn and worn by maids, flight attendants, waitresses, still does not often use this color combination.

Gray, brown, blue, burgundy, dark green – all the most boring shades belong to the uniform, and the black-and-white scale became the canon of the classics not at all because of the scarcity of color, but for completely different reasons.

First, when putting on a white top on a black bottom, the girl is obliged to make high demands on the quality of the material. In this case, a simple cotton fabric, poor-quality knitwear or cheap wool is not suitable.

To shine in a monochrome image, you need a really expensive fabric – silk, velvet (moire), chiffon, wool – angora, cashmere, mohair. Coco Chanel’s elite costumes with her famous jacket are still sewn from the highest quality tweed, so their simplicity of cut and color looks advantageous and not boring.

Secondly, black and white vestments do not tolerate a blemish in tailoring. The chic of a suit with a white bottom and black top is just that they sit perfectly, without wrinkles and folds. Such an outfit helps to give a figure in the most favorable light – after all, all the attention of others will be focused on the figure and the manner of wearing clothes, and not on the diversity and tinsel!

Now there is room for demonstrating impeccable taste: how to emphasize the waist, how long to choose a skirt and pants, what will be the shape of the collar, whether the outfit will fit or drape the figure – only a professional dressmaker and a girl with a real flair in clothes will be able to decide. That is why monochrome in clothes is a triumph of style and taste.

In this topic you need to be careful, because the indisputable rule says: white shades are full, dark ones – visually reduce body parts.

Let’s get a little into the secrets of stylists, who are perfectly able to choose a wardrobe so as to hide the flaws:

  •  the shape of the hourglass shape allows you to combine colors in any combination; pay special attention to the waist – emphasize it with a bright belt;
  • The “ apple ” figure with narrow hips and large breasts requires the opposite combination – black on top, white on top, choose a full skirt and tight blouse from the styles.

If you want to diversify your wardrobe with clothes with a print, a strip (at least a classic vest) or polka dots are perfect for a black and white combination. The larger your volume, the more important the size of the pattern. On corpulent girls the average print, without intricate patterns well looks. And on the slim well sitting clothes with small polka dots and thin stripes.

Let’s start with the choice of shoes, which in our case acquires a very special sound. The admiring glances that we want to catch on ourselves, shining in classical attire, should not turn into disappointed when they fall on shoes or sandals.

You can safely pick up shoes to match any of the basic shades, but if you choose white, make sure that it is as close as possible to the shade of white in your clothes. The choice of a snow-white dress and ivory shoes will be bad – the difference will look very unfortunate.

All you need to know about monochrome outfit

It is allowed to wear shoes made of smooth and patent leather with any monochrome clothes, evening dress is velor and brocade, but shoes from reptile materials need to be chosen very carefully, rarely when such a combination will be in your favor.

Also wear colored shoes with monochrome: red, blue, turquoise, pink tones are good in the summer, burgundy, lilac, emerald green in the winter, only non-brown and gray shades. For an evening out, girls often prepare golden or silver shoes and stiletto sandals – refrain, this is not the case. Want to stand out – bet on the scarlet or white color.

Bag – an important part of the image, do not neglect this detail. A good choice is the classic model of a handbag a la Chanel (small, quilted, on a chain belt), or a not too bulky bag for every day, if your style is casual.

Carry a bright casual hobo bag or a handy shopping bag, dressing in a sporty style. Business black and white outfit requires a strict classical shape of the bag – a la Jane Birkin, bag-bag or a feminine briefcase.

These models create an aura of elitism and can be both expensive originals and more accessible fakes, but it is important that they look as if you ordered them from abroad! The correct business colors for the bag are black, beige, red, burgundy, gray; you can choose a tartan or argyle print.

Dressing up for a date, add chic to the image with the help of jewelry – for the evening they can be glamorous, with large stones and chains, in the afternoon – from bright plastic. Do not forget about cravats that can instantly transform a boring outfit.

Office fashion prescribes business austerity in women’s clothing. However, this does not have to be a dry suit, devoid of grace, and interesting accessories are welcome. Black bottom and white top is not a form, but rather a direction for fashionable experiments. Do not be afraid to show imagination and emphasize their fragility and femininity!

Consider which ensemble will be acceptable for your workplace, find out whether there are immutable rules in your office and add to this a drop of individuality, within reason, of course.

What are the options for office clothes in our range? Combine the following things:

All you need to know about monochrome outfit
  • pencil skirt, chiffon blouse, Chanel-style jacket;
  • skirt-balloon, turtleneck, short jacket in the waist;
  • sheath and bolero jacket;
  • sleeveless dress with flared bottom and turtleneck;
  • wide trousers, shirt and vest;
  • straight trousers, blouse and jacket.

Avoid short skirts, bare decollete, shoulders, back, wear shoes with a stable heel with a closed toe. Do not forget to add color accents with accessories. Low-key, but expressive and neat makeup will complement the image of a business woman.

Now you know all the secrets of the classic duo of black and white in clothes. Be irresistible and always confident!

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All you need to know about monochrome outfit

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