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Daily Archives: 16 October 2018

School uniform - school dress code

School uniform – school dress code

How to dress in school so that it was beautiful and the teachers did not make a complaint? The task is rather difficult, especially if a strict form is entered into the dress code. The content of the article Some 40 years ago, the school

All you need to know about monochrome outfit

All you need to know about monochrome outfit

The fact that the white top is black bottom is worthy and strict, they are taught by schoolgirls. Growing up, girls begin to understand all the power and attractiveness of this image, especially since such a trend returns to the podium again and again, not

Cap hooligan - stylish mischief!

Cap hooligan – stylish mischief!

Women’s cap is a demanded headdress that reliably protects against cold weather and emphasizes the originality of the created image. Currently, women are widely used accessory, choosing fabric, leather or knitted options. ». However, the classic “ hooligan ” remains the brightest representative of this

Women's warm sweaters in large sizes

Women’s warm sweaters in large sizes

Warm women’s sweaters of large sizes have long become an indispensable attribute in the harsh climatic conditions of Russia. I wonder how the wardrobe item was created, and why the large size of the product is popular? The content of the article Any woman is

Maritime clothing

Maritime clothing

It is believed that the marine style of clothing originated at the end of the distant 19th century in Great Britain. At that time, the English sailors were rightly proud of the stylish form that was developed in 2 versions: a simple, rough cut for

How to wear a men's scarf

How to wear a men’s scarf

Men do not often pay attention to fashion trends and rather neglect accessories. However, there are items of clothing that must be used. These include a men’s scarf, which should be worn so as to make a good impression on women with excellent taste. The

How to dress dudes

How to dress dudes

Not so long ago, the movie ” Hipsters ” came out on screens, which allowed today’s young people to plunge into the atmosphere of the 50-60s. The popularity of the former once widespread and forbidden style today is such that it has become fashionable to

Women's shoes: types and features

Women’s shoes: types and features

Whatever image you want to create, shoes will always be an integral part of them. And our article today is about shoe types. It is not enough to choose a model that fits perfectly in size, you also need to make the shoes on the

Black dress: must-have for a modern woman

Black dress: must-have for a modern woman

A black dress is a must-have for every woman who wants to follow fashion. And if you can not decide what style would be more appropriate at a particular event, then choosing a classic black dress, you definitely fall into the top ten. The content